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  • 11-18-17

    Bad food day, but great girls day. Wanted to have some fun with my mom&sisters-in-law. We had a great day, ate way too much food, but it's hard for me to feel too bad about it.  I'm thinking I'm going to do lots of extra work on the treadmill ton...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by Bellagoice | 1 Comment

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  • November 18 2017

    Today is good. if I don't eat anything else, but what I have planned for supper, I will be under my points by 1 and have eaten well.. vegetarian and even had a bit of chocolate! No wine today. Just going to go out now for a bit of a walk. 

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by LadyForbes54 | 0 Comments

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  • Week Twelve: Food and Exercise

    To begin with, the amount of calories I consumed this week were decent. I managed to eat under 1,200 for the most part, which is a goal of mine. However, my main goal is to consume foods that contain lots of nutricious value; the majority of foods I ...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by elainafreeze | 0 Comments

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  • Week Eleven

    First of all, this week was a little better compared to last when it came to the amount of calories I intook. The foods I ate were very good, but not good for me. From food at the resort's restrauant to fast-food on a daily basis, I did not eat healt...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by elainafreeze | 0 Comments

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  • Week Ten: Food and Exercise on Tropical Vacation

    To begin with, this week was a bad week when it came to my high intake of calories, however I was able to try a variety of different types of foods. This week I was on a cruise which stopped in Cozumel, Mohagany Bay, Belize, and Costa Maya. While in ...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by elainafreeze | 0 Comments

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  • Here We Are Again - This Time Success

    From the title, you can probably guess that I've tried dieting before. You can probably also assume that I've had little or no success in the past. I've tried everything from inserting syringes of "HCG" hormone into my belly every morning, to all pro...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by JennaDavis29 | 0 Comments

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  • Christmas music, cookies, and pumpkin spice everything...

    Driving home from work last night i saw this on a sign at the local car service shop, "Pumpkin spice oil change is back!Laughed out loud, too bad I didn't take a picture. Speaking of pumpkin spice... one of our vendors stopped by the office  yesterda...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by Sissy421 | 0 Comments

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  • Day 2 - He really wants Burger King

    When I finished logging everything yesterday, I was over my calorie goal. I suppose it's proof that I am not as good as I once was at determining what will and won't wreck my daily intake. But then, I really should have suspected that delicious bowl ...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by aliciacdarnell | 0 Comments

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  • Getting the exercise high

    I am getting the exercise high,   Done a few Spinning classes now and enjoyed them.  Finally braved it to the gym on friday morning and did time on the exercise bike and the treadmill - feelng so much better and people starting to notice which is giv...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by CrazyCoffeeQueen64 | 0 Comments

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  • Welcome

    Here is where you will keep your thoughts about health and performance nutrition, diet, education, and lifestyle habits. 

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by al3soccerfit | 0 Comments

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  • 22 lbs. Down (Nutritionist appointment - Follow up

    Had my 1 month follow-up with the nutritionist. I am doing well. I can now start exercising more. So after work, I'm hitting the tredmill. I have to see about weights and such, after I see the P.A. on Monday. I've lost 22 lbs. (in their office) since...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by lporter0813 | 0 Comments

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  • Becoming Aware of Food

    I've recently started working with a Registered Dietitian. We are working on learning to listen to my own body cues, eat when hungry, stop eating when no longer hungry (not necessarily full), and getting in the habit of eating mostly plant-based meal...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by tootiseroll7624 | 0 Comments

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  • Exercise Evangelist

     (organ music in the background) And I say unto You, Brothers and Sisters, Sweat is Fat Crying!  (Amen!) Praise unto the mighty Elliptical!   Kneel before the power of the lunge! Lift up a Heavy Weight and hold it high! Revel in the righteousn...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by IremiaRe | 0 Comments

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  • Back on track and proud of it!

    I just weighed in today and I lost 2 pounds after 2 weeks of not losing anythin. I know why I didn't lose anything, and I set out to fix it this week...and I did. The reason I hadn't lost anything is mostly because of the amount of exercise I was doi...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by tgardone | 0 Comments

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    So I'm starting diet and exercise.  I haven't regularly exercised in almost a decade.  I became disabled in 2007 and have been sitting on my butt ever since.  I did return to work for a few months in 2009, but was taken back out again.  I was always ...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by jpropper10679 | 2 Comments

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  • 39 weeks til my daughter's wedding

    And hopefully about 30 to 35 pounds lighter.I'm trying for one pound per week. Slow & steady. 

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by DTayl123 | 0 Comments

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  • Emotional Overload

    The afternoon was filled with family time and a visiting son. Lots of talking and energy packed into a tight space and a tight timeframe. This made it difficult to track food and stay on top of goals. Focus and priorities shifted for the day. Walked ...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by lapetitegirlfriend | 0 Comments

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  • There is ALWAYS Something!!

    I'm feeling kind of self absorbed at the moment!  I just re-read a couple of past blogs.  One in particular was from April where I was chronicling how relieved I was to be away from my wacko neighbor & how I felt like I could "NOW" work on my wei...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by domesticlydiva | 0 Comments

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  • November Goals

    Back at it again. This bum knee of mine keeps getting worse and is the source of my weight gain. I don't well living a sedentary life (well, besides work because there's no option to be slow). I miss running and playing with my children and just plai...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by givesometogetsome | 0 Comments

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  • The McRib Is Back!

    To be fair, I never liked the McRib. To me it tasted like mushy bbq 'stuffs' between weird bread. Once when I ordered it, it had one pickle slice. Just one. So it was never something where I got excited about it being back.Until today. Now that I'm t...

    Posted on 11/18/2017 by maryduncanson | 0 Comments

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