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  • First day

    Today is my 37th wedding anivesary last weekend I met a girl Rachel who with the help of my fitnesspal lost 65 kilos said all she did was eat 1200 cal a day eat anything until the 1200 cals then dont eat till next day it worked for her so here goes &...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by neverthisweightagain | 0 Comments

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  • 2/8/16- 137 days to go

    Here are yesterday's awful stats:Total calories: 2,180 (goal= 1,750)Total carbs: 233 g (goal= 131 g)Total fat: 82 g (goal= 58 g)Total protein= 155 g (goal= 175 g)The 3 pieces of chocolates are of course what did it.  Without them, I would have had a ...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by missfitfreak87 | 0 Comments

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  • 10%

    A little over a year ago I was at my highest weight and kind of started working at things half heartedly.  I weighed in at 450 pounds. My weigh in this weekend I was at 405, that means I have lost 10% of my body weight since then, a good percentage o...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by makingmark | 0 Comments

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  • New again. c:

    Starting to be healthy for cheer again!! and if i want to fly have to be confident and light with  my body... I'm really friendly and love meeting new people and reading his/her stories :)

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by XxGhostGirlxX | 0 Comments

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  • Gaining Daylight

    We have lucked out so far in NEPA (that is north eastern PA for those who don't know that) Winter has been a little more than a nuisance Fair temps  25-38 F and very little snow. Totally unheard of in our neck of the woods. I am not complaining. I ha...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by kelly18626 | 0 Comments

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  • Hey Family!

    Just wanted to let yall know I am taking a social media break, but will keep in touch through here :D. Today I went back to the gym after being gone for a whole week! But I didnt let it deter my hunger. I was nervous at first but it really felt like ...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by monilove143 | 0 Comments

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  • First gym session in a while...

    Wow, first day back into the gym for a long time (perhaps over a year ago) and am very unfit. It's shameful to have abused my body this much with weight gain and lack of physical activity. Oh well that's why I'm changing my lifestyle, 12 weeks from n...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by James12315 | 0 Comments

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  • 12 Week Challenge

    Now my exams are over I can finally put my focus into getting back into shape. For around 2 years I have been gaining weight, stopped exercising regularly and pretty much just ruining my health. I am fed up of feeling upset and angered of letting mys...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by James12315 | 0 Comments

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  • Enough with the sobbing and the bawling already!

    I’m so tired.  I did make it to yoga though so that’s a good thing.  I’m beyond stressed and falling back into non movement patterns.  I need to figure out why I shut down when there’s this type of stress so I can combat it.  It’s during this time th...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by sisterlilbunny | 0 Comments

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  • Enough Already

    Feb 2016I'm confused.  Totally confused.   I really never have a sense of just where I am. I'm always planning or thinking about what might be and never enough time about what is.  I've had moments of focus - 6 months at most. And the a regression to...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by ddeandreis | 0 Comments

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  • Begin Again

    I have been on this journey before with sucess and when I fall off the wagon I fall hard. I am however determined to get back on again starting now!!!!

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by mike2pam | 0 Comments

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  • Super Shredded 8

    Well folks this is my first attempt to write a blog.  I am really into fitness and so I thought I would give it a shot.So I am a 46 year old male with two kids and a wife that runs her own business.  It is hard to find time to get a workout but I usu...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by rbali24 | 0 Comments

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  • Week 6 - My Journey to lose 100 lbs or more in a year

    Enjoyed an extra day (night) off work last night to watch the Super Bowl. Enjoyed the game though I had no real vested interest since my beloved Steelers were not there this year. Happy for the winners and consolations to the losers. The cold improve...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by rcagno60 | 1 Comment

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  • February 2016

    I've lost about 10 pounds.   I can look back on January as a month that kicked off a lot of good habits.   I'm now walking for an hour a few times a week.  My fitbit has been really encouraging in that regard.  I feel like I have a little more energy...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by LC_libra | 0 Comments

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  • 2016

    Today is the first day that I weighed under 180 since the holidays.  Holiday eating and the irregularity that comes with it really messed with my metabolism this year.  I'm fairly certain my gluten sensitivities were triggered and inflammation and fa...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by misc2day | 0 Comments

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  • New me round 2

    Wow what on earth have I done I lost 3 stone and gained it all back in 9 months  now for round 2 to do it all over again  loosing is the easy part I have realised its maintaining that's hardestbut going to loose weight this time and continue to set g...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by leannepotterxxx | 0 Comments

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  • Keto

    Replace this line with your question---*Generated by [Keto Calculator]( 9.8*31/F/5'4" | CW 194 | 45% BF | Mostly sedentary* 1401 kcal Goal, a 20% deficit. (690 min, 1741 max)* 25g Carbohydrates* 80g Protein (65g min,...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by kwmcmanamon | 0 Comments

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  • Day 7 of the Crossfit Protocol Better Birthday Suit 2016 Challenge

    Morning I got up this morning and went to the Greeter's meeting at church.  After that I went with Kerry to Las Vias Mexican resturant for breakfast.Breakfast  I had a Chimichanga and Beans, with Pancakes.  Kerry gave me a quarter of her breakfast bu...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by JackiePutman | 0 Comments

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  • Day 6 of the Crossfit Protocol Better Birthday Suit 2016 Challenge

    Morning I got up early to baby sit for my brother again this morning while he ran a 5K.  He was supposed to be back in enough time for me to get to the box by 10am.  He barely got there in time!Breakfast  Nothing for breakfast.Exercise  It was a Parn...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by JackiePutman | 0 Comments

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  • tomorrow never comes

    I am out of control.  The worst of it is when I go to bed at night I make big plans....Tomorrow I will start dietingTomorrow I will start exercisingTomorrow I will quit smokingThe worst part of it is that when I don't follow through the next day It j...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by plumppork | 0 Comments

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