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Eat More To Weigh Less - Week 3 Weigh-In

Due to a few uncontrollable circumstances I had to eat out several nights this week. I tried to keep my sodium as low as possible, but in a few cases (wtf, Chili's?) it wasn't really possible. I had a bad feeling going into this weigh-in - not sure if TOM is visiting soon or what, but I've been feeling really hormonal and weird all week.

Sure enough, I was up almost 3 pounds: 158.0-160.8.  Now the crazy psychological stuff will truly begin for me. First big weight gain plus moving up into a different set of scale numbers (seeing that '6' about gave me a heart attack). There is certainly some sodium bloat at work here, as well as some possible female issues - obviously I haven't eaten an extra 10,000+ calories this week. But the old me is screaming from the back of my brain "You need to immediately eat way less, get on the treadmill and get this under control!". It's hard not to panic when I have put so much work into this weight loss journey. Especially when the last few pounds have taken forever to come off.

I think this upcoming week might be a big turning point for me. I'm going to do my best to stay calm, stay on the path and trust that this is all going to work out for me in the long run.

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Ge0rgiana wrote 67 months ago:
Yes, stay calm. Chili's is HORRIBLE for salt. I just won't eat there at all. Between that and PMS, this is why you're up 3lbs. And that's nothing. If you can't cut down on the eating out, try ordering dishes with meat, veggies, and maybe rice or potatoes or something on the side. These are all things that it's easy to leave the salt off of. Ask your waiter. Now, they really have a hard time with this. I'm going to warn you. Still, try it anyway. Say "Can you please ask the chef to avoid adding salt OR SALT-CONTAINING SEASONINGS to my food?" The second part is very important. Sometimes they aren't bright enough to realize that, oh hey!, no salt also means this spice mix that has salt in it. :rollseyes: Just hang in there. You'll be ok after you start.
s00sh wrote 67 months ago:
I thought I was doing well with salmon, broccoli and rice - come home to add it in here and see that it was like 1,400mg of sodium! Holy smokes! Perhaps I can take solace in the fact that though I was required to eat out three nights this week I ate couscous salad and salmon (twice) instead of pizza and burgers like the people I was with ;)
RedHatPatti wrote 67 months ago:
You are doing fine... DEEP Breaths!! AND YES you didn't cave in and have burgers/pizza. YOU DID eat responsibly..Pat yourself on the back!! I went to Red Lobster today and almost croaked at the salt when I recorded it also.. so I can sympathize with you!! BE STRONG.. You are working the plan.. Stay with it.. :)
BabyJago wrote 67 months ago:
Eating out is always tough. I weigh myself every day and after I've gone out to eat, there is almost always some "sodium bloat" even when I make healthy choices. Sodium is in EVERYTHING! I have found that sticking to ordering a steak and salad or chicken breast and salad, seems to work the best. I avoid anything with cheese (huge source of sodium), the bread basket, chips when it's Mexican, etc. Just remember that the sodium bloat factor is temporary - drinking lots of water and a day or two of eating at home when you can control the amount of sodium takes care of that extra pound or two on the scale.
lisamerrison wrote 67 months ago:
Hey guys, whats the big deal about sodium??
vjrose wrote 67 months ago:
Deep breath here, I would say sodium and what some of those dishes can contain is the culprit, lots of water and don't change your path, you will be fine. It can take 3 or 4 days and some potassium rich foods to right this issue so stick with it.
larosita57 wrote 67 months ago:
I got really discouraged last month when I seemed to "gain" 3 lbs - but then that went away once "TOM" was over. An annoying part of female existence. I think it's OK to eat out here and there. If I seriously curtail my social life in order to lose weight, I know I'll be totally miserable. You just need to try to eat smart and balance out your calories a bit.
KimberlyB82 wrote 67 months ago:
You're upset over 3 pounds....TOTALLY UNDERSTANDABLE when you're trying so hard to lose!!! I feel for you, I really do! I agree with everyone else about the extra sodium and female issues, it is most likely water weight. I wouldn't worry too much and I'm sure you will get back on track :) Good luck!!!
cmopas wrote 67 months ago:
Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP!! Keep trying, log in DAILY, workout your routine, both eating wise and exercise wise. Tweak your routine when you need to. Progress will come when you figure out what is working and what isn't. 'Probably shouldn't even weigh yourself the week you're gaining water weight. Cut yourself some slack on that... Take Care, Hope

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