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Why only the fit girls can be fit...

I like to look at before and after pictures because it motivates me. I like to frequent MFP, I like to read fitness blogs, I like to follow fitness "nuts" on Instagram; because they motivate me, too. 

I admire these trim and cut women. I'm impressed with how much they can deadlift. I think it's hot that they can jump 3 feet in the air. I am jealous that they can bench more than their own body weight. OH! And don't even get me started on the drooling that ensues every time I see a fit gal doing pull-ups. I always look at these women and think that I'd like to be half as cool as they are. They motivate me because I'm just aiming for mediocrity and they're awesome incarnate. I mean did you see the way she ran that 10k like it was nothing? Or what about the way she just destroyed those pushups? Seriously?! These people must eat excellence for breakfast. 

But recently doubt started to creep in. Why can only fit girls be fit? Why are they so awesome? I ask myself. My Self was unable to come up with an adequate answer. Which led me to question why I cannot be that amazing. The answer crazy shocked me: I CAN BE. 

WHOA! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!! I've birthed 3 children, I'm 32, I'm OVERWEIGHT...and only FIT PEOPLE can be fit, right?

Well, this is shocking, but everyone starts somewhere. And I find that super refreshing for some reason. That gal with the abs? Yeah, she EARNED them. And just because she chose to get a 6 pack instead of eating a donut doesn't mean that she somehow transcends logic and is the only one allowed to have a HOT HOT HOT body. Right? 

I don't know. Maybe I'm missing something, but this isn't genetics. I'm not trying to grow taller or have naturally curly hair. Hell, I'm not even trying to change my chest size. I'm just trying to lose some weight, be super awesomely healthy and look killer in a pencil skirt.

Ladies and Gents. This. Is. DOABLE.  

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cominupmilhouse wrote 31 months ago:
Love it!! I totally know what you mean about the mindset aspect. Sometimes I think I was preventing myself from ever achieving an ideal healthy, strong body because I'd look at those girls and think "well, that just isn't me. I'm not capable of that" but now that I'm on MFP and I've come further than ever before, I'm thinkin this is totally doable! So let's do it!
jackiecamarena wrote 31 months ago:
I. love. this.
JenaePavlak wrote 31 months ago:
Syderelli wrote 31 months ago:
apriltrainer wrote 31 months ago:
Just spotted this! I used to wish I could do pullups. I even was in the Army but never could do pullups. Later I would look at the one lone woman in the gym who did them unassisted and just thought it wasn't in my cards..not in my genes. and then on day I also had an epiphany just like you have. Why not me?

Many pullups later....

Yes it can be done and yes it can and will be you!!
Yanicka1 wrote 31 months ago:
You have to believe that you can do won't be fast or easy but it will happen
Elleinnz wrote 31 months ago:
drusilla126 wrote 31 months ago:
Love it...and now wonders the humourous thought of if someone out there considers me a "fit girl".
vickiecarr78 wrote 31 months ago:
If I could wish a better body for myself, I so would have one. I firmly believe that we can get fit if we work for it...the work is hard but the payoff is worth it :)
Good luck on your journey :)
kepete wrote 31 months ago:
It is doable! There will be days harder than others but it's ther for he taking ... Believe in yourself and you will be THAT GIRL!
VelociMama wrote 31 months ago:
Take a peek at crazy4lulu. She used to be almost 300 lbs and now she's ripped. You so can do this! Just be patient, work your arse off (literally and figuratively), and be as consistent as you can. You got this. Great blog post!
swashburn3 wrote 31 months ago:
Yes! And you can START TODAY! Every day you work out you increase your fitness. I currently weigh 339 pounds and I'm the fittest I've ever been! This is because in January I started working out for an hour every day. I've lost only 10 pounds BUT I FEEL WONDERFUL! So, c'mon! Jump in! Be fit TODAY!
dmpizza wrote 31 months ago:
Well said
cbeutler wrote 31 months ago:
If you start now you will be shocked at how fast you will be fit. I couldn't walk around the block this time last year. Since then I've lost 176 pounds and run 4 half marathons. You can be anything you want to be.
emmaleigh47 wrote 31 months ago:
This fits in PERFECTLY with the blog I am writing tonight --- love it!
3foldchord wrote 31 months ago:
Awesome post! I s want to do pull ups! I can finally do a small handful of LAME push ups....
sugarfree123 wrote 31 months ago:
I will succeed because I'm crazy enough to believe that I can!!. The biggest challenge is to figure out what works for you. Then make it happen.
kitkat4141 wrote 31 months ago:
SO TRUE! I shake my head in disbelief because I am that fit middle-aged woman that people talk about at my gym. They think it was always like that for me. I was obese my entire adult life and never exercised until I turned 53. Now I'm THAT woman who isn't afraid to try anything and can hold her own among men and women much younger. It is so liberating.
Jennaissance wrote 31 months ago:
Yes. You can be. That fit girl is already inside you, by the way. Just get rid of that cover... she's in there.
luckystarlilkim wrote 31 months ago:
I have been using my Fitness Pal for about a year and a half, although with my busy life it is hard to log on some days I love it. I work at a school so I do not work in the summer and it made it really difficult to keep calorie intake on track. My fitness pal helped me keep control of this. So I would mostly call myself a summer user of my fitness pal, but I still use it for other things throughout the year. Recently I came across IT WORKS products in which they provide me with all natural greens, multivitamins, and of course the most popular skinny wraps.... I started using the greens, multivitamins, and fat fighters and instantly became a distributor. I feel great and with healthy eating and all natural products you can too feel great!

If you are interested contact me I am here to help!
jenilla1 wrote 31 months ago:
Right on! There is no magic to being a fit girl. You just have to work for it. You get out what you put in, and everyone is going to have a different fitness ideal. Figure out your goals, set your priorities, then put in as much as you need to get where you want. Keep up the good work. You got this!
shar140 wrote 31 months ago:
You can do it!! :) I used to be 260lb and my BMI was "morbidly obese". As of yesterday, I am now just "overweight". Just before Christmas, I did my first chin-up...while still technically "obese"!
cgueugnon wrote 31 months ago:
The mindset is everything I agree with you people. To be honest I recently started my program because I really needed to focus my energy on something positive after losing my job.
6 months ago, I would have never thought to do that just because I was not mentally ready to commit myself. I had other priorities.

Sometimes you need a slap in the face or a good kick in the ass to open your eyes and that is totally what happened to me.

However, some people are in the wrong mindset and just keep trying to find excuses just because they have no will whatsoever.

I am not in the best shape ever and in the first few weeks i quickly got out of breath but just by trying my best everyday and sticking to my plan, i can tell (and it is rewarding to notice) that i can do 10 push-ups today vs. 5 just last week. This provides you with such a feeling of power, it is great !

I will end up my comment by just saying that the most important though is not to look like a photoshoped magazine cover. If your build allows you to turn like that, it is great for you; but the most important thing is not to be the thinest you've ever been it is to be healthy and that will transpire in other aspects of your being
you will feel happier and sexier when looking at yourself everyday and people will see you the same way you do.
gyenyame6 wrote 31 months ago:
AMEN !!!
js1128 wrote 31 months ago:
LOve this!
sundaywishes wrote 31 months ago:
I don't know you, but I love you. This is great <3

Even though I know it's possible, I still get hang ups. I need to read this when I do.
sundaywishes wrote 31 months ago:
Oh, and I just saw what your handle is. I love you even more! <3 <3
carolstartingover wrote 31 months ago:
That is a very good point , they worked for what they have. I believe we all can get to some form of what they have but maybe still be individuals. I have big muscles as I am built that way for a woman and I used to lift my hub who was in a wheelchair for 15 years. So, my arms will be bigger than my sisters', and we may at one time all weigh the same. We are just built different. I have curves, my youngest sister is pretty straight up and down, other sister is obese from taking strong depression/Psychotropic drugs for her mental illness and the other one is built like me only not as strong. She never will be and that is ok. I have Dad's back, none of the other girls do. Mom had a bad back and arthritis , mine is in my knees others are other places. We come to an acceptance point of being within the BMI and working out with all parts of our bodies without constant pain and injury and be proud of ourselves.
mimilea03 wrote 31 months ago:
OMG you just said what we all think! But you are so right! We can have it all! We just have to decide not to pick up that donut when that time presents itself! Good luck with your journey!
mimiwin wrote 31 months ago:
so sooooo true !!! Go get it girl !!! :)
mzjessicaxo wrote 31 months ago:
AWESOME!! I love this!! If you want more motivation I have a fitness blog and instagram, now I may not eat excellence for breakfast but im kinda cool too haha
DaynaYvonnaBeNiceToYourself wrote 31 months ago:
Well, you took some of my own old, bad self-talk and slapped me across the face with it. Yes, this is DOABLE!!! I am doing so much better, but I still here my old mean self in there trying to beat me up for the slightest indulgence.

I love the donut comment. Even though I am gluten-free there are things I can eat that aren't the pinnacle of health.

So I am workin' on my fitness, inside and out! :) Thanks for sharing!!!!! It was SO uplifting for me, and I hope for you too!!!
AggieFan2011 wrote 31 months ago:
Thank you for this post! I absolutely loved it, and it was just what I needed to hear right now. :)

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