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  • The New York City Marathon Part One

    Ok, here we go.  I'll try not to make this too long.  Part One...We flew into New York Friday night.  On Saturday we had to go to the Expo for packet pickup but before that we made arrangements to meet Amanda, aka Niczac, from MFP who was also runnin...

    Posted on 11/03/2014 by ZenInTexas | 11 Comments

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  • Redemption

    Redemption is a word that is filled with religious significance.  In Christianity it is defined as absolution for past sins, usually obtained through sacrifice.*  Religious or not, I believe we all seek redemption at one time or another.  We may know...

    Posted on 11/03/2014 by ILiftHeavyAcrylics | 24 Comments

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  • The New York City Marathon AKA "Oh Yay, Another F#%king Bridge"

    Here we go...They loaded the runners into the corrals for wave A, the corral emptied and we got in line for Wave 2.  We could hear the Star Spangled Banner and the cannon go off and away they went.  The corrals for the race are pretty far from the br...

    Posted on 11/03/2014 by ZenInTexas | 30 Comments

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  • Indy Monumental Half (PICS)

    This race was a last-minute addition to my 2014 calendar. I had consecutive races every weekend in October, and there was just no way I was going all-out, so I paced MFP'er SHHitsKaty for her desired 2:30 half marathon, and I wanted to see this cours...

    Posted on 11/02/2014 by SonicDeathMonkey80 | 12 Comments

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  • Low Carb Recipes that I've cooked and enjoyed myself.

    Betty's Buttery Garlic Shrimp (36 count)11.4oz - 36 Fisherman's Wharf Raw Shrimp Peeled & Deveined, Tail Off1 1/2 tbsp Great Value Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil1 tsp minced garlic1/4 tsp Old Bay with Garlic & Herb Seasoning1 Tbsp Blue Bonnet ...

    Posted on 10/15/2014 by BettJo64 | 11 Comments

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  • Greener Pastures

    Once again,  the seasons are changing.  You can feel it in the air.  The bite of cold on your nose. The smell of leaves.  The crunch of the fallen under your feet. The world seems to take on a new light. This is what living is.    I never thought m...

    Posted on 11/02/2014 by BombshellPhoenix | 3 Comments

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  • Countdown to 60

    Three more days of 59.   Horrified of turning 60.  *Growing up* is something I have little or no experience with.  Should I start now?  Ah, well, the heck with that.  I think I'll pass.  Check that one off my list of worries, phew.  This is the reaso...

    Posted on 10/03/2014 by jb_2011 | 29 Comments

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  • Please Bear With Me...

    Most of you know that I lost my pain management doctor a few weeks ago.A few of you know that this is already a bad thing and that I have yet to find a way to deal with the pain.Some of you know that my moods can be quite directly related to the amou...

    Posted on 10/30/2014 by Jergia_Peach | 15 Comments

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  • Finding my way home.

    "Home is where the heart is.""Home is where our story begins.""A good home must be made.""Home is where the pants aren't." We've all seen the cliche's about what home is, how it starts, what it means, how it's defined. It's all quaint and cute and ea...

    Posted on 10/30/2014 by miss_jessiejane | 10 Comments

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  • Double Mudder!

    On Saturday I completed my second Tough Mudder and guess what, guise?! I didn't suck!! With video proof!  Here's my team at the 10-mile mark: (L-R) ThickMcRunFast, me, Daiako & husband, and DanaSings. We had less than a mile to go in that photo, ...

    Posted on 10/29/2014 by fivethreeone | 26 Comments

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  • Something to talk about- Part 2

    This idea was the culmination of my thoughts and some thoughts from my friends list. Simply put, I don’t care for too much negativity. I do believe that we can ALL find a better way to channel our energy. I believe our purpose can be for a greater ...

    Posted on 10/29/2014 by CAWFEE_TAWK | 32 Comments

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  • My adventures in veggie land (aka meditation retreat)

    Hello everyone, it is good to be back! It took me a couple of days to get to write this because I arrived completely exhausted and had other things to attend to. So, thanks to all the suggestions I got before leaving, the experience was not as bad or...

    Posted on 10/27/2014 by KetoGirl83 | 5 Comments

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  • Are you just screwing around?

    This is not intended for people who are starting out or struggling with the basics. This is basically a note to myself, but I think a few others might feel the same way.Are you just screwing around?You know how to count calories. You have the hang of...

    Posted on 10/29/2014 by usmcmp | 70 Comments

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  • Sticks, Stones, and Adamantium Bones

    One of the moments that dug deep into my skin and motivated me to want to finally lose weight for good was Easter 2012. I was 8 months pregnant and my then two year old and I were getting ready to do an Easter egg hunt. A little boy of about 5 had ap...

    Posted on 10/29/2014 by BombshellPhoenix | 22 Comments

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  • Project “Let’s give them something to talk about” *Ideas needed!*

    People want to talk. So let them. People want to create a stir. So let them. But rather than letting it be for stupid things, for negative things, for petty things…. Why not let it be for good things. Flood the world with happy. I will make this ...

    Posted on 10/29/2014 by CAWFEE_TAWK | 17 Comments

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  • Perspective Check: The Magic Diet

    "There's nothing special about low-carb diets. It's CICO. You guys try to fool people acting like it's special, like magic. But it's really nothing special at all. And crazy to cut out a whole food group like that. Don't do that. Do what I'm doing. I...

    Posted on 10/23/2014 by baconslave | 15 Comments

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  • Guys and Weight Loss: A Primer

    I'm a guy. There are lots of ways to tell without removing my clothes. Ever since I lost almost 80 pounds I can do even more "guy defining" stunts like flipping my underwear with my foot and catching it in my hand to put in the laundry, all without t...

    Posted on 10/28/2014 by dsjohndrow | 18 Comments

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  • Treadmill Run and Nutty Bars

    This morning, I took my life in my hands and ran on a Treadmill (TM). Over the course of my life, I have run on a TM a grand total of two times.  Both of these attempts have ended in disaster.  I have managed to go flying off the back end of those co...

    Posted on 10/28/2014 by MelisRunning | 9 Comments

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  • Rewriting the Story

     There was a time when looking at ourselves in the mirror made us smile.  We adored what we saw unconditionally.  We accepted and loved the person looking back at us.  We grinned (toothlessly) at our little Buddha bellies, the sweet fat rolls on our...

    Posted on 10/28/2014 by gypsy_spirit | 19 Comments

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  • Fare Well

    I have an amazing list of friends.  I said that the very first time I posted a blog.  And it remains true for this one as well.  People on my list have rich stories:  some have deep compassion, others are treasure troves of knowledge, some are fonts ...

    Posted on 10/28/2014 by forrl | 40 Comments

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