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Just blogging my most recent pictures... feel free to ignore...

These were all shot the same day with my 4 y/o pressing the shutter to set off the self-timer... camera on tripod. Some of these are already in my profile but I wanted to blog them too...

The picture entered in the contest.... 
A couple in color.... one of the hazards of shooting a self portrait... my head is cut off... that wasn't intentional. I think my kid moved the camera... :(
Another black and white.... I look a little ticked off in this one... but I was trying to show my bicep... LOL
My kid's turn... of course... LOL

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chrisdavey wrote over 3 years:
looking amazing. Good luck with the competition!
stephanielynn76 wrote over 3 years:
Thanks Chris... right back atcha!
TheGoktor wrote over 3 years:
Beautiful photos - good luck with the comp!
ItsOn130 wrote over 3 years:
Beautiful pictures! Are you a photographer?
ItsOn130 wrote over 3 years:
Nevermind.. went to your profile! Love the photos.. your daughter is adorable! I really like your photography style! I play around with it, would love to have a business someday. For now it's just a hobby! Anyways, you look amazing! Great job! :0)
oddyogi wrote over 3 years:
Both of you are beautiful! I wish you lived near me so you could take pictures of me once I reach my goal.. :P
myboysmomx2 wrote over 3 years:
Pic's are fabulous. Good luck with the competition!
HappyathomeMN wrote over 3 years:
Great images! Fantastic ending - your daughter's shirt- Share the Love! :) Much luck in your competition.
PrfctGdess wrote over 3 years:
Nice to hear that my 4 y/o isn't the only one obsessed with taking pictures with my camera :) You look great!
stephanielynn76 wrote over 3 years:
Awwwwww... Thanks so much for all the votes and sweet comments!!! Luv you all!!! ;)
mandijo wrote over 3 years:
You look fabulous! Good luck!
stephanielynn76 wrote over 3 years:
Dang iPhone... Just accidentally deleted someone's sweet comment :(
mzprettiekittie wrote over 3 years:
I'm not on your friends list, and I'm relatively new here. Just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say, Good luck for your competition, your looking fab!
stephanielynn76 wrote over 3 years:
Oh I'm not competing... I just entered a contest for Women's Health magazine :)
Sorry for the confusion!! ;)
Mahlissa wrote over 3 years:
Stephanie, you're such a beautiful role model. I think you should win! I love the photo's, very professional. And you're daughter is adorable :) Good luck!!
polar5554 wrote over 3 years:

You are living, breathing proof that dedication will certainly pay off!!

Off to go lift...Thanks for the inspiration!
Caroline9252 wrote over 3 years:
These photo's look AMAZING !!! you are my inspiration!
lily1972 wrote over 3 years:
I'm very impressed! And extremely inspired!! Good luck with the contest :-D
kdiamond wrote over 3 years:
You look amazing and I can't wait to hear how it goes!!! You must post!

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