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Putting my "fat" into perspective... and other comparisons...

So in my efforts to encourage people to BULK (especially women) I thought I'd share some comparison photos. Lean muscle makes all the difference in the look of a person's body. More of it will allow you to eat more and look good while carrying more weight... even more FAT.

First up... an 18-month comparison from the "fat" me to the stage (the figure show I did in June).


So back in my "fat" pictures I weighed about 140lbs. Well guess what... I'm bulking now and I'm about there again. Oy. Does it freak me out a little to once again see my "fat weight" on the scale???? ... uhm... yeah... just a little. But you know what, the scale doesn't really tell the whole truth. You can't get attached to a number. The lean mass I've gained has made HUGE improvements in my body. I haven't by any means met my goals for myself either, I've still got growing to do! If you want to grow... you've got to train and EAT! Otherwise you will spin your wheels and not see progress. The biggest obstacle when bulking is accepting the extra body fat that comes along with the gains. It sucks but you can't let it freak you out. Right now my thighs (my main problem area) are thickening up and the dimples I hate so much are now reappearing. :( Good thing the cooler weather is coming because I'm going to be opting for jeans (or at least burmuda shorts) from here on out. LOL
To put in perspective how different 140lbs looks on a body with less muscle/more fat (on the left) versus more muscle/less fat (on the right)... check this out:
^^Have I convinced you yet??? :D Winter is coming ladies. You'll be covered up anyway so why not make good use of your opportunity to add some muscle! Up your calories and train hard. Your strength will likely improve with the extra food... and if you are like me... you will be stoked to reach some of your own new personal records in the weight room. As for how to get in the extra calories... well, I've never had a problem doing that. I like to eat! For added fun, acquire a bulking buddy and splurge together! Then you can complain about your butt dimples over cookies! By the way, cookies give you super powers... true story!

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JennLifts wrote 64 months ago:
How do you handle fitting into your clothes when you bulk? I find I don't fit into them, and I become discouraged that I'm sporting a muffin top and coming out the top of my shirts!
Bridget28152723 wrote 64 months ago:
I agree , women should bulk, I am now. But I live in Florida and It doesnt get cold until Dec. or Jan.!Im not worried about gaining fat, I am already kinda fluffy, perfect for bulking, (I wont freak out if I gain a few lbs.!!)I actually think Im losing fat! I love this whole process, I can eat decent meals; therefore...I dont crave sweets...thats a HUGE NSV for me, I love the last pic, you look perfect!!
warriorsal wrote 64 months ago:
Incredible difference!!!! Your hard work and dedication have been amazing, keep it up! Your new 140 looks AMAZING!!!
stephanielynn76 wrote 64 months ago:
@Jenn... I use it as a reason to buy new clothes! LOL Seriously most of my winter stuff is a bit larger anyways. When I lost weight the first time I invested in a lot of new summer stuff but I bulked for the winter after that so some of my old stuff fit ok to wear. My summer clothes are 3's and 4's and my winter stuff is either a bit bigger (6's) or I wear stretchier stuff.

@Bridget... thanks girl!
missy_1975 wrote 64 months ago:
You look awesome. That takes some dedication *takes off hat to Stephanie*
missy_1975 wrote 64 months ago:
You look awesome. That takes some dedication *takes off hat to Stephanie*
Yanicka1 wrote 64 months ago:
Wow did I need that today. I measured myself this morning and I am up up up. I feel fat and I look fat. I only have been doing this for 24 days and it is hard not to be done with this bulk already.
jamimari777 wrote 64 months ago:
Thanks for sharing your story! And the pictures. Very educational.
moxette wrote 64 months ago:
Hey there,
Congrats on all of your hard work!
I think the biggest issue with talking about bulking and cutting is what it takes to get there. I would love to see a post on what you eat (macros and calories) when you are in a bulk and cut stage. Everywhere I look there is emphasis on eating more. But what is more? One woman's low calorie day is another woman's feast day. There are tons of workouts out there for how to bulk and cut, yet even with the bodybuilders it sounds like when they are cutting they are down to 1400 per day and lots of cardio. What are your thoughts and experience on this?
soulfulsally wrote 64 months ago:
Beautiful testimony to the power of dedicated strength training! I admire anyone who can go through those bulk and cut stages without losing control. Thanks for sharing this!!
ZoeLifts wrote 64 months ago:
You look awesome! I am considering a bulk eventually, but I guess I need to lose more body fat. I'm frustrated with my lack of strength gains right now while cutting, but I'm still about 30% BF. BTW, your butt looks amazing! I'm so jelly!!
sagefitnessfanatic wrote 64 months ago:
Your bulking pix are awesome can't wait to reduce this body fat and gain muscle!
VelociMama wrote 64 months ago:
You look really really great! Congrats on all your hard work and progress. You're a big inspiration to a lot of people, myself included. :)
chrisdavey wrote 64 months ago:
exactly what I was looking for. You are a great role model Stephanie :)
jenilla1 wrote 64 months ago:
That last pic in the pink - you are like a beautiful sculpture! Your back is soooo pretty! XOXO I can't even begin to imagine the work it must take for any of your cuts. Wow! Judging from your before and bulking photos, you and I have a very similar body type, so I guess now I know what I COULD look like if I had the mental fortitude and the discipline to do it - which I don't! LOL and thanks for sharing!
zoombie_bear wrote 64 months ago:
You look amazing a true inspiration, glad to be in your lost of friends

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