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My recent sumo deadlift PR...

232 x 8! ;) 


^^Notice the guy curling in the squat rack next to me.... bwahahahahah!  

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mumof5 wrote over 1 year:
just WOW!!! how heavy was that?
Imanido wrote over 1 year:
ks4e wrote over 1 year:
ks4e wrote over 1 year:
jpvieira wrote over 1 year:
Way to go! That's quite a bit more than I am DLing right now, but I hope to catch up to you. I am curious about the extra wide stance, is there a reason? I assume it works different parts of your legs/back?
redheaddee wrote over 1 year:
OMG at the byoooooootiful muskles =)

PS I LOVE my pink Versa-Grips!
Wildflowerangel wrote over 1 year:
That is AWESOME! :)
hungryhobbit1 wrote over 1 year:
I really enjoy the fact that he's wearing gloves while he curls in the squat rack. :) Beautiful! My deadlifts are weak.
JeffseekingV wrote over 1 year:
You soo need to work out at my gym. And NICE dance moves in the jeans? haha

hungry stole my thunder about the pansy using gloves and curling in the squat rack. Talk about violating all the gym no no's . haha
alatoyajones wrote over 1 year:
Beyond awesome!!!! You look amazing!!

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