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Next month has to be better

October has sucked great big donkey balls. Tons of bullshit right up to today being told that my wedding photos were crap. thanks 'friend" for the excellent wording. I am still learning bitch. But whatever i will stick to my kids photos from now on. I swear if November is not better I may just kill someone.

Losing weight has not made me a whore!

Yes you read that read that correctly. Losing weight has not made me a whore. Though that does seem to be what everyone thinks is or will happen. My husband has accused me of cheating (long story-as to do with this site ugh). My brother in law has asked several times if now that I am hot does that mean I am going to cut out on his brother, find someone better. And it seems to be a theme with some of our firends as well.

Seriously people if I wanted to cheat I would have done it when I was fat. Just because I have lost weight does not mean I will go out and cheat on my husband. WTF?!  


Looking up

This week was a bit rough for the husband and I. But we both got a lot out and we are finding a balance. One of our biggest issues was his constant stress due to his job. He had an interview to do what he loves and had not heard back. He assumed it meant he did not get the job and was on edge because of it. But SURPRISE he did get it!!

For awhile things may be a little tight w/o insurance for a bit and then adjusting to possible lower pay. (he will be an automotive tech, pay is done by how long it should take you to do a job. If it should be 1hr and you take half hour you still get paid for 1. But if you take 2 you only get paid for 1. So starting out even though this joib is higher $/hr it could be a bit iffy). But overall this should be less stress, is something he loves and gives him more weekend time with us and holidays off!

Hopefully this will help our relationship as well. If I can just get him to understand why I want to lose more weight then we will be even better.

And this turned into a crazy ramble but oh well lol 


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