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If you are considering a bulk... DO IT!


I whipped up this comparison shot and I just had to share it. What a difference a year can make!

Seriously ladies (and dudes)... I know GAINING weight is a scary prospect but it's the only way to build an appreciable amount of muscle.  Yes you will gain fat, but the fat comes off. I am stronger now than ever and thrilled with this progress!
I'll be bulking again in August. My goal is to gain more mass in my delts, lats, hams, and glutes. If you wanna join me in adding some mass... let me know... we should start a group! :)

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kmshred wrote 41 months ago:
awesome lovey!!!
chrisdavey wrote 41 months ago:
holy awesome progress!!!
tharrop wrote 41 months ago:
WOW! Amazing!
estelle74uk wrote 41 months ago:
Hey, thats excellent. You look great. Just started a bulk myself and am loving it!!
ImNotThatBob wrote 40 months ago:
momto1g1b wrote 40 months ago:
ladytinkerbell99 wrote 40 months ago:
Please let me know if you join a group. I would love to do this. I am down in weight and would love to bulk up. I just do not know where to start.
beckyinma wrote 40 months ago:
WOW! I love it!
NeedANewFocus wrote 40 months ago:
Unreal! Amazingness!

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