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  • The MFP Dating Game

      Kermit: Welcome everyone to the MFP DATING GAME with our very special guest star - the beautiful and talented Scarlett Johansson!!! YAAAAAYYYY!!! Today, Scarlett gets to choose between the diet and exercise advice of four fabulous contestants. ...

    Posted on 3/31/2014 by ihad | 18 Comments

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  • My 'Jar Of Emotions' Project

    As an emotional eater, I think I have figured out a way to divert my emotions into something positive rather than feeding them. Some of my friends here have already read about this, but I thought I would share it on the blog as well. Maybe it will he...

    Posted on 3/26/2014 by wordsandmusic51 | 15 Comments

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  • A River in Egypt

    For a long time I resided in this mystical place on a river in Egypt, I think you've heard of it Denial or DeNile... this place had all kinds of magical things happening, the best one being I defied science.  I could gain weight on 800 calories a day...

    Posted on 3/31/2014 by jwhited71 | 3 Comments

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  • Prove them Wrong!

    Back when I lost my first clothing size (maybe it was 2 clothing sizes) in 2011, I starting cleaning out my closet and bagging clothes to donate. While I was still keeping a few pairs of "fat pants" all my size 14 and 12 clothing was going. I will ne...

    Posted on 3/31/2014 by jennieodwyer | 7 Comments

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  • Rumspringa

    Rumspringa is a Pennsylvania German noun meaning jumping around.  In Amish communities this word is used to describe the period of time in which an adolescent chooses to be baptized in the church, or leave the community.  Some communities allow the...

    Posted on 3/31/2014 by Desterknee | 19 Comments

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  • What's in a Photo?

    It's common I think for us to feel like our bodies don't measure up to the bodies we see in our friends' avatars and progress photos.  But it's important to remember that everyone is posting their most flattering image.  Also, things like pose can ma...

    Posted on 3/29/2014 by ILiftHeavyAcrylics | 8 Comments

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  • You Had Me At Hello (Part 2)

    I am completely blown away by all of the amazing messages both private and here on the blog in response to yesterday's post, 'You Had Me At Hello'. It just reiterated for me  how amazing the members here at MFP can be, and how important it is to open...

    Posted on 3/30/2014 by wordsandmusic51 | 13 Comments

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  • My One year Anniversary

    One year ago today I joined MFP. After getting the basics of the site, I then went into the forums and introduced myself. The first person to befriend me was scottyg70 and he has been my friend ever since then. From time to time, he would give advice...

    Posted on 3/31/2014 by dru8376 | 5 Comments

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  • Swim.Bike.Run. Or The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

    TL;DR I did a triathlon.  Got third in my age group. Apologies if it gets long.  This has been just an incredible week of highs and lows emotionally.  Started with bad news on Monday at the surgery consult for my daughters teeth.  Then the amazing ne...

    Posted on 3/29/2014 by ZenInTexas | 15 Comments

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  • A Mom By Any Other Name

          The evolution of a mother is a fascinating thing.  Even the moniker itself evolves in equal proportion to the growth of her children.       From birth to age 3, children affectionately refer to their female parent as “Mama.” It is usually the f...

    Posted on 3/29/2014 by JanaCanada | 7 Comments

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  • You Had Me At Hello

    I have completed my first 30 day streak here on MFP. I have been here before, trying to do it alone, logging erratically and eventually forgetting to follow through. Not just once, but several times. When I visited here before, I didn't get involved....

    Posted on 3/29/2014 by wordsandmusic51 | 31 Comments

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  • I was wrong... but things are looking up.

    Hello MFP/Internet! I’ve decided I made too many mistakes the last few weeks and I need to reflect as to what I am doing and figure out where I am going wrong. I stopped juicing, it just wasn’t working for me. I will admit I had a few people say I a...

    Posted on 3/29/2014 by cjanaro | 8 Comments

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  • The .1 Loss ;-)

    Sometimes it's best to take the hands off the keyboard verses replying to uncalled for comments. Wednesday of this past week started a chain of eating out and or having no control over some meals. I have a couple friends who feel the need to message ...

    Posted on 3/29/2014 by sarainiowa | 18 Comments

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  • Surgery/No surgery -- Exercise/No exercise

    As many of you know, on February 11th, I had a heart attack, a cardiac catheterization, a stent put in, I coded (code blue), was resuscitated, and told that I still have a blockage in a secondary coronary artery.  A second stent procedure was schedul...

    Posted on 3/29/2014 by makingamiracle | 12 Comments

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  • 24th birthday and I refuse to be fat any longer.

    I doubt anyone will see this, but if you do Welcome! If anyone reads this I am sorry for my rambling, I just want to get my thoughts in order and talk about what I have done so far. Anyways.. Hello!  name is Renee and I started this weighing 364 poun...

    Posted on 2/12/2014 by StarFall90 | 24 Comments

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  • Correlation Is Not Causation

     I like to keep up on the latest scientific studies. The frontiers of knowledge are always expanding, and it's good to check your assumptions against new learnings. It's also important to understand that correlation does not equal causation. Just bec...

    Posted on 3/29/2014 by ihad | 8 Comments

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  • Dear Eating Disorder

     Dear Eating Disorder, I have to tell you, I kind of respect how refined and clever you were. So long, unbelievably long, you acted as you were my friend, my only friend. My confidant, best friend, the only one I can believe.Since I can remember you ...

    Posted on 3/12/2014 by nenshali | 8 Comments

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  • Side by Side, same bikini, minus 30 pounds

    Title says all the things. Actually, I will say some things: I lifted weights (Heavy ones. I've squatted more than my body weight and deadlifted even more than that.) I've eaten all the food I can justify eating (and some I couldn't) and it wasn't al...

    Posted on 3/28/2014 by Achrya | 52 Comments

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  • the odd feeling of having things be too big for you...

    As the incredible shrinking girl (who is the incredible freezing girl's alter ego at this point in time) you never really understand the fact that things could actually be too big for you now until you put them on and go WTF?.I had two such moments y...

    Posted on 3/13/2014 by shaynepoole | 5 Comments

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  • Winding Down

    The day is winding down.  Soon it will be Friday and the weekend will arrive.  These are things I look forward to with great anticipation each week.Saturday's are an exciting, though albeit, whirlwind of a day at our house and this Saturday looks to ...

    Posted on 3/13/2014 by MelisRunning | 6 Comments

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