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  • Failure isn't final

    There are times when things just click.  Diet is easy and on point.  Workouts are going great.  Everything in life seems to be carrying us towards our goals.There are also times when the world is falling around us and we are able to push through that...

    Posted on 1/12/2016 by usmcmp | 45 Comments

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  • See You at the Funeral - A Fitness Journey

    Having been on MFP for a long time, I have pretty much heard it all. You have your vegans and vegetarians, your pescatarians, your carnivores and your fast food junkies here. All people here for a common goal; to take photos in the bathroom and get f...

    Posted on 2/03/2016 by dsjohndrow | 28 Comments

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  • My Ah-Ha Moment

    This is a reposting of a forum post from the thread "Your Ah-Ha Moment". I'm saving it here because I wish to keep it. Your Ah-Ha Moment           I take care of my mom full-time. She's 59 years old and entirely dependent on other peop...

    Posted on 2/02/2016 by tomteboda | 33 Comments

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  • Getting Through the Tough Times

    When I first got on MFP in 2011, my biggest problem was food; too damn much food. That and overcoming heart disease. I took all the suggestions I could find - well, except for cheat days. I never did those. I got smaller plates, a food scale, got rid...

    Posted on 1/27/2016 by dsjohndrow | 17 Comments

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  • You must not want it badly enough.

    I get sick of hearing this crap. Let me say this first and foremost:Personal responsibility is fundamentally important. You have to be ready to change.  You have to "want it" to happen and you have to take actions that allow you to make it happen.BUT...

    Posted on 1/25/2016 by SideSteel | 4 Comments

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  • Calorie Counting for beginners

    So many times I see people in the forums, overwhelmed by all the rules... keto, low carbs, high protein, no dairy, no sugar, cleanse... and I get a little cranky.This process doesn't HAVE to be so painful!When you are first starting out with counting...

    Posted on 1/21/2016 by MireyGal76 | 11 Comments

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  • We Haven’t Chatted About Paxton For A While…

    We really haven’t chatted about Paxton for quite a long while!  I guess it’s time for an “update.” Paxton went to the vet in December.  It was time for his Heartworm preventative shot.  These shots are great!  You only have to get them every 6 months...

    Posted on 1/13/2016 by MelisRunning | 10 Comments

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  • Evolution

    I think I've changed but it's been a long, strange evolution.   One of the things that has surprised me most in my time since starting on this site is how my view of my own physical self has changed.  I've never liked anatomy, have very little clue w...

    Posted on 1/28/2016 by forrl | 9 Comments

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  • Is flexible dieting ruining your diet?

    I love flexible dieting.Knowing that there isn't any particular food that I have to eliminate from my diet is a very liberating feeling.There's also some evidence in support of dietary flexibility but it's worth noting that this is an association bet...

    Posted on 2/07/2016 by SideSteel | 11 Comments

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  • Prison of Numbers

    Modernity created the numbers. And saw that it was good. And there was the calorie, and there was the weight scale. And CICO. And behold MFP, it was very good.We can measure things, more or less. We have a grasp on our weight, body fat, LBM, calories...

    Posted on 6/22/2015 by EvgeniZyntx | 15 Comments

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  • Chinese New Year

    Today is Chinese New Year.  The day where there is no sweeping (you'd sweep the good luck out the door), no scissors, opening the windows for good luck to come in, and approximately 50 million other customs and traditions.  Most of which we won't o...

    Posted on 2/08/2016 by forrl | 7 Comments

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  • Shopping Trip: Funny Story

    Yesterday was a blast!  It was a big day but it was a blast!!! My sister and I had decided to head up north to Tupelo, Mississippi, to do a little shopping.  She is getting back into running and needed a new pair of running shoes.  There is an excell...

    Posted on 1/19/2016 by MelisRunning | 6 Comments

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  • The Run From H.E. Double Toothpicks

     Shoot me now.  I mean it!  Just shoot me now!   Holy Cow today’s run was THE ugliest run I have ever had.  Seeing as I’ve had a few people ask about it, I’ll tell you about it.  It probably won’t seem all that awful once I’ve shared but trust me, it...

    Posted on 1/20/2016 by MelisRunning | 7 Comments

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  • Wow!

    It's all I can say!! I'm dumbfounded with the amount of inches I have lost since I began my weight loss journey six years ago! First, let me say that I am sooooo glad I have measured myself. This has been my motivation when the scale decides to stall...

    Posted on 12/13/2015 by Karlottap | 5 Comments

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  • You only live once . . .

    I love searching Pinterest for motivational quotes and pictures.  I'm moderator on a FaceBook page called "Waist Not, Want Not" and like to find inspirational things to post there (feel free to join the page which is full of remarkable losers!!).  Ea...

    Posted on 12/11/2015 by SnagTop | 7 Comments

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  • Blood? Sweat and Tears - My First Blog Ever!

       First and foremost thank you for stopping by to check out my "blog." I have no idea on where to begin so I will start by saying losing weight is the hardest thing I have ever done. At least that is what I am telling myself. In my mind,  I was goin...

    Posted on 10/19/2015 by mrskbryant | 15 Comments

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  • Gut Flora Repair and a Few Diets that Promote It

     Ya know how when you found out about the low carb or Keto diet and started implementing it in your way of eating? You studied it, experimented, it answered and solved many of your problems. It works. Your hunger levels went down, you lost weight, yo...

    Posted on 1/11/2016 by DittoDan | 4 Comments

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  • A Paxton Photo Album

    Paxton was 5.5 weeks old when he came to live at our house. He is a loyal friend to Castro and Kali.   He loves to give puppy kisses!   He has a few favorite toys.     Paxton thinks he looks spiffy!   Underneath all of his Paxtonishness, he is a doof...

    Posted on 7/09/2015 by MelisRunning | 2 Comments

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    I RAN A MARATHON!!!!!! I DID IT!  I can't believe that it has come and gone!! I followed up a really strong March with a pretty crappy start to April with a cold that wouldn't go away, botched my last 20 and my last 12 and was not very hopeful as I t...

    Posted on 4/20/2015 by sarahevenstar | 2 Comments

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  • Levity~yes, there's stuff about Paxton here.

    What a funny day it has been today.  Kind of spooky funny and absolutely hilarious funny.  Two kinds of funny all in one day! First, the spooky funny: This is some of my post to Aiden today: We didn’t have a very big run today. We ended up with a tot...

    Posted on 1/17/2016 by MelisRunning | 1 Comment

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