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  • My First Post - In a Year

    Hello there people, I promised myself that the day I completed 1 year on MFP, I would write my first blog post here. This decision was based on two factors: Firstly, I wanted to make sure that I understood the ins and outs of things (well, some thin...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by SutapaMukherji | 11 Comments

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  • SHE is Beautiful

    The other day a coworker and I were talking about our wardrobe problems.  She is currently pregnant and needing maternity scrubs for work.  I am losing weight and everything is falling off of me.  She asked me what size I wore and I told her.  She th...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by lmhbuss | 14 Comments

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  • Week 17 on MFP for me

    Week 17 has come and gone for me. Those of you that read my blog Friday know that it was a dedicated week. Sorry it's not properly spaced but no matter what I do to edit it, it shows up funky.I felt Week 17 coming, as soon as I completely committed t...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by sarainiowa | 1 Comment

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  • I Have A Groupie

    I think I have a Groupie.  Just one.  And no.  I am not “Almost Famous.” The past two weeks while on my long run, I have met up with this adorable little old man.  He is a cutie!  I would put him to be in his mid to late 80′s. He drives an older mode...

    Posted on 6/04/2014 by MelisRunning | 11 Comments

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  • Survived Vacation and Most of Kitchen Renos

    I made the decision before I left that I was going to do my best to maintain.  I believe I did ok.  A few things have helped my maintenance.  First lots and lots of walking and my fitbit was on and recording every step.  Second I had no internet acce...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by Joanne_happygramma | 7 Comments

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  • The secret to MY over 100pd weight loss!! Shhhhhh

      So I get asked ALOT what is my secret to weight loss? So lucky you I am going to give it to you! Burn more calories than you consume or in other words eat healthy and exercise! I do not and will not suggest any kind of product for weight loss! Gimm...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by Sunshine2plus2 | 7 Comments

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  • Finding random clothes and realizing that the ticker is not just some number...

    We all watch the ticker... it's there on your profile page, proclaiming how much you lost or how much you have to go... It can be a source of frustration when it doesn't move or goes the wrong way, or it can be a source of joy when it moves in the di...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by shaynepoole | 8 Comments

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  • Meet Simon

    This is Simon. He's pretty cute, and he's one of the reasons I'm starting again with this weight loss business now that he's made his appearance. His birth story is something else (he came 6 weeks early while I was working a particularly busy trauma ...

    Posted on 6/02/2014 by Sparlingo | 12 Comments

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  • still working on it

    1. bang under the northern lights2. zip line in the Amazon3. dance outside in a pretty dress at a festival in Spain4. run the original marathon route in Greece5. float on my back in a mineral spring in Australian nowhere6. Ride a camel through Egypt ...

    Posted on 6/04/2014 by yoovie | 16 Comments

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  • Physical Therapy Day 1

    None of my doctors suggested physical therapy for me after I hurt my back at the end of April.  However many of my MFP friends suggested it and told me how much it helped them when dealing with injuries.  So, not expecting to get anywhere, I requeste...

    Posted on 6/04/2014 by ILiftHeavyAcrylics | 19 Comments

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  • So You Ate a Cookie!

    Did you ever have one of those days when everything just seemed to go wrong? I've had a lot of them. There was a time when cookies were the answer. I am coming up on a 3-year streak on MFP. When I started MFP, I was sick with heart disease, I was obe...

    Posted on 6/04/2014 by dsjohndrow | 14 Comments

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  • Nutrition/Calories Rant

    Okay, rant incoming. 1200 CALORIES IS A TERRIBLE IDEA HORRIBLETERRIBLENEVER EVER EVERBAD IDEA Okay, now that I've got that off my chest (and most likely incoming angry rants), let me explain: firstly, my background. I'm a nursing student. I'm not com...

    Posted on 5/26/2014 by cjholla | 24 Comments

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  • Mowing and Poison Ivy

    It was mowing day again today.  Right now I have only been mowing once a week but I really need to accelerate that to two times a week.  The grass is growing like crazy!  It was too long this morning, really, and it doesn’t look as nice as it could d...

    Posted on 6/03/2014 by MelisRunning | 7 Comments

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  • What A Day!

    Today has been a day. Every Monday morning, I call my MIL.  We talk and talk and talk.  This is a good thing!  We genuinely like each other and look forward to the Monday morning conversations.  This mornings talk lasted 1 1/2 hours.  A bit longer th...

    Posted on 5/26/2014 by MelisRunning | 4 Comments

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  • Nice Try, Paxton

    Paxton and I are having a battle of the wills at the moment. Paxton has a favorite “toy”.  It is a real  (honest!) traffic cone.  He likes to drag it around the house and shake it and chew on it.  What he really like to do with it is have you drop tr...

    Posted on 5/31/2014 by MelisRunning | 6 Comments

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  • Age Is Just A Number?

     They say age just a number, right? Of course that depends on what you mean by the phrase. Here at MFP some people seem to think that if one eats a healthy diet and exercises regularly to improve/maintain fitness then life at 50 or 60 and beyond can...

    Posted on 6/02/2014 by johnwhitent | 9 Comments

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  • The evil camera

    To view the pictures with this post visit my journal.I know this sounds silly, and a little pointless at first. But taking pictures of yourself can be really motivating. Let me give you an example. Every time I lost five pounds, I took a picture of m...

    Posted on 5/19/2014 by Tabitha_Cramer | 8 Comments

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  • What if I told you .... your calculated TDEE is likely wrong?

    The TDEE that you get from any formula is just an estimate. Use it as a baseline to evaluate your own TDEE based on your experience and observation. Your observations, by tracking your food and weighing-in regularly, trump any standard equation.Don't...

    Posted on 6/03/2014 by EvgeniZyntx | 5 Comments

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  • Seeing the light

    This is why I do what I do. Awesome client feedback!"I'm probably the most annoying client ever, but I had to email you.I killed it last week. I felt strong, energetic, happy and focused for the vast majority of the week. The remaining time was simpl...

    Posted on 6/03/2014 by stroutman81 | 0 Comments

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  • Ok guis.. THIS is it. The song.

    143 days. I'm having a day I am so freaking brimming with excitement I cannot even control myself. This is a first. I;'ve gone through a whole ton of emotions, but this is the first time the only thought in my head about the wedding is "SQUEEEEEEEEEE...

    Posted on 6/03/2014 by oregonzoo | 5 Comments

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