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Told ya I was a gym animal ;)

A new workout top... I couldn't resist!

So here's a status update on me. The competiton is 3 weeks from tomorrow and I'm in extreme-diet-and-training mode. I started Monday with cutting carbs. I was eating 150-200g/day before and dropped down to >100g. It sucks. My enegy is in the toilet and I've really had to dig deep to do my training. I keep telling myself to hang in there... it's just a few more weeks. I have ordered my suit and started tanning. I will post suit pictures when I get it. My upper body is already there but I'm still holding on to some stubborn fat in my legs. I'm hoping the tanning will hide whatever dimples are there. Thanks everyone for all your support and encouragement! 

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momto1g1b wrote 71 months ago:
you look amazing, you're going to rock the competition!!
ImNotThatBob wrote 71 months ago:
You got this Stephanie!

Are you allowed vitamin supplements during this phase?

Would that help with the energy?
ladytinkerbell99 wrote 71 months ago:
You looked like you have serious definition. You have worked hard and deserve it.
taso42 wrote 71 months ago:
RAWR! Thanks for the eye candy! You're looking amazing!
_GingerSnap_ wrote 71 months ago:
You look amazing!

Good luck on the competition.
ltl_leah wrote 71 months ago:
Yeah, less than 100 carbs a day makes me crabby and energy-less.

So what kind of competition are you entering? Figure or bikini? Best of luck! I'm rooting for you!

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