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  • Long Run In The Rain

    Today was my long, slow run.  In the rain. Yesterday was supposed to be my long, slow run day but guess what?  It was raining yesterday, too.  So, today, I decided to run anyway.  After all, it might rain on race day, right? MFH (My Favorite  Husband...

    Posted on 5/29/2014 by MelisRunning | 9 Comments

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  • I danced

    We had the team's end of the season banquet last night.The bad news is I went over calories by a couple hundred.The good news is I danced!  Sure I jiggled a bit as I was breaking it down, but I danced:)  My heart was so full spending time with these ...

    Posted on 5/22/2014 by jennbuck22 | 3 Comments

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  • 2013 to 2014 bathing suit pics...

    Well it's Phoenix and it's been over 100 degree days and I have the bathing suits from my cousin that I am way too self conscious to wear and they are not exactly almost 43 year old me style anyway... but family almost never listens and she packed th...

    Posted on 6/01/2014 by shaynepoole | 19 Comments

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  • The Great Food Road Trip: Meat Lovers

        Mississippi and The Shed! This one is for the meat lovers. Don't love meat? ...well. I guess you can stay anyway. But you confuse me.    The set up was...well, shed like. I was a fan.    The sampler plate. 7 meats, 4 ounces each, and some other ...

    Posted on 6/01/2014 by Achrya | 8 Comments

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  • Первый закон MFP: недоедать не значит худеть, а питаться нормально не значит поправляться

    Эта тема имеет прямое отношение к тем, кто сидит на постоянном дефиците калорий. Психологически понятно: если человек  ест мало, да еще не испытывает при этом чувства голода, он считает, что худеет. То же самое он считает, если к вечеру MFP показывае...

    Posted on 5/23/2014 by Avgur | 2 Comments

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  • The Great Food Roap Trip

    I'm taking a road trip and one of the main purposes of this trip is to eat at some places that have been featured in the Food Network. Yesterday, the 31st, was day 1.  We started at Waffle House. Nothing special but always tasty.      The main event ...

    Posted on 6/01/2014 by Achrya | 5 Comments

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  • Why I love waking up so early

    People ask me all the time why I wake up so early, it started out of necessity to get to work without sitting in traffic for 3 hours.  After years it's just become part of my life, I love waking up around 3:30 in the morning, gives me plenty of time ...

    Posted on 6/01/2014 by jwhited71 | 17 Comments

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     ok.  that might seem a bit unlikely for a Person of Advanced Years, but so what?  I love it.  I bought my own made-out-of-a-tree djembe.  plastic would have been easier to carry, but wood is just better.   goat-skin head.   it has an amazing range o...

    Posted on 5/25/2014 by bwallace2012 | 7 Comments

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  • Run for Women

    Just stumbled across this pic that was posted from my run the other day.  Someone caught my pic! :-D  

    Posted on 5/27/2014 by MireyGal76 | 7 Comments

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  • Holy Moly- 5 month freak out!

    Time keeps ticking by and I keep not ticking things off of our list of wedding things to do. The list is growing long in my head. And now we have to find a new wedding song at that. It’s bad enough that it was played all over the radio. The Kimye wed...

    Posted on 5/27/2014 by oregonzoo | 1 Comment

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  • 2012--My year in Pictures

     I just wanted to reflect on my year a bit. I am so blessed to have found this website on January 7th of 2012…my life will never be the same.  I have learned so much and changed so much this year, I honestly don’t feel like the same woman. The change...

    Posted on 2/02/2014 by liftnlove_ | 12 Comments

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  • WANT

    Posted on 3/10/2014 by yoovie | 2 Comments

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  • New MFP Data Export Tool - MAJOR UPDATE

    This post covers the update of the Excel program I wrote to extract and calculate trends from MFP data. It does some neat tricks, I'll explain those as I improve it.How to get it?New import tool is now available (v4.xx) in my dropbox:https://www.drop...

    Posted on 5/16/2014 by EvgeniZyntx | 17 Comments

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  • Not Today

    What do we say to the gods of doubt, fear, apathy, negativity, and despair ?   

    Posted on 5/31/2014 by ihad | 8 Comments

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  • Post Surgery - Week 20

    I had to get out my calendar and count as I have lost count of the number of weeks since surgery.  Okay, really I did not get out a calendar.  I don't own one.  I clicked on the calendar function in Outlook.  Technology has changed us in so many ways...

    Posted on 5/30/2014 by cadyhouse | 2 Comments

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  • The Levels of Wrong

    Avid readers of the MFP forums know that the word "wrong" is often inadequate to describe some of the conversations that go on there. The word does not have enough nuance, and at times lacks the necessary strength to describe specific points being ma...

    Posted on 5/30/2014 by ihad | 20 Comments

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  • Where is that Dang Horse Now that I have my Rope???

    As I said in my last blog I survived my kitchen renovation (for the most part) and my vacation and believe I have maintained.  I haven't jumped on the scale but my clothes feel good and for the most part that is what matters.Now I need to get back on...

    Posted on 5/30/2014 by jbart1055 | 5 Comments

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  • Nurturing the Running Child

    I got a quick pokein the belly from her,"doooonnnnnuuuuts"and with the flashof a smileshe's off,now gone,quick,up the street.Now,She's "ON",this girl,with twospeeds.Atalanta,flying like an arrowcouldn'tcatch her.And I'mstrugglingbehindpuffing now,pac...

    Posted on 5/30/2014 by EvgeniZyntx | 3 Comments

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    MooiebComenta ---> Cuánto es comer mucho? Cuánto es comer poco? Si escucharamos/conocieramos más nuestro cuerpo, quizá tendríamos la respuesta a esas dos preguntas. Sin embargo, existe un método para saber cuánto comer sin causar estragos negativo...

    Posted on 5/16/2014 by Mooieb | 8 Comments

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  • Some Things Are...

    Posted on 5/30/2014 by ihad | 1 Comment

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