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  • Marathons and Car Stickers

    I think today is going to be a little bit of lots of different things.  Some of these things you’ve probably heard about already… The big news yesterday was winning a free entry into the Air Force Marathon.  I was pretty excited about this, primarily...

    Posted on 3/18/2015 by MelisRunning | 3 Comments

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  • Let’s Hear It For The Mississippi RunJunkEes!!!

    Many of you already know that I am the Admin for the Mississippi Chapter of the  RunJunkEes Run Club. Each morning, you will find me posting upcoming races in the state, the daily coffee joke (MUST have that!) and a bit of motivational stuff.  We are...

    Posted on 3/22/2015 by MelisRunning | 5 Comments

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  • Updates from Gymtopia: Hearts and Minds 2

    There are more casualties to talk about in the neverending battle for the very soul of Gymtopia.  More allegiances gained and lost.  More hearts broken.  More training partnerships torn asunder.  Such is the price of war.  Stoneface Casey has been qu...

    Posted on 3/23/2015 by SaintGiff | 18 Comments

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  • Spring Break

    This last week, my son had his spring break from school.  I decided to take a few days off at the beginning of the week and started planning a quick trip to LA.  I figured we could catch a Kings hockey game, maybe visit some friends and family, or hi...

    Posted on 3/22/2015 by andeey | 12 Comments

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  • 365 Days Back. One Year Anniversary: The score so far.

    Today marks a full year back since returning to fitness and body building after a nearly 6 year layoff. There was a time in my life when I thought I would never lift again, never feel the accomplishment of mastering heavy weight and watching PR’s fa...

    Posted on 3/23/2015 by nakedraygun | 7 Comments

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  • Taking Ownership

    We all make mistakes, and sometimes such mistakes have unintended consequences.  Here is a simple analogy to quickly make a point:You are speeding and someone pulls out in front of you. You total their car and they have a few bumps and bruises. Clear...

    Posted on 3/23/2015 by Derpes | 8 Comments

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  • I want to get better \m/   I always liked this song, and I just finished watching this video and it actually gave me some hope for myself emotionally.  I'd love to tell you guys about all the garbage I've been through in my life.  ...

    Posted on 3/21/2015 by jackpotclown | 13 Comments

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  • "You Did It Once, You Can Do It Again!" .... Right?

    Sometimes I'm really amazed at how I lost 50 pounds in the span of around 8 months in 2010. I'm still the same person I was a few years ago, but at the same time so many things are different. I keep telling myself this time around that "Hey! You did ...

    Posted on 3/20/2015 by 00trayn | 35 Comments

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  • Why I do what I do

     I have just turned 57 years old.  I realized in 2011 that I was growing old. Not the usual - oh, I'm over 40 feeling - my body was aging - fast.  I felt old.  I was overweight and although I was lucky in that  I was still outrunning all the diseases...

    Posted on 3/20/2015 by GypsyByTheSea | 72 Comments

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  • Be Brave

    In the forums I see a lot of people willing to throw in the towel after a few days, a week, or two weeks.  I used to think that they just lacked commitment or were a victim of unreasonable expectations, and those things are probably true for some, ma...

    Posted on 3/20/2015 by ILiftHeavyAcrylics | 68 Comments

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  • Processing or Why I Oppose "Clean" Eating, Although I Try to Eat in a Healthy Fashion

    I think I have been overly grumpy in the forums lately, and found myself writing a post that made the same points I've made over and over about "clean" eating and "processed" vs. "non-processed" foods, so I figured I'd just put it here.As background,...

    Posted on 3/19/2015 by lemurcat12 | 23 Comments

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  • Understanding the Sensitive Line (What Just Happened Here?!?)

    There's a concept in psychology and counseling known as the sensitive line. The sensitive line divides those issues that a specific individual can discuss in a relatively reasoned manner, and those topics that are so important to a person's self imag...

    Posted on 3/19/2015 by ihad | 22 Comments

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  • Race to the top, like the little frog

    I signed up here, made a post and had overnight the greatest support system I could have asked for. But, I really didn’t have a clue how this here all works. I logged my food and drinks into my public diary and some of the remarks – and you all meant...

    Posted on 3/18/2015 by Look_at_me | 26 Comments

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  • Finding a new "normal"

    Its been so long since I've blogged and a lot has changed since then:   I earned my PE licence I've had a baby  My routine has gone out the window    I've been really adjusting to the latter item over the past three weeks when I returned to work to u...

    Posted on 3/18/2015 by AggieCass09 | 16 Comments

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  • Updates from Gymtopia: I Had A Salad

    Ok, so I've gained a bit of weight.  I know that.  Recently I've begun making an effort, a real effort, to correct the problem.  Take yesterday for example.  Rather than my usual dinner of "anything that is biodegrable" I opted to have a salad.  A ni...

    Posted on 3/17/2015 by SaintGiff | 33 Comments

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  • There is Value

    There is value there. Hidden beneath the failure, the fat, the self-doubt. There is value there. When the sun rises over the battlefield, the dead strewn widely. There is value there. When the fears overwhelm. There is value there. When the worl...

    Posted on 1/31/2015 by downsizinghoss | 12 Comments

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  • Being OK

    The warm air is back. The cold of winter seems an instant memory as I sit on the porch, barefoot, rocking slowly in the old wooden chair. My thoughts drift along the breeze with the wisps of clouds barely holding back the blue of a sky finally showin...

    Posted on 3/15/2015 by downsizinghoss | 11 Comments

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  • Life Victories

    We all come to MFP for different reasons. Some of us are overweight, others underweight, and even a few are stalkers. I cam here to loose weight and get a 6-pack. I started eating differntly (mostly less) and even took up exercise. It almost killed m...

    Posted on 3/17/2015 by dsjohndrow | 10 Comments

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  • Riding the See Saw

    Have you ever taken a ride on a see saw?  No, not one of the new ones with nice seats, comfortable hand grips, a bouncy spring that keeps the riders in perpetual balance,and mulch making the landing easy on your rear parts.  I'm talking about ...

    Posted on 3/17/2015 by GypsyByTheSea | 15 Comments

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  • My own best friend!

    The last two months have been eventful. The day I took my avatar picture changed my thinking, it changed my life.I haven’t been kind to myself for quite some time, years actually. I am kind to everybody else, but have forgotten about me. Life took ov...

    Posted on 3/14/2015 by Look_at_me | 20 Comments

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