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"Lady, Are You On Glue??"

That is what my inner sloth said to me when I decided yesterday that I was going to sign up for this year's Warrior Dash. 

I'm laaaazy.  And I'm not in awesome shape.  Oh, I'm in better shape than I used to be (I can do pushups! and FULL SIT-UPS!) but on the whole I don't tend to think of myself as athletic, or even particularly fit.  Hell, at time I've revelled in my own non-athleticism.

In high school, those who took phys ed had to, twice a year, run a 2400m race. At the beginning of grade nine, I was the kid who half-ran, half-walked, red-faced, huffing and puffing and in tears by the end of the run.  At the end of grade nine, I was the kid who stolidly refused to run, and walked, head high and throwing glares at the Phys Ed. teacher, the entire distance to finish dead last with a time of roughly 23 minutes and 18 seconds.

I had my compusory gym credit, and I never took it again after that.

So needless to say, signing up for something like this is rather out of character for me.  I mean, seriously? climbing?  Fire-jumping? CLIMBING? (I have a wee fear of heights.. and climbing) 

I don't know.  I feel like challenging myself.   

I can't actually register until the 13th, when I get my baby bonus so I have time to back out, if I want to.  But really, what do I have to lose?  I have two friends interested in signing as well, one a mom who has taken up running and wants to get in (better) shape, and another who will be roughly 17 months post-transplant when the race comes around and is also looking for a challenge.  Not to mention my kick-boxing instructor and some women from that class may be signing up as well.

This could get interesting.

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