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  • Day 52 - Can't stop walkin'

    Hello MFP/Internet! We are on day 52! Only 355 more days and 90 pounds to go! Yesterday was a work from home/take the day off day. When I wasn’t working I spent most of the day looking for jobs or being the mature adult that I am and playing Madden...

    Posted on 2/26/2014 by cjanaro | 5 Comments

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  • Post Surgery - Week 8

    What a day it has been!  It was one of those that leave me wishing somebody would just go ahead and shoot me and put me out of my misery.....I would go so far as to draw a bullseye to make sure the aim is true.Today was a travel day.  Not just an ord...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by cadyhouse | 4 Comments

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  • The funnest alternative way to burn 500 calories yet!

    Our siege of weekend snow has been slightly whittled down thanks to Sunday afternoon's higher temperatures and sunny skies, but there's still plenty of white stuff to go around. Enough, in fact, that when the temps dropped back down after sunset, the...

    Posted on 2/10/2014 by Fodao | 10 Comments

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  • The Power of a Playlist

    The Power of a PlaylistI thought about some of the topics I would write about in this blog during the first part of this month.  After some thought I decided that because I like helping others, I thought I would continually write about my personal ex...

    Posted on 2/16/2014 by boilermaker6 | 2 Comments

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  • Banana protein pancakes

    This was the first recipe I came across when I googled vegan protein pancakes 😬 it's from vega.com1 large mashed banana 1tsp vanilla extract1 cup non dairy milk1 cup gluten free flourone scoop protein powder1 tsp baking powder1 tsp baking soda1/4 tsp...

    Posted on 2/20/2014 by rastaempress | 2 Comments

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  • Strength training! Just give it a go :)

    so todays thoughts are... Strength training!! Oh I know, I have been singing the praises of strength workouts now for a while but I want you gals all to seriously think about making a little time 3 times a week for some strength workouts - especia...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by RunRutheeRun | 10 Comments

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  • Flexible Dieting. Application, Perception, Strawmen.

    Many of you have heard of flexible dieting, commonly called IIFYM or if it fits your macros.  (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/817188-iifym) A common recommendation for flexible dieting involves keeping discretionary intake (the portion of ca...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by SideSteel | 4 Comments

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  • Cox Marathon Training - 6 down, 10 to go!

    Hi folks,This week was interesting. I started incorporating swimming into my cross training. Actually, it starting to feel a bit funny calling "cross-training", as I feel much more affinity toward triathlon, than I do straight up running. So, let's j...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by KeithAngilly | 2 Comments

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  • NSV... Bad day and I DON'T hate myself

    Many if not most of my friends know I have struggled with self esteem a lot, and it has been because of what I've learned on MFP, and through the support of my friends and in particular, my SavageRabidBeast, that I have been learning to accept and lo...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by MireyGal76 | 10 Comments

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  • Still Need Better Filtering on the RFT

    12/7/2013:I like to rely on the "Recent Forum Topics" section of the main page to find new interesting forum posts...except thanks to ridiculous topics in CCF&G, it often looks like this:  i need to lose this stomach fat or get lipo!!! plz help T...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by jofjltncb6 | 8 Comments

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  • Day 51 - Taking an easy day

    Hello MFP/Internet! Day 51 is now underway. I’m working from home today (hence why this is being posted about 3 hours later than usual.) I am taking a full day off. I noticed yesterday my calves were burning all day and I felt tired to the point of...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by cjanaro | 3 Comments

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  • I Did It!

    When I joined MFP I was like everyone else. I wanted to lose weight which was going to make me healthy. Everyone knows that overweight and obese people are at greater risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer. Except for the stroke, I ...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by dsjohndrow | 18 Comments

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  • Nakie Is As Nakie Does

    Every child-rearing book will tell you that children reach a point in their babyhood when being naked is preferred to wearing clothing.  Child psychologists concur that this is a normal, healthy phase of development as children start exploring their ...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by JanaCanada | 11 Comments

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  • Reflections

     I don't usually share my poetry, but the one that came out last night seemed fitting for a blog here. I think a lot of parents don't understand the damage that they do to young girls by trying to "help them" be pretty and thin. I grew up being told ...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by jerseypeach0209 | 11 Comments

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  • A Day in the Life and Breaking Habits

    You will never hear (or see) me say I am not very, very lucky or that I have a cruddy life.  When others learn that I work from home I get alot of comments about how great it must be.  I can't lie...for the most part it is pretty great.  As with all ...

    Posted on 2/22/2014 by cadyhouse | 4 Comments

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  • A Token of My Commitment

    Like most anyone on this site,I am committed to living a healthier life. I am totally and fully committed. I'm talking "I do and til death do us part" committed. I decided I needed a token to visually remind me of the pledge I've made to myself. I di...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by leannabseven | 10 Comments

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  • Instant Gratification

     'I've only lost 14 pounds in 7 weeks I'm really disappointed and should be losing more ' That was the jist of the thread. Where has this idea come from that weightloss should be instant? Is it the Fad diet and exercise industries fault? You know the...

    Posted on 2/23/2014 by fatdoob | 11 Comments

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  • The end of an era

    This past weekend has been very emotional for me.  I finally came to the realization that I have to sell my house.  The past several weeks have had almost no progress in the separation mostly because I was clinging to the idea that house should be ke...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by joleenl | 6 Comments

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  • Sing it, Gaga

    I was 15 minutes in to a HIIT session on the treadmill. I was tired, sweat running everywhere, legs running like a hamster on a wheel…  feeling like I wanted to quit at any minute... when I heard it. Edge of Glory, Lady Gaga. I knew the song was on m...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by xX_PhoenixRising_Xx | 3 Comments

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  • Frustration and Insight

    Hey guize! How's it going? I hope everyone is kicking some major bootie =)Several months ago I found my way into a slump, a really really big slump. I don't have my journal with me but I believe it started around September,  possibly earlier but for ...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by opalescence | 4 Comments

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