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An NSV worth waiting for

This past Wednesday I did my standard 30 day measurements, and met up with my original trainer on Thursday to have her confirm them.  Heck I even waited to test it again on Saturday morning! Best news was that even though my weight has been pretty static for a few weeks now I finally broke through the 30% wall in my bodyfat measurement!   That is more than a 12% drop in 8 months and yes I am happy about it!

I also lost another inch on the thighs, waist and in the chest.  My biceps/triceps, forearms and calves all increased which offset my losses but most importantly I am seeing noticeable changes.  Shorts I bought the last week of April and were tight when I put them on, are now big on me.  

I had another mini goal which was to be able to wear my favorite Tommy Bahama shirt which is a XXL, and at best was tight when I bought it 8 years ago.  Well I was going to wear it yesterday & I think it is actually too big for me, lol.  

I was talking with my best friend last night about how hard it is for people that you just meet to quickly label you as still fat or having a big build.  They short of shun you when you try to comment on fitness or health in general.  At least people you have known from before your journey started can appreciate what you have done.  I think I am faced with realizing that I am probably going to half to wait until I get near my end goal to expand my circle of friends, lol

So today I decided to sleep in and miss my crossfit session, I eventually made it to the gym and one of the other guys I have become friends with was just getting there so we decided to workout together as he was doing the same body parts.  While we were working out I noticed that a trainer who provided a lot of help to me at the gym was there working with another guy that I have seen around the gym over the last two weeks and he was motioning over to me.  This trainer had transfered to another one of the gyms in the area and I had not seen him in over 4 months.  They came over after our sets and he introduced this guy as a new client.  He asked me to stick around after our session to talk with him and his client.

So after working out I met them up in the front area of the gym and he hopped on one of the computers to pull up my pictures from the initial assessment I did at the club and showed us.  Holy crap what a difference there was.

Well appearently this other guy had said to him "Look at that guy, how long do you think he'll be coming around the gym" and when he looked over and realized it was me, he just laughed and said "I'll introduce you and if you have 1/2 of his determination you'll do ok"

Well seeing that pic and the changes, coupled with the talk I had with my best friend last night, has inspired me for another 30 or 60 days!

So for everyone on this journey DON"T rely just on the scale!  As you add more cardio, strength training and work on your diet PLEASE make a list of NSV type goals to reach for.  Those are the things that will keep you going!   

Now on to the details of the week:

Net calories under 1750  - 7 out of 7
16 glasses of water or more - 7 out of 7
Carb Macro 28% / 30% goal
Fat Macro 30% / 30% goal
Protein Macro 42% / 40% goal

Strength/Cardio routine - 6 out of 7 days
Minutes working out for the week - 799 / 300 goal
Calories burned for the week - 5930 / 3500 goal
100 Ab Crunches/Extensions w/ 260lb resistance - 2 out of 3 days
Run Distance: 7.9 miles
Run Time: 1:51:43 min
Bike Distance: 8.3 miles
Bike Time: 40:00 min
Total Time: 2:31:43 min

Weight Loss
This week = -0.8 pounds
Since joining MFP 10/3/11 = -77.8 pounds
Since finally being sick of my weight 1/26/11 = -106.8 pounds

Positives for the week
Bodyfat under 30% for the first time since the original George Bush might have been in office!
Completed almost a perfect week at the gym - strength gains, endurance gains
Went out to a festival with my niece
Hung out at a fundraiser with some newer friends
Completed a ton of stuff at work

Things to learn from for the week
I still love sweets
Running on a treadmill just appears to be easier than running outside

This weeks exercise/health talk
Great article I read this week

Quote for this week
Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.

Goals for this week
Get ready for my 5k this Saturday
Try to help out a new friend that wants to make some improvements in their lifestyle
Give 110% to my new workout routine
Try to find a bike race this summer
Try one new recipe
Try to spend some time with family and friends

How about you MFP friends?  If you haven't posted yet, let me know how you did this week.  Leave me a message about your upcoming week and I will besure to check in with you during the week to see how things are going!

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groomchick wrote 67 months ago:
This really brought me to tears Ray... Very moving realizations & thoughts. I am honored to know you.
TBEAR102 wrote 67 months ago:
This is amazing hun,Hard to read thru the tears...but got thru it! You are truly amazing and an inspiration to me! I also totally understand about the now knowing what is good..and what not to do, as the others who dont know where u been and what ya done so far are looking at you very judgmental...sigh..yea..if they only knew..some people are just so darn shallow. :( Keep up the wonderful journey..i like your little mini goals for the week, i need to start trying that. And Kudos to you PT for sticking up for u! and showing of the new amazing you! :)
apreciosa wrote 67 months ago:
Congrats on all your hard work! I have been battling the scale myself. Earlier in the week I decided I must need a new scale, since it shows no improvement. My clothes are bigger and I see a difference but that #$%#$%% scale still reads the same. One morning I weighed myself early, went back to sleep for an hour then it told me I was 3 pounds heavier than the previous hour. I hadn't even had a sip of water during that time! I am going to ignore my scale and continue logging my foods and working hard. Thank you!

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