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Body Composition Comparison...

Hi all. The bulk is still in progress. I think I'm up about 10lbs but I wouldn't know for sure because I've been avoiding the scale. Most of you know that when I got really lean my period stopped. It came back after bulking a couple of weeks... but I only had one. I went another 7+ weeks without one and then it started again this week. When it returned, it returned with fury. I'm in pain and the swelling is so bad I can hardly get my rings on and off. This is the part of the reason I am not weighing this week! Anyhoo... that's what's going on with me.

So I thought I'd post this for those who are interested. The picture on the left was taken back in February about 7 weeks into my cut (weight loss). The picture on the right was taken last week. I weigh about the same in both images. I would say juding by the definition and the vascularity of the recent image, I'm pretty sure I've gained some lean mass... at least that's what I hope! Btw... I hate my thighs... that's where the fat is going.  :(

So, I'm tired of feeling fluffy and I know it's only going to get worse. I know I still look thin to others but after being 120lbs and a size 0...  this feels jiggly to me. I'm wearing size 4's now and I'm filling them up all the way. My bum is bigger, which I like, but so are my thighs... which I don't. Just like you can't spot reduce, you can't spot gain either... unfortunately. 
On a different note... I spoke to one of the lady bodybuilding competitors today at the gym and she's going to introduce me to some trainers/coaches that can help me if I decide to compete in the spring/summer. She seems to think I'll do well... excited to see where all this goes. It makes me feel better to see all the other women at the gym who compete because everyone is bulking and we all look a bit pudgy! 

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kensky wrote 78 months ago:
I think you are going to do amazingly well this spring/summer. Can't wait to see how it all goes!
chrisdavey wrote 78 months ago:
I think you'll do great competing! Great progress also.
tahoemads wrote 78 months ago:
I appreciate your honesty about your body image, but I do giggle when you talk about your thighs -- only because I relate -- but I think yours are amazing! You're doing great with the bulk - more cut and toned in a healthy way and I'd never know you're up in weight. Great job!!
Mahlissa wrote 78 months ago:
you are sculpting a work of art. :) Good luck with the coach. I agree, amazing progress.
rachel5576 wrote 78 months ago:
what an interesting process. I took the last few weeks off from logging and to make myself feel better i just said i was bulking. lol Now im cutting again ;) Good luck on the rest of your journey! way cool that you have people right in your gym that you can go to for advice. I haven't see any female body builders in this small town.
zoombie_bear wrote 78 months ago:
you are doing great in your bulking phase, nice that you are getting the support you need to stay on track, I admire you and you commintement to this, thinking of competing I'm positive you'll do great
treatingmybodyright wrote 78 months ago:
Steph, you look great! What I think is most impressive is how you have learned to manipulate your body composition. Most of us feel as though we're trapped in a certain body type, but you have proven that with knowledge, hard work, and dedication, you can create the body you want, and you've done this in less than a year, which is nothing short of amazing!
Mimigurken wrote 78 months ago:
Totally agree with Kelli. You can change your body. don't know how to describe it but the right body looks "smart". It looks like the body belongs to someone who knows exactly what's going on. Every muscle got your full attention. You're one dedicated woman!
rachmaree wrote 78 months ago:
You look amazing, and you're such an inspiration. I hate my thighs too, so I can relate, but I love your legs!
skinimin wrote 78 months ago:
whoah talk about turbo. and your thighs are so not fat!
utilena wrote 78 months ago:
jrp31 wrote 78 months ago:
Define "pudgy"! lol Stephaine I think you look GREAT!!
Cooriander wrote 77 months ago:
Stephanie, I think you look perfect! Fit and lean is what I see (: Your legs look shapely and muscly.

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