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  • What If...

    The company I work for gives employees a credit toward lunch in our cafeteria each day. It's about $2.50. You might be wondering why on Earth they do this and it's a long story...the short of it is that the company used to provide free soup and salad...

    Posted on 9/15/2014 by futuresize8 | 30 Comments

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  • Terra Firma

    "Terra Firma" is a Latin phrase meaning "solid earth." There is nothing like running on Terra Firma!  What a welcome change from last week.  What a happy thing for my equilibrium, too! When I began walking last Wednesday, it was pretty rough, to be h...

    Posted on 9/15/2014 by MelisRunning | 7 Comments

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  • The Power of Habit - Part 3: Changing Habits

    The Power of Habit - Part 3: Changing Habits In parts 1 and 2 of this blog series I discussed some of the research covered in Charles Duhigg's book The Power of Habit, the importance of habits, and how you go about building new habits. Habits are pat...

    Posted on 9/15/2014 by ihad | 8 Comments

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  • Cleaning House

    As you may (or may not) know, it's a fairly common practice here on MFP to let your friends list know that you have thinned the flock after deleting friends from your list. I've noticed that I'm continuously surprised that I made the cut again. It ma...

    Posted on 9/15/2014 by srslybritt | 26 Comments

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  • Go out and Fail.

    There's madness in then there forums. That's what it's like sometimes. Today is my No forum day. It's a step back from the madness to have a look at what my friends are doing and to peruse the blogs. We all have our own goals or targets. It's wo...

    Posted on 9/15/2014 by _Zardoz_ | 13 Comments

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  • It's official!

    I was going to wait to make this blog until they updated the records online, but a certificate makes it official to me.August 28th I competed in my second powerlifting meet.  I decided to do deadlift only since it is my strongest lift and I tied a na...

    Posted on 9/15/2014 by usmcmp | 28 Comments

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  • Being loved is the secret to my success. How about you?

    I have had a lot of folks on MFP send me messages, asking what is the 'secret to your success'. I usual respond with some words on commitment to a food plan, making friends on MFP and checking with your doctor. These are all 'good points' to make to ...

    Posted on 9/14/2014 by Hanfordrose | 22 Comments

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  • My Success Story

    My gym epiphany today: My measurement of success has nothing to do with the weight I've lost or the size pants I wear. It's that I can count more days that I love myself than I don't and more days that I'm proud of myself than I'm not. And none of th...

    Posted on 9/15/2014 by LostLifter | 10 Comments

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  • Calisthenics Roadmap – A List of Resources to get Started with Bodyweight Strength Training

     Prelude I am going to copy some of the things I wrote for my “success stories” post, but add some additional material, because I feel like this blog post is a more appropriate medium to discuss the benefits of bodyweight strength training as a found...

    Posted on 9/11/2014 by fourfiftythree | 9 Comments

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  • Leading by Example (38)

       Using MFP has been beneficial to me.  Over my time on the site, I have adapted things to better suit my goals and what I needed to be successful.  I find that my way is what works. I won't bore you with the details except to say:  I educated mysel...

    Posted on 9/14/2014 by gypsy_spirit | 15 Comments

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  • 09-13-14 Ed helped to make a dream come true for me.

    Another blog...just for my MFP friends who are following Ed and my adventures as we get ready to move into our new home. This blog has photos of some dreams that came true for me today.*****Ed took me for a ride today to meet the some of the ladies a...

    Posted on 9/13/2014 by Hanfordrose | 23 Comments

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  • Oh, poor me

    My whoever is sabotaging me…Someone called me Fat…That mean person said I was wrong…No one is supporting me.. We hear these type of comments repeated over and over, all I hear is “Oh poor me, I’m a victim”, and it drives me insane because I have peop...

    Posted on 9/13/2014 by jwhited71 | 45 Comments

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  • The Pace of Change (29)

     Driving home on the interstate yesterday, I was struck by the evening sky.  It was about a half hour before sunset.  I got my camera out and began snapping pictures of the sky.  The sun went from glowing scarlet  to bright yellow and then to just an...

    Posted on 8/23/2014 by gypsy_spirit | 13 Comments

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  • #Determined

    Yesterday I went for a walk.  It was close to three miles.  Not quite, but close. Today, I decided to try for time, not distance.  I wanted to be out there for an hour.  I need to dramatically increase the time on my feet if I am going to run the Chi...

    Posted on 9/12/2014 by MelisRunning | 7 Comments

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  • Fat Man's Revival!

    (to be read in your best southern preacher voice)    Brothers and sisters, I come to you today a man humbled. For I have sinned before the food and have been made the more fat for it. That is right, for we have been made fat in that we have not seen...

    Posted on 9/12/2014 by downsizinghoss | 19 Comments

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  • A little about weight room fears

    For those who have flirted with the idea of working out in the weight room and when you finally get the bravery to go in there and you just kinda wander in circles and then split your time between this familiar looking machine and this other machine ...

    Posted on 9/12/2014 by yoovie | 12 Comments

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  • The Evolution of Me

    We all start out the same. Naked, afraid, frail. Eyes that cannot see beyond hands before us. We take the nearest hand to guide us. We trust. We believe. As time passes, we grow so quickly but the inherent desire to believe in dreams and fairytales r...

    Posted on 9/12/2014 by BombshellPhoenix | 5 Comments

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  • Stole it from the Saint

    No, your friend doesn't have a leg up because of ___________. No, you should not be jealous of her meds. No, your kids didn't trash your body. No, you're probably not ready to take it seriously this time. All of which is fine. Almost anyone who has h...

    Posted on 9/12/2014 by yoovie | 6 Comments

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  • Do You Even Lift?

    No, this post isn't to make fun of those with different goals than me.  This has nothing to do with the meme, making fun of Planet Fitness or talking bad about people who lift and don't look like they do.  I want to talk about moving weights versus l...

    Posted on 9/12/2014 by usmcmp | 23 Comments

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  • Every Picture Tells a Story (37)

     Yesterday, I went on a trail hike around a lake close to my home.  I stopped to look at the still water.  Its surface was like a mirror and the clouds, sky, trees - everything was reflected there.  No mirror could have been clearer.  I know there we...

    Posted on 9/12/2014 by gypsy_spirit | 21 Comments

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