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If you've not heard of Matt Perryman, I'm not surprised.  He doesn't do a lot of self-endorsement.  Hell, the guy even wrote a fantastic book about lifting and muscle gain and gave it away on his website with an option to donate if you felt it was worthy.

More importantly, he's top notch in the "fitness knowledge" deparment.  Anyhow, here's a recent article he posted to his blog:



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aprylkemper wrote 82 months ago:
Thanks for sharing!
MB_Positif wrote 82 months ago:
Love this! I need help though! I beat myself up about my schedule constantly because it really doesn't leave much time (some days none) for exercise. Part of the problem is that I DO NOT believe in the easy way out sort of exercising so I end up not to do any because I can't fit in what I really think I should be doing! I am stuck in the high school athlete's mentality of training for 2-3 hours a day is the only way for me to get in shape! Sad to say, it's been over 15 years since I was a high school athlete. Used to work out an hour or two per day the first couple years of college and things went downhill after that! So having read the article you posted has at least made me understand that there is a right amount for me, which is not going to be the easy way out, but it also can't be 2 hours a day.
stroutman81 wrote 82 months ago:
Right. So what's the question? You can't view things through the all-or-nothing lens.

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