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Bulk Complete!!! (pics) ... and a PSA

As promised... official end-of-bulk pictures...

These are all, of course, relaxed poses... no flexing. ;) I entered a transformation challenge over at so that is the reason for the newspaper... proof of the start date. I have 12 weeks for this challenge. I was planning to lean out around this time anyway so why not give myself a little extra incentive! I did it before... I will do it again... and this time it will actually be much easier because I'm starting out in much better shape! 
As I've stated before... I was supposed to start my cut tomorrow on February 1st. I'm delaying it for a bit. Unfortunately, I was struck with strep throat last week which then eroded into something more sinister... a nasty sinus infection that has moved to my bronchial tubes. I've been out of the gym since last thursday. I usually work out even when I'm not feeling great but this wasn't the type of infection I could push through. I'm currently on 2 antibiotics and some steriods. Today was the first day I've breathed through my nose more than my mouth since last Thursday.
Now...... here is what I think happened (get ready for the public service announcement).....
Last Monday I was feeling overtrained... like fatigue and lack-of-motivation were setting in. I couldn't even remember the last time I took a real break from working out. I may have skipped "a workout" here and there but it had been ages since I took a whole week off. I hadn't even done a deload week of lighter weights in forever. I've been hitting it hard for a long long time now and I think my body was starting to feel overwhelmed. I knew I needed a break but was too stubborn to take one. I kept training against my own better judgement and then my body revolted and my immune system took a nosedive. Now I'm on a FORCED break. So... let this be a lesson to you all. If your body is telling you "take a break" ... LISTEN!!! Do not be stubborn like me!!!
So... I'll start the diet once I'm well. I feel like I need to eat at least maintenance calories while sick. Depleting your body of calories while it's trying to fight an infection is not wise!
Ok... so I have a question for YOU now... anyone here doing IF (intermittent fasting)??? ... If you are not aware visit:
If so I'd love to hear your thoughts/experiences. I'm considering trying this during my cut. 
ETA (again)... 1-year comparison pictures. From 140lbs (Jan 2011) --> 120lbs --> 137lbs (Jan 2012).

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kmshred wrote 74 months ago:
i'm intermittent fasting right now :) it's working well for me. i do 14-16hour fasts.

ps how amazing do your boobs look! haha! love you.
stephanielynn76 wrote 74 months ago:
@kmshred... oh that's great to hear! About the IF... do you work out fasted??? Are you eating your first meal of the day at noon? how are you doing it?

... and yes... when my body fat goes up... I actually do have a decent rack and a big booty. I think my husband is disappointed that I'm cutting! LOL
kmshred wrote 74 months ago:
yeah, i'm eating my first meal around 12:30, (500-600 calories), then i usually work out around 6pm (so i call it a fasted work out since i waited around six hours to eat) then right after i have a 500 calorie meal, then around 9 have another 500 calorie meal or so. i would work out fasted in the morning if i could, but my gym doesn't open until i'm already at work. i was on 1200, then 1500 calories, but just upped it to 1600-1700 today. so we will see how that works!
chrisdavey wrote 74 months ago:

Yes, we can get stubborn with our bodies from time to time. Sometimes, you know what's best for you but you don't do it anyway. And yes, I've been doing LG style IF for a year now. I'll send you an invite to the IF group. Heaps of info. in there :) I love it for cutting, makes maintaining ridiculously easy but pretty hard to bulk (for me anyway).
stephanielynn76 wrote 74 months ago:
Thanks kmshred and chrisdavey!!! I joined the IF group and will certainly check it out!
Karenmarciano wrote 74 months ago:
Hi girl, your photos look amazing!!! I am not sure this is what you mean but I work out in the morning most days on an empty stomach....I wake up and go straight to the gym and then I eat a protein shake or eggs when I get home after my workout! I don't do this every single day of course, but most days. Today, for example, I am doing a pm workout instead. Also, rest days are a complete MUST. I hope you start to feel better soon. xo
31prvrbs wrote 74 months ago:
Great idea throwing in the Transformation Challenge for extra motiv. I'm def cheering for ya over on BB as well as your comp. When is your comp date, btw? And what area did you decide to compete? Figure? Just wondering how low you gotta go w/the BF%.
sarah44254 wrote 74 months ago:
so fabulous!! :) you are awesome
bluebird321 wrote 74 months ago:
Great lean muscle gain in the shoulder, chest arms area. Very good job.
Huffdogg wrote 74 months ago:
I have been doing IF via the Leangains model for about 2 months now, and am really enjoying the results. I would think it will work very well for a cut.
rnroadrunner wrote 74 months ago:
you look pretty good at 138. when you get better from your illness and hit the gym where are you going? do you have a weight goal or BF? or just the way you look?
stephanielynn76 wrote 73 months ago:
@rnroadrunner... I don't have a weight goal... but I'd like to get back down to the same body fat I was last summer (12%) so I can have a true comparison of what muscle was gained on the bulk!

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