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  • One stinking, lousy pound

    One stinking, lousy pound gone for good and it took me one whole week to lose it. I have this vision in my head; now I can see who I want to be. I have lost 23 lbs. in 60 days, that's a significant weight loss for ordinary people; still, I don't see...

    Posted on 3/10/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 47 Comments

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  • My Updated Bucket List

    Many of you know that I have been diagnosed with a malignant tumor. Of course, untreated, it's deadly. As it turns out, I have run 80 races including 7 marathons; 3 or which were world major marathons. I did almost all of that since I received the ne...

    Posted on 3/07/2017 by dsjohndrow | 41 Comments

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  • It All Started with a Choice

    How did I ever let myself get to almost 300 pounds? I ate too many calories. The change occurred slowly over a period of millions of bites of food. It's pretty much the same way anyone becomes and addict; it just happens.I was always going to change ...

    Posted on 1/31/2017 by dsjohndrow | 31 Comments

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  • Big girls do cry!

     I am always the clown, the one who is in a good mood and tries to lift others up. Today in the morning I tried to lift myself up –literally- and I couldn’t. I couldn’t lift my own weight up, had to hold on to the night stand to get back on my feet. ...

    Posted on 2/15/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 40 Comments

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  • I Still Suck at This

    I don't know about you, although I am not afraid of being mugged my a chocolate cake with vanilla icing (is this profiling), this effing food thing is tough. I does not care how fit you are, or what you do; when you consume more calories than you bur...

    Posted on 2/21/2017 by dsjohndrow | 37 Comments

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  • Bite me!

    "Don't eat so fast," my Mother said when I was just a little girl, but it didn't help. I gulp food down; it has always been that way. I am a speed eater.I am the first to make a happy plate; I am the first who gets up to get seconds. I don't care if ...

    Posted on 2/23/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 30 Comments

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  • To my unborn Granchild

    Dear Grandchild! You haven’t been born yet -you are not even in the making- but I know the kids started planning your arrival and I have a feeling we will meet soon. I drove to the grocery store the other day, parked, and sat in the car for a while...

    Posted on 3/03/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 20 Comments

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  • It's Not What I Hoped For

    This health journey is nothing like I expected when I first started. I had done dieting before but I always gained it back. I wanted to be happy, but I took antidepressants. I wanted to be in love but I didn’t know what it was.It’s taken a few years,...

    Posted on 2/07/2017 by dsjohndrow | 23 Comments

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  • Civil Unrest?

    I've been thinking a lot about the lack of civility that I see in my world right now.  It seems to be prevalent in all sectors, in all magnifications, both in my real world and my virtual world.  People just seem very, very angry and lash out at any...

    Posted on 2/06/2017 by CompressedCarbon | 48 Comments

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  • My weigh loss contract!

    My weight loss journey so far is like a roller coaster ride, just blindfolded and without a seat belt. I never know what's going to happen next. It throws me from left to right, and all I can do is trying to hang on. Let's face it it's not an easy jo...

    Posted on 1/31/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 24 Comments

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  • See You at the Funeral - Lifestyle Choices

    Having been on MFP for a long time, I have pretty much heard it all. You have your vegans and vegetarians, your pescatarians, your ketogenics (sounds like a band name), your carnivores, and your fast food junkies here. All people here for a common go...

    Posted on 3/14/2017 by dsjohndrow | 37 Comments

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  • Darling, bring me no chocolates!

      Next week is Valentine’s Day, and I know my husband will buy me some flowers, he will surprise me with one of his goofy self-made cards, and he will give me a gigantic box of my favorite chocolates.  He has done so the last 25 years. He loves to s...

    Posted on 2/08/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 24 Comments

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  • Into the Light

    Last night I went to our corner drug store. I wanted to pick up my husband's medication, needed a birthday card and some dog treats, possibly a new lipstick.I was ready to check out, made my way to the register when I noticed all the Easter candy. I ...

    Posted on 3/17/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 34 Comments

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  • You Can't Always Win

    Have you ever felt so defeated that you didn't even want to play? That's how football was for me. I was pretty fast, but I couldn't catch the dang ball. I felt the same way in Dr. Swietzer's psychiatry class.I tried my best and just couldn't do it.Th...

    Posted on 2/28/2017 by dsjohndrow | 7 Comments

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  • I am possible!

    A friend here at MFP recommended that I should take a picture of myself every two weeks, this way I could see the progress. It sounded like such a good idea until I stood in my bedroom in all my glory. I stood there in my underwear and forced myself ...

    Posted on 3/23/2017 by The_Movie_Chair | 9 Comments

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  • The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

    2012 was the best of times and the worst of times. My worst days as a congestive heart failure survivor were behind me. My best days of health in decades were upon me. I was back to work full-time after 8 months of slow recovery.I felt better than I ...

    Posted on 3/21/2017 by dsjohndrow | 8 Comments

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  • My Biggest Change

    I've been thinking about this quite a bit lately and just thought I'd share with my friends.  I'm wondering what might be true for the rest of you.  Have you noticed something that has truly and completely changed about yourself in the process of los...

    Posted on 3/22/2017 by luluinca | 18 Comments

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  • Silly Mountain

    We've been here in Arizona for nearly six weeks already.  We have enjoyed just kicking back and relaxing mostly, spent a week in Las Vegas compliments of our daughter to celebrate her father's retirement, and othewise are just enjoying the weather an...

    Posted on 2/10/2017 by SnagTop | 10 Comments

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  • What I Learned by Gaining the Weight Back

    A year ago this month I achieved what I thought was an impossible goal; I lost 88 pounds and returned to the weight I’d been when I’d graduated high school more than 20 years ago. I did then what every person who experiences that weight loss does and...

    Posted on 2/25/2015 by wendybird5 | 6 Comments

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  • I Know You Know

    Depression effects a number of people.  When someone is depressed, clinically,  it not only effects that person, but the people around them. Earlier this year, I wrote a song from the perspective of a loved one of someone clinically depressed. https:...

    Posted on 11/23/2016 by wolverine66 | 1 Comment

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