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  • Bilan semaine 23-2015

      Semaine du 01 au 07/06. Bilan équivalent à la semaine dernière.    Durée totale : 9h 12' (+1’)  dont 5h 14' en Fc-Lipo. (-49’) Calories : 5773 Kcal. (+25 Kcal) Mes petites performances de la  semaine. Un jogging à 8,6 Km/h sur 30 min. V...

    Posted on 6/06/2015 by jojowit17600 | 0 Comments

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  • Mega Face Palm

    Look, I realize many people are sensitive these days. I also realize I dont know the trials that those who serve in our armed forces feel, so please understand I'm not making light of her burden. In today's society, we literally look for ANYTHING...

    Posted on 6/17/2015 by Phoenix_Down | 14 Comments

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  • The coaching experience, forum generalizations.

    Through my experience in fitness and to an even greater extent, my experience coaching clients online, I've changed my stance on some things and I feel like I've also gained some much needed perspective.  When I first started coaching, I gave it away...

    Posted on 6/16/2015 by SideSteel | 31 Comments

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  • If Quitting Were Hard, No One Would Do It

    Did you ever have one of those days where you just didn’t feel like doing this fit lifestyle crap? I know that I have. Worse, I have one and the next day it seems I have a worse one. It's one of the big reasons I can't have cheat days - they end up a...

    Posted on 6/17/2015 by dsjohndrow | 15 Comments

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  • Alanon

    In light of some confusion that a status of mine created yesterday, I wanted to address something…because I actually think this is really important and I never realized how few people realize that help is out there.Everyone knows about AA (Alcoholics...

    Posted on 6/15/2015 by PocketPunky | 9 Comments

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  • Know thyself?

    I was going to post my "OGT" and then it started a tumble of thoughts and emotions, so I decided to make it a blog just to get it down.For those of you who don't know, "OGT" is something I started months ago.  It's "One Good Thing" and it's meant to ...

    Posted on 6/14/2015 by andeey | 27 Comments

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  • Options That Should Be Added To The Report Post Feature

    I don't really find much use for the report post feature in the forums. I believe that sensible adults should generally be able to work things out among themselves. But sometimes, there is a clear need to report a post, and in those cases I often fin...

    Posted on 6/15/2015 by ihad | 30 Comments

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  • Evening Thoughts

    I've been in my cave lately, thinking about things, letting words from others wash over me and trying to make sense of my life.  While I've made scant progress on that front, I have run across a few quotes from people who have made their fortune and ...

    Posted on 6/13/2015 by forrl | 13 Comments

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  • Mad Max, Science, Platitudes and Bananas

    MFP is fire. And blood. So many War Boys here that worship at the alter, not of the V8, but of Science. There goes Slit into a thread. Faces painted up - article quotes from pubmed lined up. This is Truth. This is Science. Your 21 day weight loss is ...

    Posted on 6/03/2015 by EvgeniZyntx | 28 Comments

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  • Cancer Sucks

    I was going to say Cancer F*cking Sucks.  But who knows by some miracle this might become a favorite and my normal political incorrectness might mess up the point.Here's the point.  That redhead is my friend Kim, aka Cookie.  I met Kim when I lived i...

    Posted on 6/10/2015 by karinaApplebombinos | 23 Comments

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  • "The Mechanical Heart" - New Program Finally!

    After much hemming and hawing, fear and trepidation, and some really great advice and encouragement from friends -- as well as reading both 5/3/1 and Beyond and watching numerous YouTube Videos — I've finally committed myself to something.  I admit, ...

    Posted on 6/10/2015 by nakedraygun | 4 Comments

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  • What Tan Lines!?!

    This blog post is mostly just a pic.  #1 Daughter, #1 Daughter’s #1 Boyfriend, 2 Nephews and 1 Niece all went to a water park this afternoon.  While we were there, #1 Daughter was busy documenting our visit with pics.  When I saw this one, I laughed ...

    Posted on 6/10/2015 by MelisRunning | 10 Comments

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  • How to Calculate Your Protein Needs

    I realized today that I had saved this post in my email to copy and send to people when they ask, but that I never took the time to make it a post here, so....let's correct that right now, shall we? Protein is necessary to maintain your current muscl...

    Posted on 6/10/2015 by KnitOrMiss | 9 Comments

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  • Vulnerability - An Epiphany

    When I was a teenager, I was a giant dork. At some point, I stopped fighting it and started being "me." It was a great moment when I chose to geek out, realized that the popular girls who had once snubbed me weren't so cool after all and that laughin...

    Posted on 6/10/2015 by futuresize8 | 8 Comments

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  • Resilience, Part 1: The Essential Skill

    When I think about people I admire who are engaged in vibrant, successful lives, a lot of characteristics come to mind, things like motivation, willpower, positivity, curiosity, intelligence, and empathy. These are good qualities to have, but it stri...

    Posted on 6/10/2015 by ihad | 20 Comments

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  • Negative Energy

    The older I get, the more aware I become of the 'whys ' to how I feel. The emotional response to situations start to unfold. Some may call it weakness to be sensitive but the harder I try to build a thicker skin, the more I realize that what I have m...

    Posted on 6/10/2015 by Phoenix_Down | 7 Comments

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  • I don't look like I wanted to

    In 2010 I decided to change my life and get in shape.  I spent time looking through magazines for the body I wanted and I taped pictures of my ideal body shape to the cupboards and fridge.  I was determined to look like those women.Along the way I go...

    Posted on 6/10/2015 by usmcmp | 18 Comments

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  • You're Wrong About.... Everything

    I'm old and I'm tired.  Man, am I tired.  And I'm worried. I'm worried about this world we live in and how it influences, and is influenced by, the cyber world we visit.  Did you see that?  I said "cyber world".  "Cyber".  Yeah, I'm that old.  I reme...

    Posted on 6/09/2015 by SaintGiff | 43 Comments

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  • TV Spotlight

    Last week was absolutely crazy!  #1 Daughter and her #1 Boyfriend arrived after a 26 hr drive from Colorado for a 2 week visit.  MFH (My Favorite Husband) was in Colorado all week (returned Friday evening) and I received an interesting phone call Wed...

    Posted on 6/08/2015 by MelisRunning | 13 Comments

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  • About...my mental crutches.

    Are words going to fail me again or am I going to fail them this time? Are they not a vehicle good enough for what I want to communicate out there or am I not good enough for using them? Whatever the case is, here I am, asking for their assistance ag...

    Posted on 6/03/2015 by deathbybunny | 9 Comments

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