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My current leg workouts...

Hey y'all! I just wanted to share what I've been doing lately. As I have mentioned before, I have loosely been following the PHAT training template with the exception of my leg days. I've continued with the same basic leg routine that I started back a year ago (when I started my first bulk) but with modifications along the way to change it up.

 I do two leg days per week. It looks something like this: (the weight amounts are from my first set pyramiding up to my last... 3-4 sets... usually dropping the number of reps as I get heavier)


Day 1

Leg press (270lbs-510lbs)

Stiff-legged deadlifts- barbell (135lbs-155lbs)

Plate-load squat machine (180lbs-270lbs)

Good mornings (50lbs-65lbs) Extensions (120lbs)

Glute-ham raises (holding 10lb plate)


Day 2

Box squats -below parallel with free weights (100lbs-133lbs)

Regular deadlifts -free weights (133lbs-188lbs)

Walking lunges -kettlebells (30-35lbs)

Glute bridges (105lbs-125lbs)

Calves (110-120lbs)


I've had a few questions about the box squats so I figured I'd answer them here. The box I use is the one on the right (image below). The one on the left is about parallel so you can see the one I use is quite low... especially for me because I've got long legs (I'm 5'7")! Going lower is much harder and therefore I don't use as much weight. However I find the depth targets the glutes more which is what I wanted. (I like big butts and I cannot lie... LOL)



 So, I try to separate the leg days so that I have a few days recovery between them. I often do them on Tuesdays and Fridays but make adjustments based on my work schedule/kid's school schedule. I am hoping to see strength improvements all around throughout this bulk but my main focus is on squats and deadlifts. I'd like to get my box squat up to my body weight for 10 reps and my deads to 200lbs for 10 reps. We shall see how it goes... I'll post about it when/if I do!

So... that's my current leg routine. I'm open for questions if you have any! I will come back and post some on upper body stuff on another day. If you have a request for a blog post/topic let me know!

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JennLifts wrote 56 months ago:
It's SO encouraging that you look so amazing lifting those weights. I've always had it in my mind you had to push massive numbers to look like you. I feel like I'll never squat 225, so I cant have great legs :-(
nicolev112 wrote 56 months ago:
What is a good starting weight for women for deadlifts, lunges and leg press?
stephanielynn76 wrote 56 months ago:
@Nicolev112.... well... that is completely relative to the person! Some may start with just the bar for deadlifts and that's ok! You are only in competition with yourself. There are girls out there warming up with my max yet I don't consider myself to be "weak" because they lift more. I'm stronger than I used to be and I'm always making progress. That's what counts! You also have to take into consideration your height and build. I'm tall with a naturally small frame. I may not be able to push as heavy weight as someone who is shorter and stockier because my center of gravity is higher and because I have to move the weight a farther distance due to my longer legs and arms. It's all relative! Lifting "heavy" is whatever is heavy for YOU!
treatingmybodyright wrote 56 months ago:
Thanks so much for sharing, Steph--great information!
nicolev112 wrote 56 months ago:
Thanks for your response! I guess my next question would be how much weight should I move up each time I am ready to progress? I have been squatting/deadlifting 45 pounds for about a month now but not getting nearly as sore as before. Should I move up in 10 pound increments?
stephanielynn76 wrote 56 months ago:
@nicolev112... I determine how much to increase based on how much I'm struggling with it. I use the gym squat rack which has standard olympic plates in kilos. If I'm struggling to get 10-12 reps with a certain weight I might only go up 5kg (2.5kg plates added on each side). If it's fairly easy I might increase by more. It just depends. I will always do at least 3 sets. If by my 3rd set I'm still doing 10 whole reps I know I need to go up on the weight. I will often add a 4th set with a weight I know I will likely fail a rep with just to see how many I can do. Sometimes I might get 3-6 reps... which is great! Then next time I do that same exercise I may just go ahead and start my first set at a higher weight. I ALWAYS move up with weight for consecutive sets.

So... how many sets/reps are you doing? If you are doing 3 full sets with 10 reps or more it's time to increase weight. How about start your first set with your usual then go up 10lbs for every set after that. Do that each week until you get to the point where you can't physically do more than 6-8 reps at a particular weight then you will know where your limit is. Also watch your form. If your form starts to break down, back off on adding weight and focus on getting in good solid reps at that weight until you can do it properly.
nicolev112 wrote 56 months ago:
Awesome, thank you for your help. I do 3 sets, 10-12 reps fairly easy so I guess it is time to start adding more weight with each set. I will try it out this week and will also make sure to keep good form. Thank you!!
Anonymous wrote 12 months ago:
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Anonymous wrote 12 months ago:
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