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Fun photo session before embracing the fat!

Some of you might remember the pictures I did of myself last summer... well it's been almost a year so I felt like another self-portrait session was in order. I did one last week and I'm in the midst of planning another in the near future. These are more than just pretty pictures to me though... they are a form of self expression for me. This first set of images is sorta my representation of softness, innocence, and purity. I'm currently in to the monochromatic look (white-on-white) and I am a HUGE fan of all things vintage. I am wearing a slip in some of these that really is a vintage slip... it was one my mother had from way back when I was a child. There was also a vintage dress from a garage sale and also a few images where I experimented with just draping myself with a piece of sheer white fabric.



^^there were tons more, that's all I've had to edit so far. The next session will be the complete opposite!
Btw... the hair extensions are from Luxy Hair. They are fabulous and I LOVE them. In case anyone is interested...
Also... for those of you who have made fabulous transformations... I highly recommended treating yourself to a photo shoot. It's a great reward and the pictures are something you will always have and never regret investing in. Just make sure you pick a photographer that knows what they are doing. You get what you pay for. 

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krissagray wrote 66 months ago:
You are so pretty! That back photo is my favorite! Amazing back. Wish u lived closer so I could hire u!!!
stephanielynn76 wrote 66 months ago:
Much love to you Krissa... you are a sweety and I'm glad we've been able to connect! I'd do your pics in a heartbeat!
mxburke wrote 66 months ago:
Amazing photos! You are gorgeous girl! Great job on the pics and the transformation!
taso42 wrote 66 months ago:
sarah44254 wrote 66 months ago:
To look both extremely feminine yet so strong - you are amazing!
ladytinkerbell99 wrote 66 months ago:
Absolutely gorgeous. I agree, my favorite is the back photo. You are so creative and inspiring.
DixiedoesMFP wrote 66 months ago:
You are gorgeous!
allishaFaye wrote 66 months ago:
your absolutely beautiful :D
AggieCass09 wrote 66 months ago:
JAllen32 wrote 66 months ago:
Gorgous!!! I have wanted to do photos like this for several years for my hubby, but now that I've lost weight, I want it even more! I absolutely love your hair!!!! Thanks for sharing!
fitmominheels wrote 66 months ago:
This has totally inspired me to do a vintage photo shoot! I have never done one ever but I plan to as a treat to myself in the fall. These are totally beautiful!
JAllen32 wrote 66 months ago:
WOW! I didn't read that first part closely before! You took them yourself! Thats even more impressive! Great job!! I'd hire you!
aprylkemper wrote 66 months ago:
You look great! Congratulations!!
TXPaul wrote 66 months ago:
Absolutely stunning! The back shot is beautiful!
dkweathington wrote 66 months ago:
I am so doing this when I lose the weight!! Can't wait!!!
bastgoddess7 wrote 66 months ago:
Your muscle tone is amazing, and those pics are very expressive I love them!
justleeanne wrote 66 months ago:
You look absolutely stunning!!!
lulabellewoowoo wrote 66 months ago:
Stephanie you are gorgeous, both with the strength shown in some photos, as well as the softness of a woman. Very inspirational!
ExerciseGeek wrote 66 months ago:
Your absolutly gorgeous! :) Love all your pictures!!!
cardozm wrote 66 months ago:
Beautiful pics
BrawnAndBrains wrote 66 months ago:

You look gorgeous, and like many others have wrote - quite inspirational.

MrsBooker wrote 66 months ago:
I LOVE these Steph! You look amazing, and I love the back shot as well. Once I reach my goal we may have to schedule a shoot on one of my visits home. :)

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