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  • Ghosts

    I often find myself in a battle of wills - new me vs. old me. They happen less frequently now, most of the time I’m in pretty good control, but you just never know.Like when I first decided to lose weight. I knew that if I went down the confectionary...

    Posted on 4/15/2014 by xX_PhoenixRising_Xx | 9 Comments

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  • Back from The Bahamas

    Just got back from the cruise that we took to Nassau and Freeport. Had an awesome time full of adventure and indulgence!! The only part I'm upset about was not having access to this site during the trip. I lost my streak, which is fine, but I do plan...

    Posted on 4/14/2014 by clloyd5706 | 1 Comment

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  • An Ode to my friends

    Being a part of MFP means being part of a community of like-minded people.  What's interesting, is finding just how many people think like me: have gone through or are currently going through the same struggles that I go through.  I've had to adjust ...

    Posted on 4/15/2014 by ProjectYummyMummy | 4 Comments

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  • Angsty teenage poetry I found while cleaning out my closet.

    *I was MAYBE 19 when I wrote this.* There’s monsters there, just through that doorthe one marked “love.”Waiting, to win you over with soft words and empty promisesto wrap you in warm arms and tender smiles.Don’t go. It always ends the same way, in di...

    Posted on 4/15/2014 by miss_jessiejane | 2 Comments

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  • Walking It Off

     The first of March, I finished my 25th marathon in 28 years. Which works out to not quite one a year, except that some years I did 3 and other years (including the 6 preceding this last one) I didn't do any. Lots of shorter distances, too. And triat...

    Posted on 4/15/2014 by Elliehmltn | 4 Comments

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  • Being content... The grass is actually green here.

    This was starting out as a status.. but got long. (SURPRISE!) I have an athletic shape to me. Which I guess is good since I'm kind of boxy.  I think the term is "banana" shaped. LOL.   Now that summer is starting to roll around, the bikinis are out o...

    Posted on 4/16/2014 by MireyGal76 | 8 Comments

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  • Shifting dreams

    As I have taken my life back (slowly) over the last few years, I sometimes forget how much things have changed. As I have become smaller and healthier, my daydreams have reached farther and become more and more bold. There are so many things that I w...

    Posted on 4/16/2014 by downsizinghoss | 10 Comments

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  • Who cares what the scales say!

    Here are two photos for you. I'm lighter in my "before" on the left... And that, my friends is why you should exercise as well. First photo taken in 1996 when I was 86.6kg/190.9lbs. I had lost about 18kg/40lbs using Weight Watchers, with hardly any ...

    Posted on 4/16/2014 by xX_PhoenixRising_Xx | 9 Comments

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  • Talking with Sarah <3

    "I had a conversation a couple years ago with a lady my company had just hired. She was surprised to find out that I had the same number of vacation days as she did, even though I had several years seniority over her. When I asked why she thought tha...

    Posted on 4/15/2014 by yoovie | 28 Comments

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  • 70% Of People Who Start A Fitness Plan Quit...

    ...EXCEPT YOU!!!                 Not This Time.  I hope to see you all here at the end of the year! Would anyone like to make an open pledge here to commit to being here at the end of the year so we can share success stories?  ◕ ‿ ◕   

    Posted on 4/15/2014 by wordsandmusic51 | 53 Comments

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  • I'm a Success Story. Part One.

    I am approaching my two year anniversary on MFP.  I think I've actually passed my join date, but I lost 15 or so days because I took a trip to Mexico shortly after I started.  I have always loved reading the success stories here on the site and I thi...

    Posted on 4/15/2014 by ZenInTexas | 19 Comments

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  • A calorie is a calorie and they should be enjoyed!

    So today was #123,003,233,423 a calorie isn't a calorie thread....For me to make this work I have to enjoy everything I eat, or why bother.  I won't waste my calories on cardboard tasting low calorie bread, I eat chicken, pork, fish, pizza, cookies, ...

    Posted on 4/15/2014 by jwhited71 | 19 Comments

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  • Mirror, Mirror...

    I was reading an article today that talked about how being mindful can positively affect our health. To quote the article: "The research is replete with evidence of how mindfulness helps us become healthy. Mindfulness lowers blood pressure. Mindfulne...

    Posted on 4/14/2014 by wordsandmusic51 | 11 Comments

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  • Random MFP stuff

    If you're just browsing blogs this will make no sense.  Abandon now.  This is pretty much just for various people on my FL.  Just throwing some things out there, but wanted to use actual paragraphs. I will continue logging my food as I always have, a...

    Posted on 4/15/2014 by SaintGiff | 8 Comments

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  • Is It Easier?

    In 14 hours, I will have been smoke and nicotine free for 40 days.  This morning, I had no doubt I would make that mark.  But as happens most days, as the afternoon turns into evening, I become less and less confident that I will make it through the ...

    Posted on 4/14/2014 by vitaminddd | 28 Comments

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  • What doesn't kill you...

    Posted on 4/14/2014 by MireyGal76 | 8 Comments

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  • Woo-Hoo!!!

    I got the email.  I yelled to MFH (My Favorite Husband) “I’m in!” and sat there and cried. I could not believe it!  I mean, I really, really wanted it but did not expect it to happen.  Over 70,000 people had signed up for 45,000 slots and some of tho...

    Posted on 4/14/2014 by MelisRunning | 22 Comments

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  • Sorry that I haven't been posting for a while...just too tired.

    I know that several of my IMP sisters have been concerned, because I stopping blogs in the past month. Part of the reason for my lack of posts was my health. This month has been filled with lab work, x-rays, MRI, treatments and doctors' appointments....

    Posted on 4/14/2014 by Hanfordrose | 31 Comments

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  • The girl who created the Signs.

    Once upon a time there was a girl.  This girl knew she was overweight.    She was tired of being slower than most.  She was not pleased with getting out of breath and was starting to be concerned about the tingles she felt in her arms and legs.  The ...

    Posted on 4/14/2014 by Sovi_ | 15 Comments

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  • Love is No Good

    I get up at 4:30 in the morning so I can lift weights. The response others have to this revelation is almost always something living in the space between awe and intimidation. "Wow, I could never do that." "How do you do it?!" "You put me to shame!" ...

    Posted on 4/14/2014 by fivethreeone | 21 Comments

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