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So I did some posing practice up at my gym yesterday... had a friend snap this...

My legs have FINALLY leaned out enough that I feel comfortable with them... just in time too!
.... and when I got home... my suit was there!!! It came in the mail yesterday!
I love the suit... it's perfect! I'm getting really excited. I just need to hang in there and not mess up for a few more weeks! Woot woot!

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zoombie_bear wrote 72 months ago:
you body has changed so much, have you started to compete?
stephanielynn76 wrote 72 months ago:
My first competition is mid-June!
littlecaponey2 wrote 72 months ago:
You have amazing dedication! You had a goal and set out to acheive it, I can't wait to hear the results of the competition. You will do great! Good Luck!!
cindaboo1 wrote 71 months ago:
You've made some awesome accomplishments, just shows that dedication CAN and WILL take you to where u want to go! Congrats!!
krissagray wrote 71 months ago:
Hi! I love this blog! You are such an inspiration! I was curious, where did you get that blue dress you have on a few posts ago? Love it!

Also, do you have a fan facebook account?

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