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I need you now more than ever....

I am going back to work on Monday!  This is a great thing and a really bad thing. 

I have just been through 10 months that, unfortunately, too many of us can relate to - unemployment.  I was laid off last August after being with my company for 12 years. I thought I was 'safe', I was not. That was a HUGE shock - I ignored the warning signs and I lost.  

So it took me two  months to get up off my a** and get out there and I was thrilled that I quickly found a job in my field. I worked that same a** off for two months trying to prove myself. Then the bottom fell out - they ran out of money..SERIOUSLY!?!?!? WHY the HECK did you hire me knowing you were in financial trouble - IDIOTS! I felt duped. And the worst part (this is where you all come in!) - I gained 15lbs because I was eating out everyday - not just lunch, but LUNCH! I was 'entertaining' customers several days a week and you don't take them to subway or panera, you take them to Bertucci's, Lone Star, Cheesecake Factory (mouth watering..) -- and you gain weight.

So now I have been sitting at home for three months getting the weight off, living at the gym and fitting into my clothes again! YEA! 

I am one of the fortunate ones and I count my blessings and will not take it for granted - I start my new job on Monday.  I am freaking out because it means 1) being on someone else's schedule for the next month or two during training 2) travelling -which is a huge problem for me and 3) When will I be able to go to the gym? and the list goes on.....How will I manage eating during the day? Will I have the discipline to pack my lunch everyday? I will be back in a situation of entertaining customers, can I now make better decisions on what I order? Even salads at some of these restaurants are high calorie!  

I am so glad that I have had the time during my transition to return to my MFP roots where I rejoin old friends and find new friends.  It has become a daily habit in the past months and I know I will continue to login to log meals and find support. Thank you MFP for the mobile app!!  I find comfort in knowing that I can pop in and add my meals throughout the day.  I can do this but....  I need you now more than ever.   








Another transition....

when I first started my journey it was 2008. I started running, joined the gym and found MFP.  For several years things were great - I was at my physical and mental best, being on such a great path, I applied for a promotion and got the job.  That's when things fell apart.  I failed at BALANCE.  Two years later, I gained back all the weight I had lost, stopped running and let my gym membership expire.  

After a great deal of will power I rebounded back this year and especially the past three months as I have not been working as much.  I am back to my passion -- running, I am down 10 lbs and I am finding daily strength by using the power of MFP.  I am following a Half Marathon Training plan and doing great!  I feel so strong right now!  BALANCE. 

 Now the hard part -- I am starting a new job in 15 days.  The training will require me to be on someone elses schedule for most of the summer.  I am already nervous about how I am going to manage it all and not let my running plan fall apart. How do I find BALANCE?    

What can I do different this time to not fall off this path? I know myself well enough that I need to plan carefully and map out each day, each week to ensure my family, my job and my personal well being doesn't suffer. BALANCE. 

I don't write. I don't blog. But perhaps this will be part of my success? Can I be accountable to my MFP family?   

Why Do I Run?

I run because:
I want to get to the top of that high hill and see what’s beyond.
Because it’s a beautiful spring day and I want to see what flowers are blooming.
I need to wake up. Before I get to work.
Some of the bills are coming due before any of the money is
The kids are trying to get my Irish up. Again.
To Pray
To have time alone.
Because it’s been snowing for days and cabin fever is
Because Mom had osteoporosis and I don’t want it. Weight bearing exercise helps build bone. Because Dad had a heart attack at 63
For Weight control
To reduce cholestrerol and triglycerides.
To see if I run this route faster than I did last time.
Because it’s fall and I want to feel the crisp crunch of fallen leaves under my shoes, just like when I was a kid.
Because I had way too many cups of coffee and I need to get rid of the wired feeling.
To work off that cheeseburger, potato chips, or double fudge brownie.
d@mned I know why. It’s summer and way too hot to run
Because the boss expects the impossible
Because (Insert Name here) IS impossible
Because I want to.
Why do You run?

Hump Day

Faced with two challenges simultaneously  - losing the last 10 lbs and training to run further than I ever thought I would.  It consumes me - like the cliche of the mid-life man buying a hot red corvette - I, too, needed change in my life.  Even I was bored.  Now I have purpose.  and people get it. 
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