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Wonton Wrappers

Food... I love to eat food. I love to make food.  I love food. I am seriously considering OEA because of my insane love for food, but that is not the point of this post. In my extensive weight loss journey, I have discovered many alternatives to traditional high fat, high carb food choices. This is essential when you are trying to lose weight and you love food as much as I do; I can never stop at just a taste of ANYTHING. The more I can eat, the better. So if I am saving calories while I am eating a tray of food, I am one happy gal! 

 Today's food: wonton wrappers!!! 

So, I discovered these little morsels as I was thumbing through message boards the other day and saw someone's pictures of the food they regularly eat. She used wonton wrappers for many of her dishes, including quiche and ravioli. FANTASTIC! So I dashed off to the grocery last night and picked myself up a package of small wrappers, which are about 3"x3". They cost me $2.99. I was at the expensive 24hr store, so if I had shopped around, I think I may have been able to find them for even less. Even at 3 dollars a package, this is a great price, I must say. You get 55 wrappers in one package, that is devided into 2 sealed sections. As there is a best before date, this is essential, because you can freeze the other section that you won't use before they go bad (as is the case with most of the food I buy). 

Here is the breakdown:

Serving size: 4 wraps (29g); Cal 80; Fat 0.4g; Cholesterol 5mg; Sodium 50mg; Carbs 16g; Fibre 1g; Sugar 0g; Protein 3g

I decided to make quiche with them this morning. Boy oh boy, they turned out good! The wrappers crisped up on the outside of the pan, and were nice and tender around the quiche. This recipe made me REALLY happy, seeing as 1 tart size tenderflake crust is 100 calories. Hello! I can eat 4 for the price of LESS than one!  The wrappers are a little large for my mini muffin pans, so I had to trim the edges, which left me with quite a bit of waste, which I'm not cool with, so I decided to bake up the little triangles to see what would happen... Amazing... Again. Little chips!  I made some guacamole and got my dip on! After trimming 14 wrappers, I ended up with 54 (18g) little chips, rounding out to about 50 calories. 

In conclusion, I recommend everyone try to sub wonton wrappers for pastry and bread at some point in their life.  


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thejeweller wrote 71 months ago:
ummm, I think I may have to come over sometime soon so i can try these with you.

annnnd try chips with guac. cause that's just darn delish!
sullykat wrote 71 months ago:
Oh! Anytime, friend. The chips are yum, yum, yum. Every time I pass my kitchen I grab one, and they are so delish!
LishieFruit89 wrote 71 months ago: & both have some great recipes for wonton wrappers
Lindy901 wrote 71 months ago:
I had bought wonton wrappers but then they expired as I didn't use them. I'll have to look up some recipes with them and try it again. I'm just like you. I like to eat and I'd rather have a lot to eat rather than just a few of something. I especially miss tortilla chips. Hate the baked ones, soggy. So I'll try the wrappers and see how that works for me. Thanks for the suggestion.
tinam76 wrote 71 months ago:
oh so i'd love for you to have add me and i am such a foodie too lol. cooking food for others makes me excited i saw something about won tons and came running because my daughters birthday is may 1st every year my kids and husband have the option of having me cook whatever they want or going out to eat this time my daughter has me making asian food to include fried won tons , adobo, egg rolls, pancit and jasmine rice this is going to kill me because there are somethings u just can't eat one of lol so i have decided to make all the wontons freeze anything more than each person's serving size same with homemade eggrolls. they can be frozen which is great and they are not expensive haven't tried to do anything else with them i know my oldest daughter like likes cream cheese ones
whwalker88 wrote 71 months ago:
What section would you find them in the store?
PrissyJayne wrote 71 months ago:
Congrats on your find! I've been using won ton wraps (as well as egg roll wraps) for quite some time and they truly are little gems! Keep experimenting! If you decide to try the egg roll wraps, try some buffalo chicken egg rolls! Use a bowl of shredded chicken mixed with buffalo sauce, add a decent helping of broccoli slaw, roll them up, and bake or pan fry them in 1/2 inch of EVOO. (I can't take credit for that one - I got it from someone here on MFP!) I'm obsessed with these!
izalgudchic wrote 71 months ago:
Thanks so much for this post!!! I too am a food lover and am just starting out on my quest for healthier living and weight loss. This post came at just the right time!
sullykat wrote 71 months ago:
whwalker88 - They are with the produce in the refrigerated section

PrissyJayne - that sounds soooooooo good! I'm totally going to try making that!
Kris0109 wrote 71 months ago:
Totally didn't even think of using them for quiche ... but I am a huge fan of them in general!!
mzhokie wrote 71 months ago:
on The Chew yesterday (a daily cooking talk show) someone made mini lasagna cups with wonton wrappers.
kittymoney wrote 71 months ago:
I also use them in a muffin tin and put in pizza sauce, meat of choice, and cheese - PIZZA!!

I also then bake the wontons in muffin until golden brown. mix cream cheese, cool whip, splenda - put in the done wontons and top with fruit!

Convenient little things they are.
LauraRose03 wrote 71 months ago:
I love these!!!!!!!!
CrumCake81 wrote 71 months ago:
Yum I want to try these as chips one day. What section of the store did you find them in? Are they frozen dept, bakery, etc..??? Thanks again for the suggestion.
cindydeese wrote 71 months ago:
At WalMart they are with produce section, usally close to the lettuce.
cindydeese wrote 71 months ago:
At WalMart they are with produce section, usally close to the lettuce.
CinJay wrote 71 months ago:
thank you for this!! they are going on my next grocery list :)
DorothyLowry wrote 71 months ago:
I didn't read all of the comments so this may have been mentioned. I can somtimes find round wonton wrappers these fit nicely into most mini muffin tins without the waste you mentioned with the square ones. I am a Pampered Chef consultant and I use these for appetizers all the time. Bake them up and they can be filled with so many different things. I am going to have to try the quiche idea.
sullykat wrote 71 months ago:
Hey! I used to be a PC consultant too!… didn't last long, lol! They would have been great for show, you're right!!!

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