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  • Merry Christmas to my MFP Family - I'm cheap and didn't want to pay postage

    Love you all! Thanks for being an amazing group of people that make me laugh, cry, spit coffee at my monitor.. sometimes all in the same post.  

    Posted on 12/23/2014 by GiveMeCoffee | 20 Comments

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  • Sometimes

    Sometimes, everything gets to be too much. We have too much expected of us, too much to do, too much to remember... just, too much. The holidays, for me, have always been a sore point. Growing up, we never made a big fuss of it. I never had a tree or...

    Posted on 12/22/2014 by srslybritt | 6 Comments

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  • Don't Punish Yourself!

    Guess what? If you see diet and exercise as a form of punishment, you're going to fail. Maybe not this week. But long term? Yup, you're going to fail. You can't guilt or punish yourself into success. You can't reject your current self a...

    Posted on 12/22/2014 by stroutman81 | 8 Comments

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  • beauty...

    Beauty isn't what Victoria's Secret or Bodybuilding.com or fitness models say it is. Beauty comes from within.  It isn't the curves or lack of curves. It isn't the color of your hair or the height of your heels, or flats, for that matter. It isn't th...

    Posted on 12/16/2014 by IpuffyheartHeelsinthegym | 8 Comments

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  • Can I log looking for my keys as exercise??? IJS...

    So I was all dressed up and ready to go. Hair perfectly coiled, make up flawless, and a new outfit that I purchased for my 75lb goal reached. I was looking good and ready to go to a Christmas party thrown by one of my favorite co-workers. The only pr...

    Posted on 12/22/2014 by Ceria | 8 Comments

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  • For the Holidays

    YES I SAID IT HOLIDAYS...why? Because I don't care what you celebrate...it is a holiday for most people in the near future so have a HAPPY ONE.  :DFor the holidays I wish many things to the people of my friends list and the people that may run across...

    Posted on 12/22/2014 by Muddy_Yogi | 6 Comments

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  • Ride the wave when it's there

    Message to a client who's contemplating taking it easy for a couple of months... focusing simply on maintaining the progress he's made thus far: "I have a real simple philosophy when it comes to this stuff. Ride the wave when it's there and don...

    Posted on 12/15/2014 by stroutman81 | 8 Comments

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  • 7 Things I Said Before I Had Kids That Are Total BullS%*t

    I found this on Facebook and it is oh so true... this is not my genius.Enjoy!!! ************************http://www.kzoodad.com/2014/10/7-things-before-kids/  by Kzoodad on October 14, 2014 in Dad vs Kids, Humor, kids, SAHD, stay at home dad © 2007 H...

    Posted on 12/17/2014 by MireyGal76 | 11 Comments

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  • My love of baking

    Very few things relax me like getting in the kitchen and baking.  It can be bread, cookies, cakes, pies it doesn’t really matter what I’m creating but I have a purpose.  Collect all the ingredients Measure / weigh everything precisely Get your ha...

    Posted on 12/20/2014 by GiveMeCoffee | 5 Comments

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  • The ageless battles

    A lot of people would probably say the Gremin, because well spike was one nasty dude. But personally I think Ewok wins.  Good and evil. Goats or Donkeys. Ewoks or Gremlins. These are all questions and battles for all time. 

    Posted on 12/16/2014 by CAWFEE_TAWK | 5 Comments

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  • Confidence

    Yesterday I opened up a discussion with my friends about why some of them haven't done a race or competition of some sort.  Before I get started I wanted to say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting to race or compete.  It doesn't m...

    Posted on 12/17/2014 by usmcmp | 8 Comments

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  • A Scientific Study of Televised Medical Talk Shows

    Article Title: Televised medical talk shows—what they recommend and the evidence to support their recommendations: a prospective observational studyPublished December 17, 2014 by The BMJ. The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) is an internati...

    Posted on 12/20/2014 by ihad | 5 Comments

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  • People are cookies.

    Well. Kind of. There are some people in the world that are the oatmeal raisin cookies of people. They seem ok from a distance, but then you get close, and they're not what you thought they were.Some people are sugar cookies, kind of plain, but still ...

    Posted on 12/16/2014 by miss_jessiejane | 16 Comments

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  • The airing of the grievances-it’s a festivus miracle

    Here’s how the fight ended. By me asking him “do you think I think you’re a monster” and his reply “yes, a lot of the times I do. After that point what was there to say? Sure I had hurt feelings. But something startled me. Something that never even...

    Posted on 12/18/2014 by CAWFEE_TAWK | 12 Comments

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  • Thank you to my MFPeeps

    This past year has been great... have I lost the weight or gained the strength and endurance I have wanted to? Nope. Not at all. BUT I have met and begun to get to know a lot more friends than I have in previous years.Friends that lift, that run, tha...

    Posted on 12/16/2014 by k8blujay2 | 17 Comments

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  • Just Be There

     Yesterday, I had a tough day.  Okay, well, I was in a down mood - not really anything tough about it when put in perspective.  Last night, as I was doing some yoga on the living room floor, I was contemplating the whys of my recent mood.  I assumed ...

    Posted on 12/18/2014 by gypsy_spirit | 20 Comments

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  • Why I hate Hippies.

    I don’t really. But the word “hate” seems to draw attention, which is what I’m going for here. I’m REALLY all about me.Some women in Seattle dye their armpit hair to match the hair on their head. Neither hair placement nor grooming can justify their ...

    Posted on 12/18/2014 by odusgolp | 65 Comments

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  • Merry Christmas! Happy New Years!!!!

    2014 was a year that brought many tears, laughs, smiles and even some babies and babies to be to my friends! I just wanted to say a brief thank you. You are all beautiful to me. Seriously. Thank you for being you. Thank you for playing my games, th...

    Posted on 12/19/2014 by CAWFEE_TAWK | 12 Comments

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  • When the Bah-Humbug bites

    The kids really LOVE our Christmas tree The kids and puppies together all look SO cute by the Christmas tree. We got the kids some really great gifts. I got the camera I have been wanting for Christmas, and I love it. We get...

    Posted on 12/15/2014 by CAWFEE_TAWK | 15 Comments

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  • Tree Lights

     The countdown to Christmas continues.  The tree is decorated and lit.  The tree, my tree, looks better at night.  It glitters and shines, especially when seen through the frosted window from the cold of the front yard.  The day was long.  They all a...

    Posted on 12/14/2014 by forrl | 20 Comments

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