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  • I ONLY lost What?

    I lost 4.5 pounds in June.and I lost the same in May. Jumpjumpjump. Before joining MFP I would have been very disappointed in this and unkind to myself...stressing and not feeling good about myself...obsessing about what I put in my mouth. How could ...

    Posted on 7/01/2014 by Cranquistador | 30 Comments

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  • Week 23 on MFP: Decide To Live.

     Week 23 on MFP for me was not pretty!! There was the usual suspects of a weight fluctuations, sodium and such. However, week 23 brought new feelings in me. Ones I didn't like and couldn't seem to grab a hold of.My workouts seemed like more work then...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by sarainiowa | 10 Comments

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  • Как я пришел к похудению.

    Еще 7 лет назад во время первого полета на параплане решил, каким я хочу стать, тогда казалось нереально сбросить со 110 кг до приемлемых.. Но сбросил тогда до 100 - думал хватит.. Полгода назад было 103 - решил вплотную занятся - питание+спорт. Как ...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by wladk | 7 Comments

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  • The Bikini Competition Road

    Starts here. Or well. Maybe over there. *vague gesture* Or perhaps…well, anyway, we’re starting. First I took some measurements.Waist: 27Widest part of the butt: 38.5Bust: 35Belly button: 31Thigh: 23Conclusion: With this in mind my first goal will be...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by Achrya | 10 Comments

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  • Control Freaks

    MFH (My Favorite Husband) and I have been married 29 years.  It has been the best 29 years of my life! When we married, we kept the "old fashioned" vows.  Mine included the words, "Submit" and "Obey."  I am very fortunate that MFH does not take advan...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by MelisRunning | 12 Comments

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     an NSV if there ever was one, but this has little or nothing to do with weight.I'm learning.it is a long, difficult process - like losing weight.  ****Oh.  maybe it really IS about losing weight.****similar in that it requires a fundamental mind-shi...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by bwallace2012 | 10 Comments

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  • Hallelujah! I'm ONLY overweight!

    That probably doesn't sound much like a SUCCESS, but it is more like a miracle. An MFP friend pointed out something important to me today. She said, "You're NOT obese. You're overweight." Huh?!!! It had something to do with that BMI stuff. When my su...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by Hanfordrose | 19 Comments

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  • My Secrets To Success On MFP.

    I joined MFP in December of 2012, just before the New Year. I had already put myself on a very strict food plan during the holidays. From Thanksgiving to New Years, I had only been consuming 2 meal replacement shakes, 1 meal replacement bar and 1 low...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by Hanfordrose | 18 Comments

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  • Out of the Mouths of Babes...

    I've been around for a while now... 3 years since I learned what MFP was, and at the end of the month of July it will be 3 years since I learned to utilize MFP to make a better ME.  And I HAVE.  The last year or so continues to be a standstill... mos...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by AwesomelyAmber | 7 Comments

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  • Jesus

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by yoovie | 14 Comments

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  • Salted Caramel Ice Cream - Best one so far!

    Today's Ice cream adventure - Salted Caramel Started with just a basic sea salt caramel sauce  - almost didn't make it to the ice cream it came out so good I just wanted to grab a spoon and dig in! But I behaved myself. Next I modified my normal base...

    Posted on 6/29/2014 by jwhited71 | 17 Comments

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  • The Demise of Bmacxtreme and the Rise of Mac_X

    During a weekend of excess all around me (I spent it at a casino), and in some ways BY me as well, I also did a lot of soul-searching.  I’ve been standing at a fork in the road for a long time now, not knowing which way to go.  One path is familiar…c...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by Mac_X | 10 Comments

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  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.....

    I did horrible and unhealthy things over the years to try and lose the weight.  Things that never worked or only worked temporarily.  Things that honed my sense of failure.  Things that made me regain the weight too many times to count.  I never saw ...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by _gypsyrunner_ | 23 Comments

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  • . . . or the Sea

    For the past year or more I've used the Isak Dinesen quote for which this blog is titled as my inspiration.  "The cure for anything is salt water-- sweat, tears, or the sea."  Mostly I use these posts to talk about sweat-- working out and putting in ...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by ILiftHeavyAcrylics | 14 Comments

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  • What Is MFP?

    Every day, someone makes a post with the comment "I thought this was a ________ site" or "this isn't a ________" site. They've got some expectations that aren't being met regarding how things should be. I guess it can seem a bit confusing. What the h...

    Posted on 6/30/2014 by ihad | 29 Comments

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  • My version of Low Carb

    I've had a few questions over the weekend about low-carb diets so I thought I may as well answer in a blog post because I never can keep these answers short!As always, I'm going to start by saying that depending what your goals are, low carb may or m...

    Posted on 6/29/2014 by SkimFlatWhite68 | 7 Comments

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  • Turning Back The Clock...More Than 50 Years.

    Today...after a lifetime of obesity, I weigh 162.4 pounds. Yes, that is still obese for a 5' 4" woman; but it sure beats the 290 pounds which was my approximate weight in the spring of 2012. In June of 1962, I graduated from Hilltop High School at ag...

    Posted on 6/28/2014 by Hanfordrose | 42 Comments

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  • My new garage gym - no more excuses!

    Over the last few months I've been working from home a lot and also not been going to the gym as much due to sickness and being tired, over-worked and just general bad timing. I've barely been doing 5,000 steps a day (used to do between 10-15,000 a d...

    Posted on 6/17/2014 by SkimFlatWhite68 | 11 Comments

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  • Life Happens

     Sometimes I forget to do this - to live in the moment.  I am focused on my goals.  I am totally immersed in my new life of lifting and running.  I have developed tunnel vision about where I want to go & the person I want to be.But, life is what ...

    Posted on 6/28/2014 by _gypsyrunner_ | 15 Comments

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  • What supportive friends can do

    I have been struggling for awhile and decided to come back to MFP and make better choices and focus on myself again. I have to say I do love this site and the people on here I am able to call friends. If you are having a bad day or needing advice who...

    Posted on 6/28/2014 by southernmom3 | 12 Comments

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