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  • New Meizitang can reduce calories quickly

    New Meizitang can reduce calories quickly.Store calorie consumption at bay just by constraining your snacks relating to simple and easy and additionally others months. Relating to months that is included in inclines, times, and/or other sorts of exe...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by cyunoo | 0 Comments

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  • Focus T25 Alpha Journey

    Three more workouts and I am done with T25 Alpha. Whoop! Whoop! Next, Beta phase. This month has been good and bad. The workouts were great and ok. I nailed some and barely made some. During this process I learned how to eat just a LITTLE better. I l...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by RocknGirl8 | 0 Comments

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  • Too Many Choices...

    I don't know about you but I've been pretty busy this week.  My husband and I have been working on creating our website/blog - and wanting to get it up and running ASAP.   I think the biggest challenge is WHICH theme to choose since the Wordpress cho...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by NomNomMom | 0 Comments

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  • Still working on meatball recipe

    Last time I made a huge batch of meatballs, they turned out well. I thought they could be improved, though, so I made more tonight. It's nice to have them on hand, and have them to give away, too.Mario Batali says that the proportion of meat to bread...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by RamonaFr | 0 Comments

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  • Hey this is working!

    I used to toss aside the idea of "dieting" as something that I'd try for a little bit and then later quit because I just didn't have the willpower.  I can't even remember what got me started on this particular lifestyle change, but I gotta say, I can...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by jnmccranie | 0 Comments

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  • Stress

    I had a 3 day streak in eating well and under my calories. I am proud of this. Today I went over BUT I still tracked my food and am not going to beat myself up. Today was rough. Stress took over and I really wanted chocolate lots and lots of chocolat...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by emjdesign | 0 Comments

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  • Here we go!

    Everyone has been telling me that loosing weight and planning a wedding are not very cohesive. Even my hairdresser told me to prepare for stress eating and taste-testing cake. That's ok though - even thought I HATE working out (never been good at bei...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by suzi_quzi | 0 Comments

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  • Beware, The Easter Surprise

    Don't let the upcoming holiday be your undoing! We have all worked really hard to keep the scales moving in the downward direction, and as we all know, holidays can undo our hard work in a hurry. Let's all take the pledge to BE PREPARED! I can rememb...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by wordsandmusic51 | 3 Comments

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  • Ode' to French Fries...

    Oh french fries, how I love your taste. You speak to me on a carb-like level that no other potato prepared like you can do. It is something about your crispy outside and tender middle that comforts me. I have sought you out in so many eating establis...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by scwhite105 | 0 Comments

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  • The Before Photos

    These are my before photos. They are brutal, but they are part of my motivation. Be gentle. And last is the one that motivated me to come back to MFP for realsies...the awful salon photo of me sitting down... This is more of me than I have ever pos...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by InevitableButterfly | 1 Comment

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  • Change

    I have been trying to lose weight for a very long time.   My goal is to lose 40 lbs.  Everytime I get going I do something to jepordize it and go back to where I began.  This time I really hope to succeed.  I do love being fit, and I do love eating h...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by chkpea2013 | 0 Comments

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  • Day 14 part 2

    I feel much better tonight. I went over on a few things, -10 carbs -1 fat -73 sodium.My exercise took care of the fat and carbs but not the sodium. Hubbie went walking with me tonight on the trail in front of our house. He took a camping chair with u...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by LosingItWithGod | 1 Comment

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  • I Scream You Scream We All Scream For ICECREAM!

    I LOVE soft serve icecream and keep it in check by only eating it in the summer when our local Icecream parlor opens for the year. I've changed my entire eating habbits now and was trying to figure out how many calories would be in a medium chocolate...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by send2thea | 0 Comments

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  • Day 1... Outlook is great!

    Today was devistating.  I'm already worried about my weight - and I just found out I'm 10 pounds heavier than I thought I was.  And then I got a call saying my triglycerides are more than twice what they should be. But I'm not gonna get down.  I've j...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by Whimsy1 | 0 Comments

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  • Ready, not ready, nausea!

    I'm going to welcome this break from work but the weekend sure will be hectic with all the people around and cooking to be done.  Really looking forward to seeing everyone.  I went 200 cal over goal today but ate a small steak dinner at Texas Roadhou...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by satchelnyobi | 0 Comments

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  • My 5th Step

    Thanks eveyone for your helpful comments! I of course went over my calorie goal, but I know I will start back on my healthy track tomorrow.  My family visited and as soon as lunch time arrived we started taking suggestions on what everyone wanted and...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by itisjessdarling | 0 Comments

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  • Frustrated

    Today we had a few errands to run and not enough gas to run home and back to town for a dr appt so we went in to mcdonalds to feed our daughter.  With every good intention of just having a yogurt parfait because I had my shake for breakfast and neede...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by patriciadrane5 | 0 Comments

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  • 17/04/2014 superação 199º dia

     Super orgulhosa de min mesma fui ao aniversário da minha tia e só tomei 1 sundae , recusei todos os docinhos (beijinho brigadeiro dois-amores ...) salgadinhos (mini pastel frito , coxinha ,empadinha,cachorro-quente..) ate as coisas do churrasco (cor...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by queriaserapullipdoll | 0 Comments

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  • 1st week over the pains

    Not sure why the body (especially the stomach) could hurt so much when you first adapt to a plan to make your body better.   Now a week and half later the pains are fading and its just the pains of muscles that I have not used since I spent a third t...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by boydcliff | 0 Comments

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  • Starting Again Again Again (pics inside!)

     I have been a member of MFP off and on since 2011 and have lost 35lbs.  I decided to join MFP when my weight went up to 220lbs, the highest it's ever been in my life.  I saw this picture from a wedding and I decided that something had to change.  I ...

    Posted on 4/17/2014 by Fourty6and2 | 6 Comments

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