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I've only lost....a whole kid?

I keep looking at my weight lost and thinking it isn't enough, I have so far to go. But then I really started to think about it. I have lost 30lbs - that is a toddler! I picked up my 3 year old newphew and thought, "I was carrying this much weight around with me every day! "

I was so busy looking at how far I had to go that I lost sight of how far I have already come. I would see the success stories with 70, 80, 100 lbs lost and all I could think is that I wasn't even close. I think all to often we fail to congratulate ourselves on how far we have come already. It isn't a reason to ease up or quit, but we can't be so hard on ourselves because that makes it harder to keep going. Sitting here believing I have so far to go, and it is taking too long was always the fastest way for me to give up. I had to start being proud of my accomplishments.

My accomplishments so far..

2 lbs lost =  a watermelon

4 lbs lost = a chihuahua

7 lbs lost = a newborn baby

10 lbs lost = a bowling ball

15 lbs lost =  2 gallons of Milk

20 lbs lost = a car tire

25 lbs lost = a St. Bernard Puppy

30 lbs lost =  a 3 year old child

 I guess I am not doing too bad...only 2 more kids to lose. lol


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mikeyboy wrote 41 months ago:
You should be proud. You are amazing! You inspire me to keep going strong. Girl, you rock! Keep up the great work.
sammniamii wrote 41 months ago:
No wonder I don't have kids - I keep loosing them (LOL) Congrats on your loss so far, 30 pounds is no small feat.
Cupcakehippiemommy wrote 41 months ago:
So happy for you doll!
sensored44 wrote 41 months ago:
Great idea!! lol I have lost a car tire.. thankyou for that perspective!
mom2handh1975 wrote 41 months ago:
Love the perspective! I needed that today!
Emmabulliemum wrote 41 months ago:
love it, I'm only a couple of pound off my second 3 year old LOL!!I do love this comparison tho very funny but alos very true.
ball858 wrote 41 months ago:
Thats great and what a great way to see the loss.
Hmmm i've lost 2 children and a bowling ball, maybe I shouldn't go back to the bowling alley, they may find me again ha ha!
enid42 wrote 41 months ago:
Awesome. I'm going to start telling people that I've lost a chihuahua.
nursepent wrote 41 months ago:
really loved this!!! It puts things into perspective!!! It is very easy to get discouraged!!! I love your analogy!! I have lost a tire and a watermelon!!!

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