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My Take on Cardio...

With cardio my goal is to burn a minimum of 500calories per workout... and to do 5-6 cardio workouts per week.

My typical cardio workouts consist of a combination of doing Zumba (because it's fun and I love it) and various cardio machines including the precor full-body trainer, the high-incline treadmill, and my personal favorite, the stepmill. For those who don't know what the step mill is... it's the machine with the rotating stairs.

The stepmill is my main source of cardio and it's the most intense cardio machine there is in my opinion. I do one of 3 types of routines... basic (just walking up the steps), HITT (intervals), and calisthenics. The basic is self-explanatory. For the intervals I alternate between fast and lightening speed... LOL... which on my machine is level 100 and level 140. For the calisthenics workout (on level 100) I start out with just walking up like normal as a warm-up, then I do 5 minutes going up sideways to the left... then 5 minutes to the right, then I walk up every-other-step for 15 minutes or more depending on how long I'm on there. I have found that this has REALLY helped my legs to trim down... especially my upper thighs. I am seriously a cardio freak... not happy unless I'm sweatin' my booty off! LOL


Monday: Zumba (1-hr class) and 20-35min of step mill calisthenics

Tuesday:  Zumba (1-hr class) and 20-35min of step mill (HITT or calisthenics)

Wednesday: Zumba (1-hr class) and 20-35min of step mill calisthenics

Thursday: 25min of step mill HITT, 35min of step mill calisthenics, high-inclined treadmill or precor (I don't have a Zumba class to go to on Thursdays)

Friday:  Zumba (1-hr class) and 20-35min of step mill (HITT or calisthenics)

Zumba (1-hr class) and 20-35min of step mill calisthenics

I can't always make it to all these Zumba classes and if I don't I just do the "Thursday cardio" workout. Also, the number of calories burned in Zumba is different every time depending on the instructor and which songs are chosen. If it's a good burn I do less step mill, if it sucks I do more... :)


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cutmd wrote 81 months ago:
I wish I had a stepmill in my little apt gym :(
rachel5576 wrote 81 months ago:
I never heard of a stepmill before. guess i could run up and down my stairs a few times. Once again thanks for sharing! Good stuff!
marine0231 wrote 80 months ago:
I have a treadmill at home and have always run for so many years,but by far the most intense has to be the stepmill. I always use a HR rate monitor ,and really push my limits on the mill. When I am finished sweat is everywhere, and a whole lot of calories burned.Then finish with the steamroom.
Gennawest wrote 80 months ago:
i have always wanted to try the "stepmill" but I have a problem. My feet are too big and they dont fit on the steps. Maybe it is just a mental thing, but I feel like I am going to fall off. Plus, instead of looking straight ahead, I find myself looking down-- watching my step. Do you have any suggestions? It looks like an amazing workout!
Anonymous wrote 40 months ago:
Who has time to work out for an hour and 30 mins plus do strength with a full time job to support their living????!?!

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