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  • Change of Season = New Health Goals

    Hi Pals, the end of summer is here, and it's a little depressing. I love the unstructured time. But to be successful, I do need that structure and once I get the kid back to school, I can get take back my own schedule and start working on better habi...

    Posted on 8/18/2014 by Robin1117 | 11 Comments

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  • Miracles Do Come True! Thanks for your prayers.

    UPDATE ON OUR HOME SEARCH. This is a post for my MFP friends who have been following Ed's and my search for our new home. ***** Thanks to all of you who have been praying for Ed and I to get our new home. We just got the news. The owner has signed th...

    Posted on 8/18/2014 by Hanfordrose | 41 Comments

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  • Refuse to balance your program?

    Posted on 8/18/2014 by yoovie | 2 Comments

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  • 8-18-14 Update On My New Home Blog

    Again...this blog is just for folks who have been following Ed and my adventures with finding a new home. Last night, the neighbors hosted another one of their loud parties into the early morning hours. This only reminded me of why I am so eager to g...

    Posted on 8/18/2014 by Hanfordrose | 19 Comments

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  • Winter is Coming .....

    Well for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it is. What do you think about when you think of winter? Snuggling up by warm fires eating lots of warming comfort food.Today I ran one of my Winter routes. The weather's been pretty bad the past few da...

    Posted on 8/18/2014 by _Zardoz_ | 12 Comments

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  • Battle of the Angry Orchard - Progress

    Jen has completed her Evil Queen of the Halloween Spirits Crown and is about 2/3 through creating her steampunk batwings. We've also made progress on our magical ammo. These bottles hold relics of the mythical creatures and when shaken with the spell...

    Posted on 8/18/2014 by yoovie | 11 Comments

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  • Don't compete to get in shape

    Don’t compete to get in shape, get in shape to compete.I know that sounds confusing, but it is a very important concept that is just starting to gain recognition. Many people who are in average shape or overweight decide that they are going to compet...

    Posted on 8/18/2014 by usmcmp | 6 Comments

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  • We just went looking.

    Heads Up - This is just another blog for my MFP friends who are following my hubbie Ed and my adventures as we search for a new home. If you aren't one of my MFP friends, this probably wouldn't interest you. Ed knew that I was feeling in a 'big, blue...

    Posted on 8/17/2014 by Hanfordrose | 22 Comments

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     I'm a nice person.  really.  most of the time, anyway.  ok, well, sometimes....... or at least I try.  most of the time.  ok.  well.... sometimes.   but sometimes Being Nice is just doesn't feel right.   so here's what happened today ~~  but first, ...

    Posted on 8/16/2014 by bwallace2012 | 41 Comments

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  • Immeasurable Progress

    So, I take progress pictures. I may not do them as rigid as I used to. To be fair, I like to show myself in the right light, as I still have a tendency to be quite vain. That means right lighting, pose, a picture that is obvious what I've achieved. B...

    Posted on 8/15/2014 by BombshellPhoenix | 4 Comments

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  • Conquest of the Fierce Heart

    I don't know why simple words or expressions dig so deep. It's like a knife to the heart, an effortless twist. It only takes a second to feel the wind knocked from your chest. To hear someone say something without filter. Words better left unsaid o...

    Posted on 8/15/2014 by BombshellPhoenix | 7 Comments

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  • Crazy Day...Looking For A New Home

    This blog is just for my MFP friends who have been following Ed and my adventures. Many of you know that I have been desperately wanting to find a new home and get out of our current rental house, which has been a nightmare. We have had a window brok...

    Posted on 8/15/2014 by Hanfordrose | 30 Comments

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  • Early Christmas!

    Woo-Hoo!!!   About 6(?) months ago, I had mentioned, off the cuff, that I would like a Keurig for Christmas.  I had also mentioned this to MFH (My Favorite Husband).  I knew my chances were slim to none, so I contentedly drank my Folgers Colombian S...

    Posted on 8/14/2014 by MelisRunning | 8 Comments

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  • How a Marine got fat

    When people think of United States Marines they think of people in excellent shape.  Our annual fitness tests are fairly tough and exercise is an essential part of every day in the Marine Corps.  Strength, endurance and a hard body are a source of pr...

    Posted on 8/15/2014 by usmcmp | 15 Comments

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  • The Beauty of No Destination

       North, south, east, west.  All choices we make when we want to move to a specific destination.  We look at maps, plot the most reasonable course, and then move.  It's pretty simple.  Even if you choose to use MapQuest, rather than a fold up map - ...

    Posted on 8/15/2014 by gypsy_spirit | 14 Comments

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  • Pain

    When one has been around this site for long enough, they realize that there are great people here.....and many have endured a tremendous amount of pain. Some of it is unspeakable, but pain is relative.....in other words, we all have bad things that h...

    Posted on 8/14/2014 by Derpes | 18 Comments

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  • Danger Danger...Cheese at the Farmer's Market

    OMG I am a cheeseaholic  I believe I could make this my only food group if it wasn't so gosh darn high in calories with zero fibre.  Funny thing was I grew up with Kraft Mild Cheese as the best cheese -- oh how unsophisticated my taste buds were.  I ...

    Posted on 8/11/2014 by Joanne_happygramma | 16 Comments

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  • This One Weird Old Crazy Trick

    With 40lbs no longer under my belt, I think it is time to share my secret.I lost weight by following this old rule.It's a crazy trick.Totally weird. You'll never believe it.Ready?Are you sure?Here we go...   I EAT  That's right, I said it. The cat is...

    Posted on 8/14/2014 by eggomylegos | 37 Comments

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  • Part 1 - Halloween Spirits

    1. The Halloween Spirits from the southwest corner of the garden come the Halloween Sprites and their skeleton soldiers. From a tiny haunted mansion, where they make their base camp, filled with the flickering fires of hell, they rush out into the ga...

    Posted on 8/14/2014 by yoovie | 6 Comments

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  • Statistics Suck - Do Something to Change Them!

     Break the mold today.Don't be a statistic.Push yourself to accomplish something awesome.Appreciate the miracle of your body.Celebrate how great you are in mind and spirit.Learn to love yourself.  

    Posted on 8/14/2014 by gypsy_spirit | 8 Comments

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