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Reconciling my new size...

So I had a stressful weekend and needed some retail therapy. I went out with the intention to purchase a few new things because honestly everything I have is just hanging off of me at this point. Even new stuff I purchased since I lost weight is getting too big. I started at a size 8/9 back in January. By the end of March I was buying size 4's. Now my 4's are pretty much hanging off. I just cannot wrap my mind around this. I don't ever remember being a size 2... ever. I can't even bring myself to try on sizes that small. I feel like if I try to bring a 2 into the dressing room with me the lady checking me in will just laugh and think "yeah... right." I SEE myself in the mirror and I know my clothes are too big now... but I can't seem to grasp the reality of what size I am. In my brain I think I'm still a size 8. After several trips to the dressing room and going back several times to get smaller sizes it dawned on me... my brain still hasn't caught up with my body! Anybody else experience this? Something else I've noticed is how hard it is to find anything in a size 2... or a 4 even. I never had this problem before. I didn't buy very much. I just didn't find all that much I liked. Another thing is that my body is now shaped differently. I used to be a pear shape... not so much anymore. My bum is pretty flat now. I don't even know how to shop for myself anymore!

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mollymoo89 wrote 85 months ago:
That's happened to me, despite loosing weight, I still think I'm big in the mirror even though I'm a size 3/4. You're doing awesome though and don't worry, your brain will catch up!
ablykins wrote 85 months ago:
I hear you!! I went from a size 12 and am now finding some of the size 4 pants I bought just a few months ago starting a sag. I still find myself reverting back to looking in the size 8 section by default, so I can relate! You look amazing and that brain of yours will catch up over time, for now, just enjoy that size 2 and know you earned it!
GoLeanWendy wrote 85 months ago:
Yep I went from a 4-6 to a 0-2. My favorite women's stores I can't shop in anymore because the clothes are too big and I've resorted to some of the junior stores. I feel ambivalent about it. I like my body but it's ridiculous that our society is so overweight that I'm a normal healthy size (yes I'm small but I'm not underweight or crazy tiny-I'm 5'5 and 113) but can't wear regular department store clothing for women.
GoLeanWendy wrote 85 months ago:
OK on second thought I looked at the charts and I guess I am considered slightly underweight---still though....hmmmmmm still look like a normal woman though-not a teenager
smuehlbauer wrote 85 months ago:
Same thing has happened to me.
I was a 16 - when I went jean shopping and the sales gal brought a 4 into the dressing room I just laughed at her. She said "Trust me and just try them" - and, they fit.
I don't know that my brain will ever catch up. I still have fat days, even though I am no where near fat. Crazy how our minds work some times!
jennyb31 wrote 85 months ago:
This happens to me all the time. I have a pair of size two jeans and they fit a little big in the waist(I too am a pear)and I can't quite wrap my head around it, I also bought a pair if slouchy type jeans from the same store and the sales girl said you need to go down a size, which is a zero. I used to hold up zeros and say, nobody wears this size, why are these even in here! lol, well guess who can now! The funny thing for me is even though I wear a size 2 and had lost sooo many inches I still get hung up on the number on the scale.
bettertracie wrote 84 months ago:
I started in a size 20 (juniors, ha, NO!) Now I'm a solid 9/10 at 5'7".... and I still am sorta confused of where to shop, what styles to consider and have a terrible time deciding what size to try... a lot of trial and error :P
Nikstergirl wrote 84 months ago:
Totally with ya. Went from a 16 to an 8ish... even got a dress last week that was a SMALL!!! NEVER thought I'd be this little.. and I'm not even at goal yet! Starting to see myself thinner, and I get called skinny a lot by my friends, but I still have trouble not thinking of myself as the chubby girl I've been for 20 years!!!!
brendansmom1 wrote 84 months ago:
My size two's are a tad defective...they still have a "1" in front of them. LOL

Yes, I do get what you are saying though...I bought 2 size 10 pants....freaked me out a bit...have not bought that size in so long...I cannot even remember when!

RaeN81 wrote 84 months ago:
I still have this problem after months of maintenance and I can totally relate to the flat bottom comment--it makes shopping for jeans such a pain LOL. I think it takes a long time to come to terms with our new size. Congrats on your loss!
michelec64 wrote 84 months ago:
I had a very similar experience today. I'm back down in the 14/16 range (from size 20 this time last year), so I had to go to the mall for an entirely new summer wardrobe. When I was in the plus size section of Macy's I got the shock of my life because everything I tried on in size 1X (the smallest plus size) was swimming on me. Couldn't believe it. That probably means that I can start wearing misses size soon, but that was too much to wrap my head around. I think the last time I fit in a misses size was when I was in college 25+ years ago.

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