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Bulking time...

So most of you know I started bulking a few weeks ago. This week started week 5. I'm up 3.5lbs which is good... a nice slow gain. Here is a recent photo...

My shirts are getting tighter in the chest/shoulder/back areas and my jeans are really tight in the bum. I'm liking that I now have a fuller bum... but along with that my abs aren't quite as defined. It's a trade-off... 
So if you are familiar with the process of bulking... you know you have to eat at a surplus and that some fat gain is expected along with lean muscle mass. My goal was to gain 0.5lb/wk.
Anyhoo...  for those who are curious about what I'm doing with my calories... I pm'ed this to a MFP friend yesterday so I'll just cut and paste it...
Here is what I do. I have my base set at 1800 and try to stay at that on my days off. On my leg days I give myself 300 extra calories (over the 1800). On my upper body days I give myself 150-200 extra calories. I also monitor all my calorie burns from cardio and eat those calories back.

Example. I worked legs for 90mins yesterday then did 25 min low-impact active recovery on the stepmill. I gave myself 300 for the legs and 250 for the stepmill... that's 550 over the 1800 base... so a total of 2350. I try to keep my macros at 40% carbs... 30%/30% fat and protein.... but I'm not really strict with that. Today I had 202g of protein and not enough fats... ahhh well... whatever. I'm most worried about getting the protein so I eat a lot of lean meats, greek yogurt, and protein powder. I was low on protein over the weekend because I was out of town and had little control over the foods that were available. I'm just going more by:
#1 am I gaining?
#2 how are my clothes fitting?
#3 am I getting stronger? 
I am still steadily increasing weight on all my exercises and will post more about that later! 
love you all...
xoxoxo -steph

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kdiamond wrote 74 months ago:
Good job Stephanie! You're looking really good so far and good gain! I've just started as well, I have gained 2 pounds so far so I'm up to 112 pounds (ways to go LOL). I need to up my weights. What kind of training plan are you following?
sarah44254 wrote 74 months ago:
Glad to hear an update from you! Your arms are looking quite amazing! :D
stephanielynn76 wrote 74 months ago:
I'm doing a modified version of Layne Norton's PHAT. His revised version has a 5/day split but I don't always have 5 days to lift so I combined everything into 4 days. I do a power day and a hypertrophy day for each muscle group so everything gets hit twice a week. It takes a lot of time. I'm planning to keep this up until December hopefully then drop back down to each muscle group once per week except legs. My legs suck... they need to be done at least twice per week.
I_give_it_2_u_str8 wrote 74 months ago:
Awesome! You look great:)
tgh1914 wrote 74 months ago:
You're a great example of someone doing a bulk the right way. Too many, I think, get lost in either doing too much cardio, or still not eating enough, or trying to expect the bulk too quickly & over-eating as a result (getting fat). Congrats on your progress!
kdiamond wrote 74 months ago:
Wow that's a pretty sweet program! I just read through it. I might need to do something like this.
sportsforfun wrote 74 months ago:
Great job Stephanie, sounds like your bulk is going exactly as planned. I know it is tough to watch the abs go away a bit but in the long run, it is worth it.
zoombie_bear wrote 74 months ago:
thanks for your blog, great read, you are doing so well, can't wait to start bulking
margieward82 wrote 74 months ago:
Thank you for sharing! I thought I was doing well until I saw your gains! Wow! Your back is killer! That has always been a weakarea for me. I am still working to eat enough and push myself to lift heavier. Work is kicking my ass, so juggling it all has been tough. It's nice to see otherwomen out there doing this. No one I see on a day-to-day "gets it" and can't relate. Makes it tough some days :P

Keep up the amazing and hard work!! And keep us posted!
chrisdavey wrote 74 months ago:
Thanks for the info. You just reminded me that I need to eat more :P
lovinglife71 wrote 74 months ago:
I'm so glad you posted your progress I've been wondering how it was going. I will have to say you look amazing!!! So I can tell it's going as planned.I'm fixin to take a look at the article. Kudo's to you for sticking to it and it takes a lot of hard work, determination and time to get where you are and stay there. I know, I tried following your exercise program, when we first became friends and it was hard to keep up with it, because this would happen or that would happen. I see how busy you are with family work, etc. So here is a "high five" sent your way. Rock On!!!!! :))
ImNotThatBob wrote 74 months ago:
It is great to see the progress you are making. I know you are blazing the trail for a lot of people here on MFP. You are an amazing inspiration in all aspects of your life.

Thanks for the update and the pics.

Mucky_Duck wrote 74 months ago:
You look absolutely gorgeous. I think a bit more muscle really suits you (not that you didn't look great before starting your bulk). Total inspiration and I hope one day I can be just as strong and defined.

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