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  • Getting Through the Tough Times

    When I first got on MFP in 2011, my biggest problem was food; too damn much food. That and overcoming heart disease. I took all the suggestions I could find - well, except for cheat days. I never did those. I got smaller plates, a food scale, got rid...

    Posted on 1/27/2016 by dsjohndrow | 19 Comments

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  • You must not want it badly enough.

    I get sick of hearing this crap. Let me say this first and foremost:Personal responsibility is fundamentally important. You have to be ready to change.  You have to "want it" to happen and you have to take actions that allow you to make it happen.BUT...

    Posted on 1/25/2016 by SideSteel | 6 Comments

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  • You only live once . . .

    I love searching Pinterest for motivational quotes and pictures.  I'm moderator on a FaceBook page called "Waist Not, Want Not" and like to find inspirational things to post there (feel free to join the page which is full of remarkable losers!!).  Ea...

    Posted on 12/11/2015 by SnagTop | 9 Comments

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  • Failure isn't final

    There are times when things just click.  Diet is easy and on point.  Workouts are going great.  Everything in life seems to be carrying us towards our goals.There are also times when the world is falling around us and we are able to push through that...

    Posted on 1/12/2016 by usmcmp | 46 Comments

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  • My Top 10 Get Fit Suggestions

    After a few years on MFP, I have figured out a some things about weight loss, fitness and running. Most of it I didn't learn in the forums. ;)The most important is this, weight loss and fitness is fragile!Since I got on MFP, I learned how to run, I r...

    Posted on 1/12/2016 by dsjohndrow | 35 Comments

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  • Running - The Quick Start Guide

    Running is better than drinking alcohol and I dribble a lot less. The problem with running is, well, me! I don't really like it, but I like what it does! It's my private place, and don't share too many of the thoughts that I have out there... well ex...

    Posted on 1/05/2016 by dsjohndrow | 8 Comments

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  • Coaching, information streams, body images, ramblings...

    Let me first start this off with some full disclosure.I've been coaching for about 3 years now.   I don't claim to be an expert, I don't claim to be the best, but I do take my profession very seriously and I've been able to help others, help myself, ...

    Posted on 1/01/2016 by SideSteel | 23 Comments

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  • Goodbye 2015!

    2015 has been a mixed bag. I am grateful for putting 3 cancer surgeries behind me. Here are a few bullets from my year.- I ran over a 1000 miles.- I ran Boston, NY, San Diego and Zydeco marathons. 3 of those in 3 months.- I ran across Rhode Island wi...

    Posted on 12/31/2015 by dsjohndrow | 11 Comments

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  • Things that suck.

    I try not to do things that suck.In fact, I generally avoid things that suck. When I first tried to get in shape (and believe me I tried and failed many times) I decided to try running.   I quite literally looked in the mirror, was fed up with what I...

    Posted on 12/29/2015 by SideSteel | 16 Comments

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  • My decisions suck

    That's a phrase on one of my t-shirts and I use it as a profile pic here quite often.  It's becoming a running joke between me and some of my friends here and there's always one or two who continue to try and tell me that I'm wrong. But, the reality ...

    Posted on 12/27/2015 by andeey | 21 Comments

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  • Bittersweet

    In June 2012, while out having to purchase a house in record time because of drama in my own life, I got a call that both of my parents had been admitted to the hospital and my brother and I needed to get there immediately.  My father (had Parkinson'...

    Posted on 12/20/2015 by Duck_Puddle | 11 Comments

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  • An eyeopening experience

    Today was the first day of watching my macronutrients (see yesterday's blog!).  What an eyeopening experience this was for me!!  NO WONDER my cholesterol is raised.  NO WONDER my weight loss has become stagnant.  It was quite extraordinary as I watch...

    Posted on 12/18/2015 by SnagTop | 12 Comments

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  • Re-evaluating things . . .

    Last week I had my long-awaited doctor's appointment.  Having had so many health benefits over the past year with my weigh loss, I was excited to see my cholesterol numbers since last year they were a bit elevated.  I was certain that this year they ...

    Posted on 12/17/2015 by SnagTop | 8 Comments

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  • Look beyond the food log

    There's a trend I see with clients and while it's going to sound obvious, you need to hear it.   Your food decisions are influenced by a variety of factors that are not exclusively related to hunger, or what you want to put in your mouth (giggity).If...

    Posted on 12/16/2015 by SideSteel | 3 Comments

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  • Kiddos Scholastic Short Sorry

    So this week my kiddo's short story was chosen via several rounds of jurying by staff and voting by students to represent her school at the regional and national scholastic writing competition. She was 12 when she wrote it and is 13 now. I am super p...

    Posted on 12/11/2015 by The_GingerBeard_Man | 6 Comments

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  • It doesn't have to be like that . . .

    I can sometimes be a little obsessive/compulsive — or as my son-in-law calls me CDO (OCD alphabetically). Because of that, I find that I have always been an all-or-nothing kind of girl!In all of my previous weight loss attempts this spilled over into...

    Posted on 12/09/2015 by SnagTop | 12 Comments

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  • Cookies for breakfast

    Sometimes I feel like such a hypocrit.  I write blogs about how awesome I am with this new and improved changed lifestyle, how it's just so easy anymore to make healthy choices, blah, blah, blah.  Some days I really feel like that . . . super-dieter....

    Posted on 12/04/2015 by SnagTop | 7 Comments

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  • Facing the scale

    My busiest week before the holidays is OVER!  Even though it was only the first week of December, it was the busiest week that I have planend between now and the first of the year, and also held the most difficulties for me -- coming right on the hee...

    Posted on 12/07/2015 by SnagTop | 10 Comments

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  • The Art of Arguing for Sanity

    We've all done it at some point, whether on the MFP forums, Facebook feeds, in response to an email from crazy Aunt Bernice, or sitting across the Sunday dinner table from paranoid cousin Bob. We've listened to someone advocate a point of view defyin...

    Posted on 12/04/2015 by ihad | 7 Comments

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  • It's a Christmas Miracle!!

    This morning my scale demonstrated that after just one day of being "back on the wagon" I've lost 1.2 of the 2.6 pounds I gained over Thanksgiving.  As I was getting ready for my day it suddenly struck me how easy it was to get back to eating healthy...

    Posted on 12/01/2015 by SnagTop | 7 Comments

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