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The stepmill... my torture device of choice!!!

So since yall all know how much I love that darn machine I figured I'd share what I'm doing on it. 

On Wednesday afternoon I couldn't make it to Zumba so I did a long step-mill workout. Here were the stats....

25 min of intervals with average mets of 12.9
       -level 135 for the high and 100 for the low
35 min of calisthenics with average mets of 12.4

My "usual" calisthenics routine looks like this:

5 min warmup at level 100
5 min high speed at level 135
5 min sideways right side at level 100
5 min sideways left side at level 100
15 min every other step at level 115
2 min cool down level 90 

Total for Wednesday's workout:
60 min
438 floors
9.14 miles
600 calories


Today I tried something new... a HITT/calistenics hybrid of sorts. I set the machine to do intervals... 100 for the low and 135 for the high. This broke down the 35 minutes into 2min 20 second interval segments. I just walked up like normal for the first low interval as a warm-up. For all of the other lower-pace intervals I either walked up sideways or did every-other-step. For the high invervals I was mostly focused on not flying off the machine (haha) but did manage to do every-other-step for a few of those too. So really... I made use of the 'rest time' (if you can call it that because I was still going fast) by doing some leg work. It really made the workout go by faster and I was DRIPPING in sweat by the end. I will be doing this again and will try to challenge myself to increase my pace little by little over time. 

Total stats for the hybrid method today:

35 minutes
5.3 miles
12.4 mets
254 floors

300 calories burned



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juliemouse83 wrote 82 months ago:
That does it. I am going to get on that machine on Monday morning! Great job!!! :)
callipygianchronicle wrote 82 months ago:
Sounds intense and effective. I'm with juliemouse. I will be tackling that step mill next week.
Tamstar1985 wrote 82 months ago:
i want to own this fabled step mill machine... @_@
MrsBooker wrote 81 months ago:
I've already been doing the hybrid method you talked about using the interval program on it, and I LOVE it! Except I go sideways on the higher pace intervals and skip a step on the lower. And I am definitely not as fast as you... I do 95 on the high intervals! LOL. But I am getting there.
Anonymous wrote 43 months ago:
I always feel like I am going to get my foot caught.. Any suggestions on how to get past that- or am I the only one that has had this problem??
Great legs!!!
aneema31294 wrote 8 months ago:
Hi can you please explain your step mill routine abit more .....interms of the hiit how long do u do that for and what speed and for ur rest intervals u do sideway steps and skip a step at what speed and for how long?

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