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More progress pictures...

Bulking X5 weeks (a little early). I did these yesterday after my last workout for this week... Yay... the completion of 5 weeks of training while eating at a surplus :)

I did all my measurements and charted them exactly 50 days ago. So far I've seen small increases in my biceps, calves, and my waist. I also redid my body fat today but pretty much all my measurements were about the same... which is impossible because I KNOW my BF increased???  My clothes are fitting tighter. My size 0's no longer fit, my 2's are slightly snug, and my size 4's are still slightly loose and comfy. Anyhoo... it will be interesting to see where things stand in another few weeks/months! I'll try to update when I can... 

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1FitMomof4Girls wrote 72 months ago:
Looking great!
rachmaree wrote 72 months ago:
Seems like everything is going really well with the bulk! Thanks for keeping us updated, it's really interesting.
critiry3 wrote 72 months ago:
Looks good as always
JJMS wrote 72 months ago:
Great job!!!
zoombie_bear wrote 72 months ago:
you look fantastic
lovinglife71 wrote 72 months ago:
Luv your updates!!!!!! Lookin good!!!! :)))))
dmpizza wrote 72 months ago:
sarah44254 wrote 72 months ago:
I don't know if it is your hairstyle, your makeup, or your few pounds you have bulked, but your face looks different in a gorgeous way! you are so beautiful :) Those muscles beside your abs (obliques?) are always so great looking - I love them!
neenaj33 wrote 72 months ago:
oh wowwww
AggieCass09 wrote 72 months ago:
you look great...i can definitely see the difference and in such a short time--amazing!

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