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Diary of a Pudgy Gym Rat...

This is just a repeat of the topic I posted with my story and before/after pictures. I know that will get buried so I figured I'd put it here. 

Hi! I'm Stephanie. I am a self-professed gym rat and have been for the last 12 years. Now I'm also the poster child for "EXERCISE ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH!" I have been weight training and doing cardio for most of my adult life but in spite of all that work... I still hated my body. I was strong and had muscle but didn't look very muscular because of all the padding I had. My diet was pretty bad. I was consuming large portions of regular foods followed by sweets after every meal... yep... I was a sweet-a-holic too. I managed to exercise consistently through two pregnancies and get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (which was 135lbs) each time, but I was still somewhat soft and curvier than I wanted to be. I really wanted to have that athletic figure. I wanted a hard body and was doing all the right training to have it... but look at my before picture... not hard at all!

Then life got busy and I got older and what I was doing wasn't even keeping me at my "usual weight" anymore. One morning I woke up completely fed up. I got on my mom's scale... I weighed 144lbs. I was in tears. That was in January of this year. I hated my body and I felt like I deserved a better body for all the work I have invested in it. "Why am I even doing this!!!???" I asked myself, "I should just skip the gym and head for the Dairy Queen instead." I was at a crossroads and needed to make a decision. I was either going to give up all the training or I was going to have to face the other side of the fitness equation... the more important side... the diet! I did a search and found this app on my IPhone... I have been hooked ever since!!!

It didn't take long for me to lose the weight. It melted off actually. I was already in great shape cardiovascularly and I had great muscle tone I just needed to be more lean. I didn't change up my weight training any. I've always lifted heavy and I still do. The only thing I did differently from before was started counting calories and added a little extra cardio. That's it. The change in my diet made the biggest change in my body.

The before picture was taken January 10th...


 and my back...
 and my abs...
Sorry about the crappy IPhone pictures... they're all I have right now. I'm eventually gonna get one of my photog friends to do some better shots of me but haven't had time.

So... learn from my years of mistakes. Vigorous exercise is great and beneficial but exercise alone will not be enough to get you the body you want... you have to eat right!!

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EbonyGemstoneHealth wrote 77 months ago:
Amazing! :)
RochelleBlack wrote 77 months ago:
Well done, well said :) It makes me sad when I'm at the gym in the morning and watch all the women move from cardio machine to cardio machine and never lift a weight. And like you said, diet is key. Fitness is 80% diet and 20% work, I've always been told. Sad, but true.

I know you must be so proud of yourself! You should be!
HappyathomeMN wrote 77 months ago:
WOW!!!! You are an insiration and so amazing!! Congrats on your success and hard hard work.
muriah2 wrote 77 months ago:
You look amazing. What is your height, and how many pregnancies have you had?
froglegjack wrote 77 months ago:
wow awesome pics. I agree with you totally. I have done the "work" to have a way better body but just now decided to do the diet part. I guess I just did not want to and thought the exercise should have been enough. I am strong too but no where near having the body I want yet.
srp2011 wrote 77 months ago:
Wow - that is amazing and inspiring - thanks for sharing your story!
stephanielynn76 wrote 77 months ago:
@muriah2 I'm 5'6.5" tall... two kids... 6 & 4
Themrsolive wrote 77 months ago:
i want that!! i am working so hard.. i will be there one day right???
dlangenfeld wrote 77 months ago:
Wow! Great pictures! You have motivated me...I want that!!!
FemininGuns wrote 77 months ago:
Awesome! Keep up the great work. In prepping for my competition, it's CLEAR that diet is the key. I will never eat without measuring stuff and logging it here on MFP from now on!!!
dtdemarcus wrote 77 months ago:
You do look amazing! I have a question for you...are you taking any supplements to get that body? Because everyone that has a body I would want tells me that I cannot get it with diet and exercise alone.. that I need to basically take pills to do it. I am starting to believe them...
I weigh 125 and just cannot get "cut".. I weight train and do cardio 5 to 6 days a week and I do MFP ( although maybe I don't always choose the best food I am in my calorie range) and insight would be appreciated.
RunningAddict wrote 77 months ago:
I would also like to know if there are specific foods that you are eating or just anything as long as you are in your calorie range? THANKS.
MrsBooker wrote 77 months ago:
Nice post Steph! Girl I look EXACTLY like your before pics right now. Hoping that will change soon.
stephanielynn76 wrote 77 months ago:
@dtdemarcus - I have tried different things... some pills endorsed my Jillian Michaels as well as something else I had gotten a while back from the health-food store (can't remember the name). I always take less than the recommended doses and I'm usually not very consistent with them because I don't remember! I can't really say whether or not they help. I think I would have gotten the same results without taking anything. I think the diet is the key!
fitnessbugg wrote 77 months ago:
Thanks for sharing! My husband has remarked before that, as much as I work out, I should be skinny, and he's right. Diet is so much more important in the equation than exercise. You cannot use working out as an excuse to eat whatever you want. Your story really brings that out. You are such an inspiration.
kaittx13 wrote 76 months ago:
you look awesome!!
sweets arewhat gets to me and i am trying to get better about that because i know eating right is really important to losing weight as well as toning up. i know i have muscles underneath my tummy, now i just need to find them. you are so inspiring!
Sistasarita wrote 75 months ago:
Thank you for posting. I do not have money to spend on a gym membership. However weight training is crucial to shaping the body. You look great and I am motivated to make a way to incorporate what you've done in my fitness life. Blessings, sister.
valexandra7 wrote 41 months ago:
Wow, that's amazing, I've been trying to get out of the 130's for over a year now and back to 115-120 but all I do is continue to yo-yo and now I'm back at 139 and it's really horrible.
Anonymous wrote 19 months ago:
You looked better before. You look anorexic now. Not a way to show little girls what to do.

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