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  • I Did It!

    When I joined MFP I was like everyone else. I wanted to lose weight which was going to make me healthy. Everyone knows that overweight and obese people are at greater risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer. Except for the stroke, I ...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by dsjohndrow | 18 Comments

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  • Nakie Is As Nakie Does

    Every child-rearing book will tell you that children reach a point in their babyhood when being naked is preferred to wearing clothing.  Child psychologists concur that this is a normal, healthy phase of development as children start exploring their ...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by JanaCanada | 11 Comments

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  • Reflections

     I don't usually share my poetry, but the one that came out last night seemed fitting for a blog here. I think a lot of parents don't understand the damage that they do to young girls by trying to "help them" be pretty and thin. I grew up being told ...

    Posted on 2/25/2014 by jerseypeach0209 | 11 Comments

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  • A Day in the Life and Breaking Habits

    You will never hear (or see) me say I am not very, very lucky or that I have a cruddy life.  When others learn that I work from home I get alot of comments about how great it must be.  I can't lie...for the most part it is pretty great.  As with all ...

    Posted on 2/22/2014 by cadyhouse | 4 Comments

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  • A Token of My Commitment

    Like most anyone on this site,I am committed to living a healthier life. I am totally and fully committed. I'm talking "I do and til death do us part" committed. I decided I needed a token to visually remind me of the pledge I've made to myself. I di...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by leannabseven | 10 Comments

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  • Instant Gratification

     'I've only lost 14 pounds in 7 weeks I'm really disappointed and should be losing more ' That was the jist of the thread. Where has this idea come from that weightloss should be instant? Is it the Fad diet and exercise industries fault? You know the...

    Posted on 2/23/2014 by fatdoob | 11 Comments

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  • The end of an era

    This past weekend has been very emotional for me.  I finally came to the realization that I have to sell my house.  The past several weeks have had almost no progress in the separation mostly because I was clinging to the idea that house should be ke...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by joleenl | 6 Comments

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  • Sing it, Gaga

    I was 15 minutes in to a HIIT session on the treadmill. I was tired, sweat running everywhere, legs running like a hamster on a wheel…  feeling like I wanted to quit at any minute... when I heard it. Edge of Glory, Lady Gaga. I knew the song was on m...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by xX_PhoenixRising_Xx | 3 Comments

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  • Frustration and Insight

    Hey guize! How's it going? I hope everyone is kicking some major bootie =)Several months ago I found my way into a slump, a really really big slump. I don't have my journal with me but I believe it started around September,  possibly earlier but for ...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by opalescence | 4 Comments

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  • Day 48 - Goals for the year

    Hello MFP/Internet! The weekend kicks off on day 48! Yesterday was a very boring day, I worked all day, got home didn’t feel well, had dinner and went to bed. That sentence just summed it all up, so I am going to change things up on here since I wr...

    Posted on 2/22/2014 by cjanaro | 0 Comments

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    Marathon is now 5 days away. In 120 hours I should be at about Mile 17. Probably getting rained on.Yikes, see, I'm going nuts, I forgot to check the forecast again today -- I've been checking it several times a day, in WeatherBug, The Weather Channel...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by Elliehmltn | 8 Comments

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  • 'Cause that's how we do it in the South

    I'm originally from Mississippi, land of the poorest and fattest in the nation. Growing up, we had nearly the same thing every night for supper: fried taters, cornbread, and beans with salted pork. Sometimes the fried taters was replaced with fried p...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by susie3g | 14 Comments

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  • Cowtown 50k Race Recap

    The Cowtown Marathon, held in Fort Worth, Texas, is one of the state’s biggest races.  This year, participation reached record numbers, due in part to the cancelation of the Dallas Marathon a few months prior.   This was my first time doing this race...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by essjay76 | 6 Comments

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  • Never Tell Me the Odds

     It can be hard to maintain focus on anything over an extended period of time. It helps to have creative habits and reminders of what you want to accomplish and how you're progressing. xX_PhoenixRising_Xx had a great blog on her approach to that a wh...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by ihad | 7 Comments

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  • Apparently I need to get out much more than I do...

    So I occasionally see those weight loss ads where some impossible skinny woman is standing in one leg of her "old" jeans...   So after a long weekend working, my working Monday is less than productive and I wanted to see if I could do that as well......

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by shaynepoole | 13 Comments

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  • The Challenge

    One of my MFP friends presented everyone on his FL with with a challenge for the day.  The Challenge?   “The Monday Challenge…I challenge me…and you to NOT complain that it’s Monday today and to do the opposite. Post up something positive, a blessing...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by MelisRunning | 5 Comments

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  • No Support? Lean On The Silent Majority.

    I recently had an epiphany.  Well, maybe it wasn't such an epiphany rather than the fact I've been wanting to use the word epiphany in a sentence.  Whatever it was, it made me realize something.  I'm sure you've seen the topics on the discussion boar...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by scottyg70 | 27 Comments

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  • A Time to Squat

    "To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven." We all know how that old verse goes.  It means that everything has its own time.  The right thing done at the wrong time can still be the wrong thing.  I have been in a se...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by ILiftHeavyAcrylics | 15 Comments

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  • A Misfit Amongst Superheros

    Last week I had a bit of a meltdown and spiraled myself into a full on hissy fit feeling like I just don't have what it takes to be successful and achieve my goals.  And as always happens, my friends list rallied to offer support, many claiming that ...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by vitaminddd | 8 Comments

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  • Helping others...

    Day in and day out I look to MFP and the internet for my continuous inspiration of weight loss and many times it is where I find my “DON’T GIVE UP”.  I offer advice as much as I get it and for every piece of advice I give, my own motivation is affect...

    Posted on 2/24/2014 by AwesomelyAmber | 14 Comments

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