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Mini Update!

Well... I'm half-way through week 12 of bulking. I thought I had already reached the 10lbs-gained mark last time I made a blog post but I was wrong. I had avoided the scale for a few weeks because I was afraid I had gained a bunch. When I finally had the nerve to get on the scale... I was THE SAME WEIGHT! That's crazy! Anyhooo as of Monday I was up only 8lbs. I started at 122lbs and Monday I was 130lbs! That averages out to 0.66lbs gained per week! Perfect! I feel really good... really strong... and I'm loving being able to EAT! I am still doing Zumba a few times a week for fun. 

So I was planning on bulking through the end of December and starting a cut in January. However, after talking to a bodybuilding competitor at the gym, I might keep bulking through January as well. The show I'm considering entering is going to be in June and he said January is too early to start cutting. He said cutting too early could result in muscle loss before the show. I didn't realize how crucial all this timing was so I'm glad there are wonderful people around willing to help me! I asked him about diet and training and he said to just keep doing what I'm doing! :) I figure if I get too pudgy I can always just eat at maintenance and continue to train hard for the remainder of the time.

Obligatory pictures.... sorry they are crappy I just snapped them yesterday at the gym after my workout. 

My husband's best friend saw me for the first time in a while and said, "Hey!!! You've gained weight!!!!" I'm thinking... great... that's just what every woman is dying to hear... LOL. I think once he heard it come out of his mouth he tried to recover by following up with... "... well you needed to gain some... you had gotten too thin..." :) When I mentioned it to my husband later he says.... "Uhmmmm aren't you TRYING to gain weight Stephanie??? Like... isn't that the point of what you are doing right now???" I'm like... "Well yeah... I am... but you know... just because I'm gaining on purpose doesn't mean I'm not self-conscious about the gain!" 
Have a great rest-of-the-week everyone and God bless!!!! xoxoxoxox

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Jessicaruby wrote 77 months ago:
you look so amazing. i am dreaming of getting to this point but i am just learning about lifting and i get so much mixed advice on here!
Sidesteal wrote 77 months ago:
Lookin' solid!
kellybien_77 wrote 77 months ago:
You look great!!! I did figure in New Orleans and Louisiana and I had a blast doing it. Teddy at planet nutrition can help. They work with many of body builders and figure girls.
funfitfoodie wrote 77 months ago:
you look incredible!
31prvrbs wrote 77 months ago:
Been following for a while, and wanted to comment, that it seems to be going real well for ya. The body recomp is crazy, no need to be self conscious, any extra weight is going to the right places. You still look incredibly lean to be in a bulk (I wish it were so for me, lol - my bulk looks nowhere near that lean at 12 wks), so it shouldn't be an issue when you start to cut. When did the competitor you met at the gym suggest you start your cut?
getfitdiva wrote 77 months ago:
You look fantastic! Thank you for sharing your journey and progress. You are the reason I got on the Stepmill :-).

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