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  • Day 1 (for the 5,100,333,444th time)

    I don't know if anyone will read this. I think I am more writing it for myself as a kind of journal. Yesterday I made the decision, again, to leave another slimming group. I have joined so many diets over the years.... tried pretty much all of them. ...

    Posted on 8/23/2017 by Journey2HealthyHappyMe | 78 Comments

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  • Finally! Bye-bye 250

    I woke up excited. Thursday is my weekly weigh-in day, and I had high hopes for today. Last week had been extremely hectic and it had forced me to move around more than usual. Perhaps it would show on the scale?  I felt like a little kid on Christm...

    Posted on 9/14/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 74 Comments

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  • The fat lady on the treadmill

    The last years I haven't been walking much, and it got worse after I had surgery. These days I drive everywhere I need to be, and I park as close as possible to the entry door. At work I sit and at home, I sit even more. Deep down I know it's not hea...

    Posted on 8/24/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 56 Comments

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  • Fat, or not Fat?

    Some people have asked me to stop using the words "Fat" and "Morbidly obese" when I talk about myself, and I thought about it. There are other words I could use instead. CHUBBY -  OVERWEIGHT -   BIG  -  WELL ROUNDED   all of them sound so much nicer...

    Posted on 9/07/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 36 Comments

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  • A different focus

    For the first time in my life, I am selfish. This weight loss journey requires my full attention.After years of being a wife, a friend, a Mom, a nurse, a play buddy, a caretaker and a Mom-taxi- I am putting myself first. It's an odd feeling, somethin...

    Posted on 8/03/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 36 Comments

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  • My New Life

    Some days I don't really know about life. I have taken a few hits since I first joined MFP in 2011 I suffered congestive heart failure that year. It's a big deal. You know it took 8 months to recover and a year to complete Couch to 5K.I am glad I did...

    Posted on 8/01/2017 by dsjohndrow | 38 Comments

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  • Finding a Way to Change

    How did I ever let myself get to almost 300 pounds? I ate too many calories, that's how. The change occurred slowly over a period of millions of bites of food. It's pretty much the same way I became a daily drinker, a smoker, and drug user. I never s...

    Posted on 8/15/2017 by dsjohndrow | 27 Comments

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  • 10 Things which Really Helped Me Get Fit

    After 6 years on MFP, I have figured out a few things about weight loss, fitness and running. Most of it I didn't learn in the forums. ;)The most important is this, weight loss and fitness is fragile!I have met a few of the MFP clan in real life. The...

    Posted on 8/08/2017 by dsjohndrow | 23 Comments

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  • French Fries Day!

    My smart phone was acting up, and I drove to the nearest phone-rescue. It's in a small strip mall close to our home, right behind my all time favorite hole-in-the-wall burger shop. I stopped there at lunchtime, and the young kid behind the counter f...

    Posted on 8/31/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 19 Comments

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  • The fat lady at the beach

    "If you want to look skinny on the beach, find the biggest person and lay right beside it." I thought about the old joke when I looked around. Sure enough, I was the biggest person there. I even make overweight people look tiny beside me.  The long ...

    Posted on 8/16/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 44 Comments

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  • Nothing is fitting - reality is hitting!

    Woke up this morning and went to get ready for work....I literally have one set of trousers that fit me, and they werent dry! MAD PANIC which led to 30 minutes of melt down trying to find something that would be half decent for work but cover the lum...

    Posted on 9/11/2017 by Journey2HealthyHappyMe | 32 Comments

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  • Life's curveball

    Just when I thought I had it all figured out, life threw me a curveball. This one I didn't see coming, and it hit me right between the eyes -as usual. I just have been diagnosed with a disease that I can control if I stop eating gluten.  I had to l...

    Posted on 8/10/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 24 Comments

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  • Don't Quit!

    Did you ever have one of those days where you just didn’t feel like doing this fit lifestyle crap? I know that I have. Worse, I have one and the next day it seems I have a worse one. It's one of the big reasons I can't have cheat days - they end up a...

    Posted on 8/31/2017 by dsjohndrow | 24 Comments

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  • Well, It's That Time

    Life can be insane, painful, exciting and a lot of other things all at the same time. I haven't had nearly as much social-not-working time as I would like to. It's not because I don't want to, it's just that I haven't had time. So what's going on?Eve...

    Posted on 9/12/2017 by dsjohndrow | 9 Comments

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  • It's My Birthday. I Can Eat Anything I Want!

    This food thing is pretty intense. It seems that we think about food more than we do fitness and personal health. At least that has been my experience.It's hard to get it right. Why is it that skipped past the produce section and walk down the ice cr...

    Posted on 8/22/2017 by dsjohndrow | 27 Comments

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  • Time for the truth..... and it hurts.

    Feeling a bit of a fraud today guys....... I have logged in for 28 days in a row. Yet I am somehow 6lb heavier than my first day! Well, I say 'somehow' I know exactly how it happened. I have been typical me and had my head well and truly buried in th...

    Posted on 9/18/2017 by Journey2HealthyHappyMe | 15 Comments

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  • Look! Feet!

    When you get to MFP you think, I'll lose some weight, get good looking and live happily ever after. I suppose some do. It's been a couple of years since I thought about how freakin' hard it used to be to put on a pair of shoes. When I leaned over my ...

    Posted on 9/05/2017 by dsjohndrow | 9 Comments

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  • Reflecting on Week 1....

    Hi there! Well firstly I just need to say WOW and THANK YOU!!.... When I wrote my first post a week ago I genuinely didnt think anyone would really stop to read my ramblings. I cannot believe so many lovely people took the time out to reach out and r...

    Posted on 8/30/2017 by Journey2HealthyHappyMe | 14 Comments

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  • Working out at a snail's pace

    "Why haven't you logged your exercise?" One of my observant friends here at MFP had noticed, and sure enough, he sent me a message. "Busted," I mumbled, and I told him about my cold.Then the next one messaged me, and sure enough, he too was persisten...

    Posted on 9/21/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 20 Comments

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  • Got the wobbles.....

    Hey guys, Sadly week 2 was not as successful as week one....I decided to weigh in the hope that this would provide me with a bit of drive but it showed a 1LB LOSS..... for two weeks!! Massive fail! So today I have a new name and a reality check :-) I...

    Posted on 9/07/2017 by Journey2HealthyHappyMe | 15 Comments

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