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  • On Being An Ironman...Volunteer.

    Lots of firsts yesterday.  First time volunteering at a race, first time attending an Ironman triathlon, first time as a spectator at any race.  In case you don't know an Ironman, or a 140.6, is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run.  It i...

    Posted on 5/18/2014 by ZenInTexas | 2 Comments

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  • MFH and MFP

    We had an exciting time at our house last night! MFH (My Favorite Husband) has been talking about getting a My Fitness Pal account for a while now and last night he bit the bullet and did it.  That is awesome! I immediately told all the people on my ...

    Posted on 5/18/2014 by MelisRunning | 3 Comments

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  • The Maximization of B. Mac Xtreme, Chronicle 20

    Day 20  The inexorable march for progress continued, as this morning at 5 a.m. I was there at the gym, ready to lift.  I won’t put down rep by rep what I lift but my standard rotation of days is as follows: Back Day Biceps and Quads Off Day Ches...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by Mac_X | 5 Comments

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  • Race Report: Memorial Hermann Ironman Texas 2014

    My second IRONMAN! TL;DR version - The stars aligned.  Seriously.  The weather cooperated, my body cooperated, my training was spot on, and the day was amazing.  My goal time was 14:30 and actual time was 14:20:25.  Last year's 16:51:31 has been SMA...

    Posted on 5/20/2014 by lizsmith1976 | 7 Comments

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  • Is Good Health Intuitive? Or do we need numbers?

     As a long-time Myfitnesspal user, I have gone through periods where I love the numbers and when I hate them because they drive me nuts!I know so many of my friends, especially those who are maintaining like me, have the same experience. Sometimes we...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by Robin1117 | 10 Comments

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  • Lost and Found

    I lost it among the weight and fat. It had been gone so long I stopped looking for it. Actually, I completely forgot I ever had it. I noticed it on others, and I admired it from time to time on them, but I didn't know how to find mine after being gon...

    Posted on 5/22/2014 by Laughter_Girl | 5 Comments

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  • Calorie Counting 101

    With the crazy amount of "I'm eating 1200 calories and I'm not losing weight" or "My weight loss has stalled" threads that get posted every day I decided to copy a calorie counting sticky I wrote for another forum. This is a guide to help ensure as m...

    Posted on 5/21/2014 by vismal | 12 Comments

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  • 21 Miles

    Yesterday was my long run for the week.  I kind of cheated on that. My long runs are supposed to be on Wednesdays but I switched it to Thursday this week because of the weather forecast.  Wednesday was supposed to be very, very humid with a lot of ra...

    Posted on 5/16/2014 by MelisRunning | 4 Comments

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  • Team Hope Walk - Cure HD 5k

    tomorrow is the Team Hope Walk in Clearlake. If you are in or around the area, it's a family affair! I will be there with my mom and sister. Come out and walk or run the 5k, then stay for the raffle and bid on a basket or 3.Though my sister and I bot...

    Posted on 5/16/2014 by IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym | 3 Comments

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  • The Half-Way Point

    Day 16, The Half-Way Point  Of course, by this point I am absolutely starving…not for food, but for information.  I want to know if I’ve lost weight.  I want to know if my measurements have changed.  I want to compare a thousand side by sides and se...

    Posted on 5/15/2014 by Mac_X | 4 Comments

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  • How I really feel...

    Posted on 5/20/2014 by MireyGal76 | 6 Comments

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  • A Day of Utter Defeat

    Experimenting on the Experiment (A Day of Utter Defeat) Day 23 Yesterday I foolishly let my inner demons get ahold of me, and after forgetting to take my medication mentally justified to myself that I was doing so well I could allow myself a non-Pa...

    Posted on 5/22/2014 by Mac_X | 13 Comments

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  • Side Effects

    Somehow, striving for the physical betterment of ourselves causes us to face the dark things most people spend their lives tucking away in the corners of their minds. But once you choose the red pill and wake up, you kind of want to run in circles wa...

    Posted on 5/16/2014 by yoovie | 4 Comments

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  • Holy Crap!

    Life can be insane, painful, exciting and a lot of other things all at the same time. I haven't blogged for a while. It's not because I don't want to, it's just that I haven't felt like it. So what's going on?Everything is going on!Boston Marathon: I...

    Posted on 5/22/2014 by dsjohndrow | 14 Comments

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  • Open Letter to the Dude on the Vespa

    This post is in no way fitness related.  If you are in the diet and weight loss "zone" and do not want your mind clouded by random un -structured musings, then please stop reading now.Dear Mr. Moped man: I see you. I see you riding your baby blue Ves...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by Goal179 | 13 Comments

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  • For Life

    There are so many people - my past self included - who go full force and lose the weight they want, only to gain it all back (and then some) when they stop eating well and exercising. Newsflash - to look amazing and feel amazing and be this amazing v...

    Posted on 5/20/2014 by futuresize8 | 6 Comments

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  • Huge NSV!!!

    Today has been a huge NSV!  Let me tell you a story and see if you agree. 4 1/2 years ago, MFH (My Favorite Husband) and I moved to Mississippi.  We were relocating from Colorado where we had lived since 1996.  Our children were born in Chicago and e...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by MelisRunning | 16 Comments

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  • I hate coming up with titles for things I write.

    I don’t have a flat, taut tummy.  And I might never have one. I am trying to come to peace with that.  And I am trying to love my tummy anyways. I know some people seem to think that if we love ourselves too much when we are fat, we will just stay ...

    Posted on 5/15/2014 by jayliospecky | 23 Comments

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  • Damn Those Big Girl Panties!

    Truth. This sucks. Being fat, even more than 200 pounds less fat than I used to be, just plain sucks. For some reason, I woke up again to one of those "I hate myself" moods, and after fighting it all morning, I feel like the proverbial drowning victi...

    Posted on 5/15/2014 by wordsandmusic51 | 15 Comments

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  • With That and Fifty Cents You Could Buy a Coke

    I'm not really a tough love kind of girl.  I'm not good at giving it, and I don't generally respond to it either.  I don't like to feel coddled.  Just give it to me straight without harshness but without sugar coating either.  That's my preferred met...

    Posted on 5/15/2014 by ILiftHeavyAcrylics | 16 Comments

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