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Legs... making progress (pics)

       I have always hated my legs. I hated the way they looked and I hated training them too. I had what I called "drumstick legs." You know the kind... where they are thick and meaty at the top with little or nothing at the bottom. I got no calves to speak of... and anyone who trains regularly knows that unless you are fortunate enough to be genetically blessed with pretty calves... training them does very little to help.

      So I've been on a mission. Since I've not gotten much leaner I've decided to start training my legs harder so that I can finally stop hating them and covering them up. I hadn't done squats and lunges in years. I used to do super heavy squats in collage but let's face it... I ain't no spring chicken anymore. Having two kids has also complicated the matter futher leaving me with a bladder that just ain't what it used to be (sorry tmi). Anyways... a while back I started doing squats and lunges again. I started light and kept adding a little more weight each week. Last week I overdid it and could barely walk for 2 days. LOL. I was looking in the mirror today and realized that I really am making some progress! I decided to snap a few images (in the mirror) but I ended up making them black and white because the lighting was horrible and the color was way off... but you get the idea. Also know I am slightly squating and flexing in these just so I can see the "cut." 

a little closer up...
 And I had the camera too high for this one but I thought it was pretty cool so I kept it...

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ltf304 wrote 81 months ago:
Your legs look great!! I have the same type of legs that you are describing. I have thicker thighs and little stick calves. I have been doing squats and lunges for years but I have been more consistent over the last few months. I hope my hard work pays off like yours is! :)
Mahlissa wrote 81 months ago:
Wow, great work and like you said DISCIPLINE. I have big legs on top and huge calves on the bottom, my calves measured 13.25 today, hard for me to find boots in the winter, LOL or don't even mention skinny jeans in the calves!

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.
chrisdavey wrote 81 months ago:
Clearly, you're hard work and discipline is paying off. Look great!
FemininGuns wrote 81 months ago:
Whoa! Awesome!!! Keep up the great work :)
zoombie_bear wrote 81 months ago:
you have killer legs :)
sarah44254 wrote 81 months ago:
Every bit of you I can see looks OUTSTANDING!! :D You are so amazing looking! Your legs look marvelous to me. Keep working on them if you'd like, but I say whooooooo weee =) Really great!
vesnacsr wrote 81 months ago:
You look fantastic - I would walk around naked all the time with that body :)
snkeller24 wrote 81 months ago:
Um, yeah I'd totally kill for these. Great work. I'm not a fan of doing legs because I feel like I get NO WHERE, however I think I need to up my weight.
jennyb31 wrote 81 months ago:
Gosh Steph you are such an inspiration to me!! Im REALLy trying to work on my legs too, gives me some hope!
♥jewel♥ wrote 81 months ago:
What vesnacsr said! Seriously, you have a slamming body! I have the opposite problem of you, I have great calves and ankles but nasty untoned thighs. Looking at your pics gives me hope!!
fitnessGETZeasy wrote 81 months ago:
You are a true inspiration. Your before photos show me that we have VERY similar body types and it's so awesome to know what is possible. Thanks for sharing.
callipygianchronicle wrote 81 months ago:
Wow. So beautiful. Those legs look more than "in progress" to me. They are what I aspire to. I have super weak quads and have been training them hard, but there are many pounds of fat on top...for now. Camera geek question: Is that the 50mm f/1.2?
stephanielynn76 wrote 81 months ago:
Haha.... actually it's the 85 f/1.2.... my precious.... lol Best lens ever!!!
FitMama67 wrote 81 months ago:
wow! you look amazing! I just joined MFP a few days ago after I decided to get back on track with my nutrition. I too have often said that I am the poster child for "you can't out train a crappy diet". You are my new inspiration. I will be visiting your blog often to keep my motivation up.
lesliemk wrote 81 months ago:
Amazing legs! My "saddlebag" area is where I'm currently struggling the most, but I'm just keeping at it. Lunges & squats forever!!! :D

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