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My bum progress... (pics)

So one of my goals with this bulk was to add some muscle to my legs and bum. I took a picture today to compare my progress... definitely seeing a change! Just thought I'd share.

In other news... I hate the scale... I really do. I was up 7lbs on Monday weighing in at 129lbs (I started at 122lbs). I am convinced at least some of that is water as I seem to be peeing nonstop and my rings have been hard to get off here lately due to swelling. Aside from that... I feel good. I think I still look fairly lean at this point. I just hate the number on the scale is all :( 
Anyhoo... onward and upward. My lifts are getting better and I'm pushing myself as hard as I can. Not doing much cardio... I have been spending extra time in the weight room instead. Some days I feel like I've been hit by a mac truck. 
Thank you EVERYONE for being so sweet... posting on my wall... encouragining me. I have amazing MFP friends and I love you all. I will continue to share progress on this blog for those who are interested. I hope to be back and participating more in January when I start cutting!

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Malloryrae1211 wrote about 3 years:
That's great! You look fantastic!! I want a nicer booty!! Anything in particular you've done to work it?!
T_R_A_V wrote about 3 years:
I am speechless! Damn looking good!
bflicker11 wrote about 3 years:
That's the backside I want!!! Great job!!
stephanielynn76 wrote about 3 years:
@Malloryrae ... girl LOTS of squats, lunges, deadlifts, and the butt machine! I've been doing legs twice a week.

@Trav... thankyou!!! :)
taso42 wrote about 3 years:
awesome progress. you continue to be a great inspiration!
RunConquerCelebrate wrote about 3 years:
Nice BUM!!! great job it looks like your hard work is paying off
rachmaree wrote about 3 years:
Great bum :) Love the updates.
polar5554 wrote about 3 years:
Stefanie!! Look at YOU!!! Great BOOTY!!!! Ew...I never say that...

Are you doing weighted squats? Or just simply squating up and down?

Also, how many do you do per session?
stephanielynn76 wrote about 3 years:
@polar5554 - very much weighted! I will make another blog post about it since you asked... :)
Gilbrod wrote about 3 years:
Hey Steph. That's "bootyful." keep up the excellent work. Makes me want to squat more weight than what I am squatting now.
funfitfoodie wrote about 3 years:
funfitfoodie wrote about 3 years:
Not enough people pit their butt progress :(
kdiamond wrote about 3 years:
The butt looks lifted and terrific! Good job!
wickedcricket wrote about 3 years:
awesome - definitely a butt
snkeller24 wrote about 3 years:
Incredible work girl, keep it up! I'm super impressed with the transformation. I do all the those things you listed, but maybe I should focus a little more!
weisner20 wrote about 3 years:
you look great
JRMcCaghren wrote about 3 years:
You look great in the first one, but much better in the second one. Congrats on the success. Also, since you're weight training, you will gain a bit of weight, but it's muscle mass so it's good for you.
MrsNoir wrote about 3 years:
wow, to me you already look skinny, and your bump looks great now, so I hope you don't become obsessed with losing more weight, just get rid of the scale, you definitely look a lot fitter now, nevermind the pounds as long as you look as good as this!:D
jgbigman wrote about 3 years:
Wow fantastic, what a impressive difference you have made!! You look wonderful!!
bloodbank wrote about 3 years:
You seriously give me hope for my chronically flat butt. Nice rear! :)
ajbeans wrote about 3 years:
Whoa, holy crap! That is amazing! You've given me renewed hope. It is possible to build a butt! :)
chika1978 wrote about 3 years:
Oh Snap, shake what your momma meant to give you LOL. You look fierce with your fine booty!
mariasheehan wrote about 3 years:
I'm so depressed now, your butt looked amazing BEFORE!!!!!!!! I want a butt transplant :-)
NeuroticVirgo wrote about 3 years:
Nice! I love the arrow too LOL
sunkisses wrote about 3 years:
awesome! Nice work.
SmartFunGorgeous wrote about 3 years:
Wolf whistle.... Now, what's your secret?!?
23wife wrote about 3 years:
You look amazing!! I want my butt to look like that!!!! =)
ohmissemily wrote about 3 years:
ooooo sexxxxaiii hexxxaii gurl. whatcha been doing and for how long to get your butt to perk up like that??
dmpizza wrote about 3 years:
Thank you for the arrow showing me where to look, I would not have noticed otherwise.(just kidding).
Great job.
racha2424 wrote about 3 years:
U look awesome!! Once I hit my goal weight I'm gonna tone my butt and legs and hopefully it works for me like it did for u :-)
HeatherFeather10 wrote about 3 years:
Nice - you look amazing!!!!!
MuffinMan25 wrote about 3 years:
Great Progress!!!
woo1324 wrote about 3 years:
Um wow ,, this might a bit daft but i actually did not no it was possible to change your bum like that im speechless and think i have a new goal in mind for when i lose my weight :)
scapez wrote about 3 years:
Your "before" bum looks like mine now...woo hoo, there's hope! Great job!
ohpiper wrote about 3 years:
Whoop, there it is! Way to go!
seasonalvoodoo wrote about 3 years:
Whoa...did not know this was possible. You look amazinglyfantasticawesomesauce.
Domsmom22 wrote about 3 years:
I just currently had a baby. My body is not where it used to be I myself have been doing booty exercises but I have been skipping out on them and I know I shouldn't. You just gave me that eagerness back to get my booty back in shape!!
kmshred wrote about 3 years:
i never knew getting a booty like that was possible. hot damn! ;)
Mimigurken wrote about 3 years:
That bum would look good at Zumba class, lol. Well done
MaximusMoonlight wrote about 3 years:
mmmmmmm....turn around a lil more so i can get a good look at that fine booty!
Mahlissa wrote about 3 years:
HI Stephanie :) You are doing amazing! And you inspire me so much.
cindaboo1 wrote about 3 years:
Girl your booty looks AWESOME!!!! Be proud and work it girl!!! =)

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