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How I Gained 50 lbs

When I left for college (back in 2004), I had heard about the Freshman 15 (for those not familiar, this is the idea that college freshman will gain 15 pounds). My husband (then boyfriend) warned me about "becoming one of those girls who eats a ton of hamburgers in college just because she can". I was sure that I wouldn't be like that. After all, I would be walking to and from class. If anything, I should LOSE weight. Right?

Wrong. I left high school at 175 (already overweight) and quickly ended up at 220, give or take. I had absolutely no idea AT ALL about nutrition, portion size, calorie counts...nothing! I felt so to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, however much I wanted. Money was no object really, since it was a prepaid meal plan (paid for with a portion of my student loan money which is a whole different chapter of "Me Not Having A Clue"). Of course, by the end of the semester when I had used up the balance and still had weeks to go, then it became a problem. But of course I didn't learn, and did the same thing the next semester.

I remember I felt tired all the time. Instead of sleeping more and eating better, I just reached for more food, more pop, more sugar. I knew our bodies needed energy, and energy came from what we consume. I just knew nothing about how to properly fuel it.

I decided to try to figure out just how bad my eating habits were. I tried my best to look up some of the things I consumed

quite often in the MFP database. **These numbers are NOT exact**, since everything was purchased from the school cafeteria and I really dont know the amounts, exact ingredients, brands, etc of most stuff. But it gives you, and me, an idea.

This is what I would have considered a typical eating day:

breakfast sandwich (biscuit, egg, cheese, sausage or bacon) 450
large prepackaged blueberry muffin 550
bottle of pop 300

Cheeseburger 400
cheeseballs 600
large prepackaged rice krispie bar 300
bottle of pop 300

3 tacos with sour cream 800
nachos with cheese, beef, sour cream 750
Pudding parfait 450
bottle of pop 300

pringles 350
chocolate 300
bottle of pop 300


Of course, this isnt EXACTLY what I ate every single day. You could swap out this and stick in that. But the other things were just as bad.

Compare THAT to my now typical day that ends up between 1400 and 1600 damn right I have changed my eating habits!! Damn right I am proud of the changes I have made!! DAMN RIGHT I feel better about myself, especailly now that I put it in perspective. Sure, I still have a long way to go. But I will try not to lose sight of how far I have come.


Leave a comment and let me know what your typical day looked like back when you were putting on weight or what sort of things you cannot believe you did without realizing how bad it was.

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adioschubs wrote 53 months ago:
Thinking back to when I was in first year...

Breakfast: probably sausages, hashbrowns, etc.

Lunch: burger and fries, or pizza, or the infamous waffle bar that gave four waffles, whipped cream, syrup, sprinkles, etc. Man I loved he waffle bar lol.

Dinner: No idea but probably unhealthy

Snack bar: pizza or chicken fingers (this was after 9pm almost every night with my friends)

Other snacks: kit kats, vitamin water, chocolate granola bars, starbucks full fat drinks

In my last year I would eat an entire pizza. Barf.
jazzerciseN wrote 53 months ago:
I believe that my diary years ago would look similar to yours. I ate anywhere from 4,000-6,000 calories every day. My hubby, bless his heart, tried to "help" take some burden off of me by ordering food often. Between fast food joints and delivery, we probably ate out more days than not. I, too, did not have ANY clue that how I was eating was wrong. I was rail thin my whole life and never had to think twice about what I ate. Then all of a sudden I woke up fat lol

For a long time I felt like I lived in hell having to count calories and eat healthy food. I HATED almost all healthy food. I even hated chicken...unless it came from Popeyes. HAHA!

I'm so proud of you for all of your success so far! You have worked so hard!

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