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  • Reflections on the Kobayashi Maru and Feeling Like a Fraud...

    A friend this morning posted some information about her own progress down a shared path, and gave me some credit for pointing her in a direction that she took off and ran down the path for herself...  It led me to summarize how torn I've felt lately ...

    Posted on 9/10/2015 by KnitOrMiss | 20 Comments

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  • Spider Webs and Of Course, Paxton

    Today was a rest day and that meant mowing. I am officially tapering for the Berlin Marathon.  Usually I dread the taper phase of training but this time I welcome it wholeheartedly.  This past winter when I was training for the marathon on Valentine’...

    Posted on 9/08/2015 by MelisRunning | 2 Comments

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  • DittoDan's E.A.S.Y. Exercise Program

    This blog is to outline my newly created exercise program I designed for myself. Although some may think I'm joking below, I am DEAD serious about this matter. Someone once said I was "anti-exercise", they were mistaken. I have come up with the below...

    Posted on 8/05/2015 by DittoDan | 1 Comment

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  • ICU to Marathon - Prologue

    ICU to Marathon - Diaries of a nearly dead man, ended with the finish of my first full marathon; the Cape Cod Marathon. As you are aware from reading the book (if you weren't too cheap to purchase it), you know that the underlying theme of my marath...

    Posted on 9/08/2015 by dsjohndrow | 6 Comments

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  • A Purpose to Everything

    I've been thinking a lot.  Like, not just a lot.  But A LOT a lot since therapy last night.I've been thinking about how I wish I could be like everyone wants me to be and just bury my past.  Not think about it. Pretend it never happened.  It would ma...

    Posted on 9/03/2015 by PocketPunky | 1 Comment

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  • Adventures In Running

      Today’s adventure in running: Decided to run 10 on the new highway. This would be my last opportunity to run this stretch of road before they opened it. About halfway through the run, two road crew trucks pulled up along side me. “Ma’am, we’re fixi...

    Posted on 9/03/2015 by MelisRunning | 4 Comments

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  • Beauty.

       This is one of my favorite pictures. I honestly don't know why. There's just something about this person. The way his head is slightly down, but he's looking up with his eyes, the giant smile, which seems slightly out of place, like he's thi...

    Posted on 9/07/2015 by andeey | 4 Comments

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  • In Which I Compare Us to Shiny Things

     I like shiny things, sparkly things: glitter, snowflakes twinkling in the new light of a winter morning, jewels, the subtle sparkle on an African violet’s bloom.  I like the way the sun shines through a prism and breaks apart the secret of light i...

    Posted on 9/03/2015 by forrl | 12 Comments

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  • Oktoberfest

    I can’t believe my good fortune!  First off getting to go run the Berlin Marathon and then having that race coincide with Oktoberfest! Seeing as nothing beats a nice cold beer~especially after a long, hot run, the thought of being in the beer capital...

    Posted on 8/31/2015 by MelisRunning | 1 Comment

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  • Paxton Has Company

    It was probably close to 7:00 yesterday evening when Paxton started going bonkers.  Someone was here! Now, this wasn’t the usual, “Someone is here and you’d better come and check it out right away,” thing.  Oh No.  This was more of a, “Lookie who’s h...

    Posted on 9/02/2015 by MelisRunning | 4 Comments

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  • Happy Runniversary To Me

    If you can think in your head the tune to the Happy Birthday song, just replace the word Birthday with Runniversary. Today is my 4 yr Runniversary.  It is the anniversary of the day I started running.  Big. Deal. Day.  I always look forward to this d...

    Posted on 9/01/2015 by MelisRunning | 5 Comments

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  • Running is Dangerous

    Has anyone told you that running is dangerous? Well, it can be. Even though it's not always about injuries, it can still be deadly. You could have a heart attack, get run over by a car, or eaten by a bear. The latter is a good reason to choose a run ...

    Posted on 9/02/2015 by dsjohndrow | 10 Comments

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  • Challenge Maine Race Report.

    A little background.  Back in October 2013 I signed up to do the half Ironman distance race at  Challenge St Andrews (1900m swim, 90km bike ride, 21.1 km run)  with a group from my tri club.  At the end of November 2013, I found out I was pregnant wi...

    Posted on 9/01/2015 by 3dogsrunning | 8 Comments

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  • Running from Mirrors

     I run from mirrors. The things they show. I don’t know that person.Light reflecting pain and failure. A body blown out of proportion. A reminder of what everyone else sees. The version that can’t hide in denial. The realization you can’t pose or cro...

    Posted on 9/01/2015 by downsizinghoss | 16 Comments

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  • What’s Up, Doc?

    Sorry, this isn’t about Bugs Bunny.  If you were expecting a blog about my most favorite cartoons ever, well…maybe we can do that topic another day. There have been a few things happening, though, that I thought I would share with you!  For those of ...

    Posted on 8/27/2015 by MelisRunning | 5 Comments

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  • Nutball Math

    For anyone still doubting what a nutball I am...I just posted this to my wall.So to everyone who saw my FINALLY weight bump this morning, I appreciate all the congrats, but as I just added a comment, but didn't want to make all y'all read down to fin...

    Posted on 8/26/2015 by KnitOrMiss | 8 Comments

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  • “Hope Beads”

    The UPS man came today.  Paxton announced his arrival in his usual exuberant fashion. The UPS man kept a respectful distance.  Funny, that! It was a padded envelope and it was for me!  I love getting stuff (as long as it’s not bills) in the mail. I o...

    Posted on 8/26/2015 by MelisRunning | 4 Comments

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  • Reorganizing Life after 57 Years

    I denied that I was an emotional eater. Then there was the 6-pack of mini-cupcakes for my birthday sitting on the kitchen table. The good news is that my daughter ate 4 of them. It wasn't a really big calorie hit. What bothered me is that I know I wo...

    Posted on 8/26/2015 by dsjohndrow | 8 Comments

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  • Paxton Fix

    We haven’t chatted about Paxton for almost an entire week. Horrors!!! I don’t know how I could have let this slide for so long.  Everybody needs a Paxton fix.  I know I do, at least! We had a very busy Saturday at our house.  The running group met at...

    Posted on 8/24/2015 by MelisRunning | 1 Comment

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     in the midst of my sorting and sifting and dispersal of excess "stuff," I was given two boxes of scrapbooks that my Grandmother made.she was old when I knew her.  the scrapbooks give me a glimpse into who she was beyond my childhood memories.some of...

    Posted on 8/12/2015 by bwallace2012 | 5 Comments

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