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  • Resilience, Part Four: Something Is Better Than Nothing

    Something is not just better than nothing, it's waaaaaaay better than nothing.I've been writing a series of blogs on the topic of resilience, which is the ability to recover from a setback and move forward in the face of trials. Each blog can be read...

    Posted on 10/21/2015 by ihad | 6 Comments

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  • How My Half Marathon Went to $hi1

    Sunday, October 18th, I ran my 64th sanctioned road race. It was the 'Gansette Fall Half Marathon. I even got my shorts on pointing in the right direction - it did take 2 tries. I even wore an extra pair of underwear. My friend Sandy said that after ...

    Posted on 10/20/2015 by dsjohndrow | 10 Comments

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  • Bilan semaine 24-2015

      Semaine du 08 au 14/06. Bilan équivalent à la semaine dernière en termes de calories brûlées et durée. Rythme un peu + soutenu d'ou 60 min de - en Fc Lipo.  Durée totale : 9h 06' (-6’)  dont 4h 14' en Fc-Lipo. (-60’) Calories : 5750 Kcal. (-23...

    Posted on 6/13/2015 by jojowit17600 | 0 Comments

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  • Half Ironman--Comedy of Errors

    My Olympic tri was just south of Springfield, and this one was based in a town called Neoga, on Lake Mattoon, in central Illinois.  Once again I wondered why I hadn't gotten my act together to do any of the same distance races closer to home, especia...

    Posted on 9/10/2015 by lemurcat12 | 3 Comments

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  • This is how I feel

    This has been a good week, a little challenging, but not so much that I feel defeated - and definitely far less challenging than my stupid head had worked it up to be.I'm super proud of myself for getting up early to work out every morning. I will ag...

    Posted on 10/01/2015 by Deena_Bean | 6 Comments

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  • The Lady I Met at the Berlin Airport

    MFH (My Favorite Husband) and I had an early morning flight the day we left Berlin, Germany, for our return trip home. When you fly out of Germany to the United States, you have to go through two different security clearances.  The first one is the G...

    Posted on 10/18/2015 by MelisRunning | 4 Comments

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  • You Are Dieting?

     One of my most despised words is “diet” or “dieting”.  Why?  Because it means you are depriving yourself of something.  You are making it about not being able to get what you want.  As I was picking up mini me last night, her best friend’s father ca...

    Posted on 9/02/2015 by _Blue_Eyez_ | 1 Comment

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  • Streak of life!

    I hit 250 consecutive days of logging in to MFP. I'm so proud of me for committing to myself and sticking with this! MFP has been instrumental in changing my life. Plus, it's led me to find some of the greatest people that I can call friends!! I wish...

    Posted on 10/15/2015 by Karlottap | 3 Comments

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  • That Was Then and This Is Now

    It’s Throwback Thursday!  Thought I’d dredge up an old pic from a little over 30 yrs ago. This pic is MFH (My Favorite Husband) and I.  It is our Engagement Pic.  January 1985.  We were 23 years old when we got married.  Kids! This is us a couple of ...

    Posted on 10/15/2015 by MelisRunning | 4 Comments

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  • Resilience, Part 3: A Powerfully Motivating Purpose

    I'm writing a series of blogs on the topic of resilience, which is the ability to recover from a setback and move forward in the face of trials. Each blog can be read by itself, but they do build upon each other. You can find the beginning of the ser...

    Posted on 10/13/2015 by ihad | 5 Comments

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  • The Perfect Rock

    At the beginning of this year I decided that every time I go for a walk on the beach I would find a rock to take home. I put them in a bowl by my bed, to remind me how much I love the beach, and that I should go more often. Sometimes it takes me a wh...

    Posted on 9/09/2015 by sun_fish | 4 Comments

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  • Lessons along the way

    The lessons I have learned from eating this way have really been too many to list! I've learned more about myself and how food affects it through MFP and the awesome Pals I have here too! I'm still amazed, everyday, about the control I have over food...

    Posted on 10/06/2015 by Karlottap | 3 Comments

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  • Honestly, RUFKM?

    Is it me, or just the posts that I happen to read? I have read some pretty creative excuses for falling off the wagon, overeating and not succeeding at learning to eat healthy and exercise 3 times a week.Here are some of my favorites – and oh yeah, I...

    Posted on 10/06/2015 by dsjohndrow | 14 Comments

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  • Berlin Marathon: The Interview and The Finish

     I decided to go for it alright! Berlin was the most amazing thing ever!!!  I told you about this the day after the race but today the two photos I ordered arrived so, lucky you, you get to hear the story….Again! I trained pretty aggressively for Ber...

    Posted on 10/05/2015 by MelisRunning | 4 Comments

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  • That's Gonna Leave a Mark

    We each leave an impression on everyone we meet, every interaction we have, even if we don't think we do.  It may be a gash across another's personality, helping to build a bridge in to their  thoughts, maybe a snowflake's shadow on their heart.  B...

    Posted on 10/02/2015 by forrl | 7 Comments

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  • Paxton Is Home and Race Pics

    Yes, it’s true.  Paxton is home and he is a very happy puppy.  :)   *We brought home Kali and Castro, too.  ;)   All the animals were thrilled to be getting to come home.  The two cats heard us come in the door and started meowing their little kitty...

    Posted on 10/01/2015 by MelisRunning | 5 Comments

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  • Little Steps Can Add Up

    It was three years ago. I was at the point where I had lost over 100 pounds and was starting to plan for what my life in maintenance would look like. I wanted to put in place strategies that would help me stay active when the driving focus on losing ...

    Posted on 10/02/2015 by ihad | 8 Comments

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  • 1000 Posts / 100 Pounds Lost

    So here I am on the day I just hit the 100 pound lost mark. I'm contemplating what the key items are that continue to help me be successful with my fitness. I am a firm believer in paying it forward to share whatever works for me so perhaps it can he...

    Posted on 9/02/2015 by BRaye325 | 10 Comments

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  • Painful Lesson Learned

    So, I've had some posts lately about how I've been doing a mid-day fast to help with cravings, calorie portioning, energy levels, and just to have another tool to use...Well, I've been tracking calories (without intentionally restricting them, becaus...

    Posted on 9/30/2015 by KnitOrMiss | 7 Comments

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  • Seeing the darkness \m/

    "You'll never know what depression is until you've experienced it....." I used to be one of those people who blindly went along in life with the "it's never that bad" or "things could always be worse" mentality, figuring that life really can't be all...

    Posted on 9/30/2015 by jackpotclown | 19 Comments

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