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(PICS) Public Apology - My Wife Caught Me Cheating

Let me start by saying that I'm not one who is much into airing dirty laundry in public.  Something like this has physical and emotional impacts.  It's also a personal matter.  However, I have quite a large number of friends on this site and people who read my blog posts religiously.  They value my reputation and integrity.  I value their feedback.  So before anyone hears this through some other source, I felt obligated to my family and friends to speak the truth first, before the gossip and rumors make this unfortunate incident any larger or more damaging than it already is.

 My wife caught me cheating with another woman.  I'm telling this to you straight, no chaser.  I'm not going to stand here, weepy-eyed, and sugar-coat it.  I got busted.  I got tempted and I fell.  I have no excuse.  To be quite honest, the girl caught my interest.  I saw her in the break room just about every day at my office.  She was really sweet and over time I just kind of developed a taste for her.  It wasn't a big deal at first, but I really began to develop a bigger and bigger urge for her.  Eventually, I wasn't just seeing her in the office break room.  I would see her at the cafeteria downstairs and we would occasionally bump into each other at the locat supermarket.  Every time I saw her, my desire for her increased.  I honestly believed she felt the same way.

Eventually, things got to a point between us where I did something stupid.  I decided to take her home with me.  I don't know what I was thinking--sometimes your appetite just overwhelms common sense I guess.  We went to my place during my lunch break (I'm about 10 minutes from the office).  I figured my wife would be out of the house--I didn't see her car.  So we went inside and got comfortable.  All I wanted to do was unwrap her just like a Christmas present.  And I did.

All of a sudden, all hell broke loose.  My wife opened the front door and caught me!  I had my hands around her when she opened the door.  I was so busted.  What made it worse was that she whipped out her cell phone and started taking pictures.  I guess she wanted evidence of my misdeeds.  I didn't stay around long.  I didn't say a word.  I just dropped my head, got back in the car, and went back to work.

 Do I feel bad about what happened?  Sure.  Was it idiotic?  Absolutely.  As I said earlier, I'm still physically and mentally impacted by what I did.  So, I wanted to apologize publicly to my friends and family for cheating and letting everyone down.  I'll make better choices in the future when faced with temptations like this.

By the way, here's the photo my wife took:

Little Debbie

I'll never eat another Little Debbie Snack Cake again! 

Would love to know what food you've cheated with--that you absolutely can't resist.  Drop me a Comment below and let me know.

Shawn's Quote of the Day:  “It’s not food if it arrived through the window of your car.” ~ Michael Pollan

Have a blessed day and remember that the world would not be the same without you!

God Bless!




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ShellyMacchi wrote 78 months ago:
BonitaAppleBomb87 wrote 78 months ago:
Lol Good one you had me for a min
outwiththeoldinwiththenew wrote 78 months ago:
At first my heart sank and then I laughed...Maybe I am wrong here but everyday I let myself have a little something good so I don't feel deprived, however Little Debbie is a homewrecker and not allowed in my house LOL
getnfitn2011 wrote 78 months ago:
NOOOoooo was all I was thinking at first! lol sheesh!!
Jorra wrote 78 months ago:
You got me there, man. I was about to virtually slap you.
ChunTingO wrote 78 months ago:
lol!!! oh my god!!! i was all sad in the beginning now this was too funny
Jenny56dreams wrote 78 months ago:
Another great blog :) Bravo! The point here is to admit to your wrong doing and learn from it. Little Debbie is a vicious temptress. I admit that I have fallen for her evilness as well. But I moved on and shed 31 pounds! I wonder how many Little Debbie Snack Cakes it takes to make 31 Pounds? :)
HappyathomeMN wrote 78 months ago:
Yep, I am a cheater, cheater, Milky Way Simply Caramel eater!

I do put it in the food log when I fall to temptation though. And I savor it slowly, nibble by nibble.
Myra73 wrote 78 months ago:
Years ago, I worked for a baking soda plant that supplied Little Debbie. When the truckers would come in to get their loads, they would sometimes leave behind some "extra product". This was my summer job. Needless to say, my freshman 15 didn't come only during the school year.

Oh boy. Some of those were soo good. But not good enough to cheat! If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with (come here strawberries!)
HollyLLillis wrote 78 months ago:
OMG, my first thought was "Was it Little Debbie?" and I was right... but you did make me wonder the longer I read, then was relieved to see it was just Debbie again, she makes her rounds with both men and women!!
HollyLLillis wrote 78 months ago:
Oh and BTW my weakness is nothing to eat it's Mt. Dew, it's as bad as alcohol for me!!
myboysmomx2 wrote 78 months ago:
That's adorable! LOL!
ItsTerriC wrote 78 months ago:
Another great post, as usual. My secret vices are many, but no matter how I try I can't resist getting Layed every chance I get. I get Layed in my car after running errands. I get Layed behind my closed office door, times when I am supposed to be working overtime. Heaven help me if I go out for a few drinks, I absolutely will get Layed before the night is over. That darn yellow bag will be my downfall yet!
healthyjen342 wrote 78 months ago:
LOVE THIS. You write it so well :) I love it. and lol @ItsTerriC...too funny. I too like Lil Debbie AND Slim Jim..and I like to get Layed too! Bahahaha....
sylouette98 wrote 78 months ago:
What a great post! I love it!!!! My cheat is the occasional s' nom nom!!!!!!
lawdhelpme2 wrote 78 months ago:
sarahtroupe wrote 78 months ago:
LMBO!!!! I Like this
dnsrmr wrote 78 months ago:
Thank the Lord you at least picked a decent woman who's doesn't gossip, is sweet all the way through, and creamy on the inside. LOL.
I'm sure your wife is much more than some Little Debbie.
Although Debbie's "been around" - you're not the first to cheat on your wife with her.
Know that many other men (and women) have cheated with her too, so you're not the first Shawn.
Yes Shawn - she has a nasty reputation of taking your mind off even your most loved ones.
I've even cheated with her & I don't play that way. LOL.
Well, apology accepted, and I hope everyone now accepts my apology for cheating with her too.
Now let's get rid of her!!!
Li_Willi wrote 78 months ago:
I'm SO glad that was about food!!! I was like, "Why is he posting that here...that poor woman...." & the things I was thinking about you will be left unsaid - LOL! :-)
sbpeters93 wrote 78 months ago:
Thank you SO MUCH for the laugh today! I needed it!
mardavlais wrote 78 months ago:
I cheated with Papa Johns. :(
tlcAK wrote 78 months ago:
That was awesome...I was thinking at first what a scum bag and he posted it...what the... and then I laughed. Awesome just awesome...

Mine are reece's peanut butter cups :(
JoAnn73 wrote 78 months ago:
The funniest blog i've ever read!!
SkimosGirl wrote 78 months ago:
LoL!!! That was great :D
demery12371 wrote 78 months ago:
Seeing as my name is Debra *I changed it when I started getting all the little Debbie "and others" jokes... This was quite funny!

I'm no ones Little Debbie :) he he eh

You are such a good writer! Do you write for a living?
rwd5046 wrote 78 months ago:
Good one......
fat2fab4life wrote 78 months ago:
I was about to snap on you like you low down dirty dog! LOL this made my day
ChristinaMarie85 wrote 78 months ago:
Haha good stuff :) And I cheat all the time, mostly with candy....I love the stuff lol.
Raine7 wrote 78 months ago:
LOL! you have got to be kidding! How creative! Very much needed humor!
natersmama wrote 78 months ago:
best giggle i've had all day. i personally cheat with ben&jerry at least once a wk. =)
ironband wrote 78 months ago:
Good one! You had me going...but stay away from Little Debbie, Betty Crocker, and the Hostess!
stc74 wrote 78 months ago:
with Peter Pan.....
dmoses wrote 78 months ago:
LMBO!!! What a GREAT post!! Little Debbie is the evil incarnate!!!
scapez wrote 78 months ago: it!
astroub wrote 78 months ago:
Great for a chuckle! You really had me going.... Lol
MsKeelah919 wrote 78 months ago:
Chocolate and wine! I log both. I dont call it cheats, its a part of my lifestyle! :)
Kimbie500 wrote 78 months ago:
Thanks for the laugh!
waterjogger wrote 78 months ago:
rofl Cheater cheater Little Debbie Eater. Love me some swiss cake rolls.
jean1058 wrote 78 months ago:
this HAS to be one of the funniest posts ever! thanks for the laugh and THANKS for admitting you are a cheater.
Sadly, I too cheat occasionally, but my husband hasn't caught me yet. ☺
RyonsLions2 wrote 78 months ago:
WOW! You really had me going there. I was SOOOO MAD at you at first. I am EXTREMELY faithful to my spouse and have NO tolerance for cheating at all. I am so overwhelmingly relieved that you were referring to snack cakes!!! LOL LOL LOL!!! I love lemon sandwich creams!! OH and those rolled up strawberry filled cakes with the frosted bottoms... OH MY GOSH! Those are so good, I can't keep them in the house!! I would eat the whole box! I'll bet your wife was cracking up!!
lunglady wrote 78 months ago:
LOVE IT!!!!!!!
_gwen wrote 78 months ago:
fowlmeli1093 wrote 78 months ago:
Love this! I was scared at first, but this was hillarious!
Kath712 wrote 78 months ago:
LOL - good one! You had me falling for it, too.

The other day I had a full-size candy bar (Take Five). I logged it, so it might not actually be cheating. I can't remember the last time I had a full-size candy bar. It was good, worth the calories and fat, and satisified my chocolate craving... for the moment anyway. I still have a chocolate craving, but no urge to buy anymore. So I guess it was worth it!
Mtsidad wrote 78 months ago:
Oh my this was hilarious.
ArchyJill wrote 78 months ago:
LMAO - best blog ever!
sweetsurprise13 wrote 78 months ago:
hahaha. lol. you had me there but little debbie is not allowed in my house. she is too tempting and shoot the whole box would last maybe a day. sorry little debbie but you cant come in my house! lol
tubbytabbytales wrote 78 months ago:
ahaha I needed a good laugh!
heathergettingfit wrote 78 months ago:
I cheat with Ben & Jerry and Daz...Haagen Daz...that is...vanilla swiss almond. Hmmm....damn you!
Chika_2015 wrote 78 months ago:
hahahahha, you had me going. I was about to call you all types of got me in tears...dying of laughter overhear.... LOVE IT!
Ritamas2 wrote 78 months ago:
Oh my goodness...this is the best thing I think I have ever read!!!! By the way, just to keep you honest, here is my effort..those Little debbir cakes that I use to love right along with you, the so called cream in them..isn't cream at all, it's LARD and PURE BEEF FAT!!! Can you believe that?

So I hope that this little tidbit of info will help you remain true to your SELF, as well as your wife! LOL

Have a wonderfully blessed day!
megandurden wrote 78 months ago:
LMAO! Awesome! :)
silvafan wrote 78 months ago:
That is so funny, Way to captivate!! I was reading this the whole time thinking, why aren't you aplogizing your wife!! Lol.. I luv this!!!
babygurl48 wrote 78 months ago:
jclifton125 wrote 78 months ago:
That was great! Thanks for the laugh!
NewVonnie wrote 78 months ago:
Clicked on your blog when it showed up on my the WHOLE thing while holding my breath..didnt let it out till the end. I was thinking" who is this guy, what a jerk" LOL..OMG..classic..well done!!!!
marianne_s wrote 78 months ago:
I've read a few of your blogs now... so knew there was a double entendre(catch) to the story.... lol....!

Never for a second, did I think you actually cheated on your wife...

Excellent blog... as usual... :)
plcarpenter wrote 78 months ago:
Holy crap, that was awesome!
AmoreCouture wrote 78 months ago:
Oh my goodness, I can't believe I fell for that! You so had me believing it! LOL!!! That Little Debbie picture threw me off for a second until it registered. Phew! lol. I was feeling so sorry for your poor wife.
skynyrdchick wrote 78 months ago:
Wow, I really thought you cheated with a real person...LoL Had me totally going ;o)
Aesop101 wrote 78 months ago:
hehe! Yep, little debbie is sweet.
momof8munchkins wrote 78 months ago:
Ok you've made feel guilty.. I've had numerous love affairs ..head hanging in shame.. Their names are Peter Pan, Mr Planters,Smucker's and Jiffy. I confess . I am totally NUTS!
melbaby925 wrote 78 months ago:
There are days when I wish I could vote more for these! Loved your post...and I've been going over by eating way too much fruit sugar lately. No major cheats, but that's close!
luvmy2babies wrote 78 months ago:
That was AWESOME!!!!!
KimbersNewLife wrote 78 months ago:
LOL you Really had me going!!! Very well written I loved it!
odditblue wrote 78 months ago:
She's an evil temptress! Don't believe she really loves you man! She's out to rob you of your money, your time, your hard work and then take your very life! She may look sweet and innocent in her pictures, but the real Little Debbie is a greedy, money grubbing, life taking, heartless ho-ho who will use you as she likes, change your life for the worse, and leave you with a quadruple bypass and an empty bank account. She as bad as her uncle Chef Boyardee and her brother Otis Spunkmeyer!
ZebraHead wrote 78 months ago:
Well played ☺☺☺
MelMoly wrote 78 months ago:
OMG I just about died...from laughing...great one
Keleb_DaWhiz wrote 78 months ago:
She is so evil and tempting....I really love this blog post!!
foxxybrown wrote 78 months ago:
A great read! Your writing style is fabulous!
mrscjwilson wrote 78 months ago:
That lil Debbie she's such a hoochie! Ive seen her around town with a few people...I see the way she looks at me too but I just stick my tongue out her and say keep it moving you hoebag.
agleckle wrote 78 months ago:
This might be the best blog entry I have ever read!
NikkisNewStart wrote 78 months ago:
Loved this! But after the first few lines I looked at your picture and I was like... what a damn scumbag... hahaha Glad I finished the post!!!
Panda86 wrote 78 months ago:
lindalee0315 wrote 78 months ago:
That was hilarious!!!
ciege77 wrote 78 months ago:
lulz =) And here I am, about to criticize society for becoming the picture-snapping, gossip-spreading fools we are today... very amusing!
ciege77 wrote 78 months ago:
P.S. this is Best of Craigslist material.. hahaha
krlaws2 wrote 78 months ago:
Very funny!
TuDominicano wrote 78 months ago:
too funny. mine has been brownies that i bought at sam's club. wouldn't share them with no one. even my 3 year old niece asked me for a piece and i said NO!!! she wasn't to happy as she ran to her mom to tell on me. guilty pleasure
mommymovingmountains wrote 78 months ago:
Too funny!
fourmenandalady wrote 78 months ago:
Wonderful reading!!! Boy, u were every name in the book at first....glad to hear it was little Debbie and not some loosy goosey!!! Lmbo!!
AEcklar813 wrote 78 months ago:
That's funny =) I'm not sure I have a guilty pleasure. Sometimes I snack on something *bad* like on the 4th I had 2 cookies that were almost 200 cals a piece! ahh! But I guess my guilty pleasure is dinner. I over eat at dinner a lot.
Natalie_Bee wrote 78 months ago:
Great story!!! my weakness is European Chocolate covered Reisens
deesjourney2fit wrote 78 months ago:
hahaha OH MY! I was so sad for a moment, that's a good one. I'm glad it wasn't the real kind of cheating.
BabyDuchess wrote 78 months ago:
You had me......this is sooooo funny! Thank you for the chuckles. :)
lolathompson wrote 78 months ago:
Takis corn chips spicy limon! I could eat a 5 lb bag of them....oooooh. I love the story. I was caught by hubby!
Sugar_Apple wrote 78 months ago:
Love it!!!
CaWaterBug8 wrote 78 months ago:
AWESOME Blog post today!! I knew it was going to be cheating w/ food, but then after the second paragraph you really did have me going thinking you cheated cheated. Haah.
I love it!!! You're blog posts are just great. :)
Gottagetfit4me wrote 78 months ago:
Hilarious!! Thanks for the belly laugh :-)
HeatherMN wrote 78 months ago:
Excellent writing. At first I was appalled and then I was laughing. Too cute.

My weakness is ice cream. Almost any kind, any time, any day.
riley711 wrote 78 months ago:
Hilarious Shawn!!!! My weakness is fried chicken wings. They call me, they taunt me. They flaunt themselves at me. I could be with Denzel Washington or Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and Mr. Fried Chicken Wing would make me do a double take!!! And I have to admit that last night I was weak and gave in to his wicked, tantalizing temptation. He called me around 10:00 pm. He told me he was undressed and wanted me to come help him get ready for me. Instead of saying no and running in the opposite direction, I gave in to his demands. I washed him up real good, then rubbed him down in a well-seasoned blend. Next was the hot oil, then it was really on!!! That golden brown skin color that I just can't resist. Mr. Fried Chicken Wings, you are so bad with the things you do to me, but you are oh so good!!! But, I got my fill of you last night. I repented, and now I'm gonna leave you alone!!
sgirl29 wrote 78 months ago:
Love it!! You have the best blogs... Thanks for sharing! :)
MzMiller1215 wrote 78 months ago:
Love it!! You had me there for a minute. I thought I was going to have to de-friend you. LOL. Just kidding. I would never do that. Not my place to judge. I am relieved to know that I am not the only one who succumbs to temptation from time-to-time. To riley711, I TOTALLY feel you about fried chicken wings. That is my NEMESIS!!
slyder432 wrote 78 months ago:
You had me!!! LMBO!!
djkymba wrote 78 months ago:
oh LAWD! I just snorted with laughter when I saw that picture.
stepha1013 wrote 78 months ago:
This is hysterical! Loved reading this. Today I cheated with a small McDonald's ice cream cone and it felt GOOD! Helps me stay on track by not depriving myself :)
crazycat828 wrote 78 months ago:
You nasty trickster.. I was about to unleash hell on you through the keyboard.. so glad you were just joking.. I was thinking "Doesn't he have kids? Didn't the girl notice it was a family's home and she was a homewrecker?" ;-)
brattyworm wrote 78 months ago:
i love your blogs... you have got a way with words that is amazing
SixCatFaerie wrote 78 months ago:
Thank you so much for this!!!
myanko wrote 78 months ago:
Too absolutely funny!
Mommawarrior wrote 78 months ago:
You could sell books by the billions!
KDGODSUNLIMITED wrote 78 months ago:
OMG - I like the other person said - I held my breath and continue to say out loud OMG (mind you I'm at work). Man you have been blessed with a skill for writing. You truly catch the readers attention. God bless you - have a powerful and blessed day!!!
tiaydew wrote 78 months ago:
laffs! OMG! I knew it had to be something really smart like this! That is what we expect from you! :)
beckyinma wrote 78 months ago:
OMG this is so awesome!
estevo66 wrote 78 months ago:
Amazing, I fell for it. Good laugh!
binkybaby1 wrote 78 months ago:
Awesome... great blog!
Raguirim wrote 78 months ago:
OMG!!!! Love this too funny!! You had me eyes wide open reading word for word!!!
Kalbright79 wrote 78 months ago:
I thought...what a scumbag - wth is he doing, then towards the end I thought oh yup its gotta be food!! Nice one - you totally got me!

My vice is Starbucks Mocha Frappe ice cream and Caribou's chocolate cooler! Both very very bad and full of crap!!!
JustBreathe418 wrote 78 months ago:
hwilliams519 wrote 78 months ago:
you're good!
mrsmichellewilson wrote 78 months ago:
funny.....I can't resist my Pirate's Booty !
Kristybalogh wrote 78 months ago:
too funny! Thanks for the laugh!! I needed it today!
red_hatorade wrote 78 months ago:
I was starting to bubble over with anger for your poor wife, LOL.
sophjakesmom wrote 78 months ago:
this was hilarious! But I don't have any cheat items because nothing is off limits, as long as I stay under my calories for the week.
kissenkate15 wrote 78 months ago:
bahahahahahaha that's awesome!
SiouxPrincess wrote 78 months ago:
LOL!! I LOVE THIS!! I'm gonna read it to my husband when he gets home.

I cheat with Chester!! I LOVE those cheetos! They are soooo good.
chauncyrenayCHANGED wrote 78 months ago:
Absolutely hilarious!!!
fairfieldbeach wrote 78 months ago:
This is so funny!
aprylkemper wrote 78 months ago:
Holy crap! Just when I wanted to punch you in the face...that's funny. You got us.
danarochelle wrote 78 months ago:
Totally had me going there! Too funny! LOL
KeriA wrote 78 months ago:
I thought this was the beginning of July not April. Too funny. I love licorice. I used to get a package at the drug store when I took my daughter to Dance and had to wait for her. I have stopped that habit but once when I was so fed up with a plateau I needed a break from it all I said I am going to have a few days and have the things I am really missing. I stayed under calorie goal but just barely that few days. I took longer than before to go through the package of licorice but by the time I had I was ready to get back to the hard fight again. I didn't consider it cheating since I have no foods off limits just lots that aren't worth the calories any more.
bzmom wrote 78 months ago:
bwahahahaha!!! You had me going!!!!
Floricienta wrote 78 months ago:
Lol you got me :-(
alfredapittman wrote 78 months ago:
This was by far the funniest thing I've read in a very long time. Thanks for sharing.
Earthhorse wrote 78 months ago:
Lol, I was reading and thinking no, no, no this can't be real. It was so convincing though and then I got to end and sighed with relief and then laughed.
I have a regular cheat weekend every weekend but I always keep it open with my husband and he joins me. Our weekness is Chips and salsa.
carriebonner wrote 78 months ago:
OMG... HOW FUNNY !! Thank you fir lifting my spirits and giving me a good laugh... its been a long riugh day and I needed that :)
beckymorris68 wrote 78 months ago:
I'm a Walker's Cheese and Onion crisps freak and mad for strawberry bootlaces. I never get caught though ;-)
primed4life wrote 78 months ago:
Dude.... You had me at "unwrap her like a christmas gift. Thanks for the chuckle... I almost skipped by this post with my nose in the air.. Glad I didn't!!
DJackson230 wrote 78 months ago:
Great blog... I like your style...
Truly gifted
Valtishia wrote 78 months ago:
LMAO!! This so sounds like something my husband would write!! I absolutely loved reading it :) Thanks for sharing.
dragonfly1120 wrote 78 months ago:
OMG this is so funny! My first day on here, thank you. I thought "Why would he post something like this on MFP?" You got me good. God bless you! Keep the humor.
AlexandriaMichelle wrote 78 months ago:
wow I'm pathetic lol you really had me going! Love how you write! Great job and blog! :)
angisnee wrote 78 months ago:
The titles of your blogs are such teasers! Thanks for the laugh! :)
dbredenberg wrote 78 months ago:
Little Debbie is like 9 years old, dude. Shame on you!
dmallard wrote 78 months ago:
Very cute story. The thing I've learned throughout my life is that when one only thinks about his/her needs at that moment, it is surely a huge mistake. My goal is to think of how the consequences of my actions (ie. eating a tub of ice cream/smoking a cigarette) affects the one's I love in my life. How will they feel when I keel over or have a stroke due to my poor, selfish choices? I bet not very good. Think of the others you love and forget "Little Debbie". :-)
jkelly1954 wrote 78 months ago:
You had me going!
♥xenawarriorprincess♥ wrote 78 months ago:
Just came across your blog this morning and I love it...too funny...and I am glad that you can share so openly with your friends here at MFP...I shall send a friend request because as I love to say you can't have too many friends...May God bless you and may you be a blessing to someone today.
pezgirl wrote 78 months ago:
Great writing, you really had me going!
JoyCurl wrote 78 months ago:
Too funny!
lilscuder wrote 78 months ago:
That was a Happy & Suprising ending. I glad it had a good end to it. Loved it !
WomanofWorth wrote 78 months ago:
This is the best post ever!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!
Shawneea wrote 78 months ago:
This was too funny!!!!!
Atlantique wrote 78 months ago:
Very funny! Years ago, McKee Foods (maker of Little Debbie) was one of my clients. When you go on a factory tour, they give you Little Debbies that have just come off the production line. Man, they are so much better when they are fresh it is incredible. Commit to only driving to TN and getting fresh ones off the line! LOL (hopefully you don't live in TN!!)
eokoronkwo28 wrote 78 months ago:
This was hilarious! I read it to one of my best friends, and she was ready to kill you until I got to the "punchline"!
Stutz77 wrote 78 months ago:
That was great...LMBO! I do cheat to with my Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby!
andrucifer wrote 78 months ago:
I like that. Soda is my weakness :(
nygiantschick wrote 78 months ago:
LOLZ that was good...had me going there for a minute....loved it...see how they make her look so cute and innocent on the wrapping...they should draw red horns on her head...the she-devil...LOLZ
MarchelleLynne wrote 78 months ago:
lol I was sure thinking the nerve of this guy!!! I love this post!
sadams977 wrote 78 months ago:
By far the best post I've read! Hillarious!!
mexipino wrote 78 months ago:
This blog post is win. XD
1southernchick wrote 78 months ago:
guilty as charged!
memieof3 wrote 78 months ago:
very cute. LOL
krystlenicole wrote 78 months ago:
Great blog! My mistake: chips!
Kelly_Wilson1990 wrote 78 months ago:
Too funny!!
ritafay2011 wrote 78 months ago:
getwithit123 wrote 78 months ago:
mgravy wrote 78 months ago:
Haha! This is great!
SetecAstronomy wrote 78 months ago:
Mine has been with a freckled redhead named Wendy... "hot and juicy" doesn't begin to describe it...LOL
justdoitx1 wrote 78 months ago:
LOVE IT!!! There probably isn't a ONE of us that has not "enjoyed" something so good...and felt the guilt even as we enjoyed it. Thank God, EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY!
Sarah101010 wrote 78 months ago:
way too funny!
Sarah101010 wrote 78 months ago:
way too funny!
paulmg1234 wrote 78 months ago:
hehehehehe. Loved it!!!! I did not see that coming!!!! Really great!
bonbongirl wrote 78 months ago:
Don't have her in New Zealand...sounds like thats a good thing! Maybe someone should post me one, just to see what its like?!
chrishonmoniqueturner wrote 78 months ago:
Too funny!! I was like wow, it took a lot for him to come clean on the web like this!!
Ladymomo9 wrote 78 months ago:
JERK!! lol
pnwgirl1963 wrote 78 months ago:
Little Debbie will eff you up every time man. She's Satan in disguise.
sanikki13 wrote 78 months ago:
My heart did a nose dive when I first started reading then I was going to log out with out finishing the blog. Then I decided to scroll to the bottom. Real funny, very funny! Your good.
sf08003 wrote 78 months ago:
Wonderful! Entertaining and great fun!
jdeupree123 wrote 78 months ago:
I was feeling down today, until I read your post.

Thank you

PamalaJoy wrote 78 months ago:
This is the first post I've read on this site. And I'm ROFL! Little Debbie is a temptress that knows no boundaries I tell you! Swiss Cake Rolls are my bain - they have been banished for several years now just because I can eat an entire box in one night. So off with you Little Debbie! And thank you Shawn for a great laugh!
DECAFLiving wrote 78 months ago:
Hilarious!!!!! :) Great blog!
hotpinkfluffystuff wrote 78 months ago:
Brilliant! I was feeling so bad for your wife! xx
justleeanne wrote 78 months ago:
I cheat with Ben and Jerry! :(
lhannibal wrote 78 months ago:
Hilarious! AND look the title of this one caught over 200 voters attention...we crave a good cheat story don't we! While we are on the subject of confessions, I have one of my own...I too cheated. My weakness is a good movie, large (freshly popped) popcorn with Milk Duds scattered across the top! The warmth of the popcorn slighly melts the chocolatey ooey gooey carmel goodness and before you know it...the box of MD is gone and so if half the large popcorn before the movie even got started.... This is what I did last Friday during a moment of weakness. Why do we always want to reward ourselves...with food??
milissiaharriel wrote 78 months ago:
OMG!!!! You had me for a minute. OMG! Hilarious!
Goal4Good wrote 78 months ago:
That was FANTASTIC!!!! I burst out laughing at the end, when only moments before I had my mouth hanging over wondering why such a self indulgent narcisist would type a blog about such a private matter!!! Good one!!!! I'll laugh about that all day! The poster above was got a gift for writing!!!
Izable2011 wrote 78 months ago:
OMG! I was so mad at this blog until I read the ending. How funny is that? Too funny.
Mdbondurant wrote 78 months ago:
LOL - and here I was looking around to make sure no one saw me reading the gossip! GREAT POST... (oh btw, how did Little Debbie fair?)
scante60 wrote 78 months ago:
Great post!

For me, temptation comes in the guise of a blue box. Macaroni and Cheese, with the powdered cheese. Gets me every time... *sigh*
GrouseNinja wrote 78 months ago:
Great blog! Too funny! I too give in to temptation from time-to-time and feel so guilty about it! My dreaded enemy: Wendy's Big Bacon Classic! Takes more than half my calories for the day! And is usually so much meat and fat I get sick...but for some reason, some times, I just crave it.
Crooks0204 wrote 78 months ago:
You are too funny. If I am honest...I have had a secret love for Famous Amos...hope the hubby is watching!
noogie98 wrote 78 months ago:
Too funny ~ like a lot of others, I was ready to post some judgmental comment about you walking on all fours and wagging your tail, looking for forgiveness! You definitely have a way with words!! ;-)
Elizarely wrote 78 months ago:
That was awesome! I'm new here and yours was the first post I read - I was all up in your business like "oh no he didn't!" haha
starsnyc21 wrote 78 months ago:
Too funny. Great post you had me for a minute!
LaShae77 wrote 78 months ago:
My weakness is reese's peanut butter cups. I love your post. It was hilarious!
ScooterMom wrote 78 months ago:
This post is HILARIOUS!! You really had me going for a minute!!!
maria327 wrote 78 months ago:
Good one! Thanks!
fowlmeli1093 wrote 78 months ago:
I printed this article out and passed it around my work. I loved it!
dafoots0911 wrote 78 months ago:
lol!! Very good. I was ready to call you every name in the book.
finallyhappening2011 wrote 78 months ago:
oh my God, you really had me going.....good story :)
Mamao7 wrote 78 months ago:
I believed you for a min...until I saw the the picture.. that was a good one.. btw.. the new peanutbutter snickes bar had my attention..lmao..
christyjmeadows wrote 78 months ago:
I believed you up until I saw the picture and had a good laugh. Thanks I needed that laugh. Good one! (-:
DeannaxxB wrote 78 months ago:
Very good storytelling :) Definitely put a smile on my face!
anave285 wrote 78 months ago:
I am literaly crying. Tears of sadness... tears of joy!
Gladiolus wrote 68 months ago:
Good one!

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