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Windows Update - MyFitnessPal is Available on Windows Phone 8

We're excited to announce that we’ve updated our app for Windows 8 phones. This release includes all the newest features members love on iOS and Android, including the ability to:

  • Sign up and log in with Facebook
  • Add and invite friends from your Facebook contacts
  • Add and invite friends from your Windows phone contact list
  • Enjoy type-ahead food filtering
  • Follow your news feed from your MyFitnessPal home screen

This new app also offers some great live tile features that are specific to Windows Phone 8. For instance, you can pin live tiles to your home screen, including a summary tile with a meter for tracking your daily progress. You can even pin a quick link to the "add to diary" screen to make the tracking process faster than ever.

So if you're a Windows Phone 8 user, we encourage you to update your MyFitnessPal app as soon as you have a moment. And if you encounter any issues, please let us know and we'll investigate ASAP.

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tyrrestrup wrote 46 months ago:
The new app is awesome. I especially like the Live Tiles feature. Great update, thx!!
ahfrancis wrote 46 months ago:
Is this going to be for Windows 8 computers/Surface soon?
KeithChanning wrote 46 months ago:
Great work Mike. The app was already good, and the update has made it even better. Windows 8 next?
wdeem wrote 46 months ago:
Windows 8 app for desktop/laptop would be great too! Thanks!
mrtimsmith wrote 46 months ago:
The wrench icons next to the meals still do nothing, will they work in the near future?
gtchs wrote 46 months ago:
The new app is AWESOME! Thanks for updating it.
chezjuan wrote 46 months ago:
Great app. Love the live tile... I was actually going to request that...
AimeeWrites wrote 46 months ago:
Thank you!!! I've been waiting for this for a year! Love being able to see my news feed.
andy_geek wrote 46 months ago:
I like the changes, keep it up. :)
eddieinny wrote 46 months ago:
Awesome app, just downloaded it! Thanks for releasing this!
loweg2000 wrote 46 months ago:
Please integrate with HealthVault
Robin1117 wrote 46 months ago:
this made my day, when I saw the update!! thank you thank you! The windows phone is fantastic and being able to see what my friends are up to on mfp made it perfect....appreciate it!
_Zardoz_ wrote 46 months ago:
Great update. Shame you can't view others diarys or read messages as with the Android or IOS app. Any news as when these features will be included?
Lysander666 wrote 45 months ago:
Amazing news, thank you so so so much!
scottdorman wrote 45 months ago:
Will the Windows Phone 7 app also get an update? It would be great if you made a Windows 8/Windows 8.1 app as well. Windows 8.1 includes a new "Health & Fitness" app that does some of the same things as MyFitnessPal although it isn't as complete in some features (but includes more on others).
NathanFronk wrote 45 months ago:
When I try to enter a cardio exercise the app freezes. I restarted my phone. No beans. Soft reset, still happens. Then it didn't and it worked fine. Then the next day it froze again.

I have a Lumia 920
PammyLZ wrote 45 months ago:
Super awesome! Thanks for supporting this platform! Other calorie tracking sites are being iSheeple and ignoring Windows Phones!
mom2chrisandnadia wrote 45 months ago:
I love the liver tile feature. I did have some trouble adding cardio earlier today but overall love the app!
tahut wrote 45 months ago:
Ever since your last update, this app no longer works for me (Android). It freezes up every time I try to make any updates. Had to switch to a different app. I hope this problem gets corrected ASAP.
ceegee2013 wrote 45 months ago:
Hi, this isn't available in Australia. When I try to download it tells me 'not available in my region'. Can this be fixed, am I doing something wrong?
BioMechHeretic wrote 45 months ago:
Definitely great guys, but how come on the "nutrients" page the items that you're over on that used to be bright red are now the absolute darkest red possible, making the numbers barely distinguishable from black numbers around it? Otherwise working great!
cathisuesvo wrote 45 months ago:
I don't know how to get more than the basic myfitnesspal tile on my homescreen... can anyone tell me how to do it?
freakboy2k wrote 45 months ago:
Awesome, love the update! Cathisuevo you need to go to the Home page, swipe up, and tap "pin daily summary".
smadacarlyle wrote 45 months ago:
will the windows phone 7 get the same update?
sasorp wrote 45 months ago:
Thanks so much! Love it - getting motivated to do this thing!
2diaspaula wrote 45 months ago:
Very good
aflate wrote 45 months ago:
martinking1983 wrote 45 months ago:
Is it just me or is anybody else not getting the type ahead food filtering?
a_new_dawn wrote 45 months ago:
YAY! i'm coming back to windows now!!
Aymzc wrote 45 months ago:
Will Windows 7 be getting an update? Looks really basic now compared to all these new ones!
irma0502 wrote 45 months ago:
i am planning on buying a nokia lumia 520. Will it work in bangladesh
a_new_dawn wrote 45 months ago:
Love the new app, especially the calories live tile! Please can we have the ability to send and read our messages though? That would be the icing on the cake (naughty!)
Robin1117 wrote 45 months ago:
agree with the above comment! I love the app--it's fantastic! but have been confused when it tells me I have a message but I can't figure out how to read it??? Would love that in the next update--thanks!
Tracey7231 wrote 45 months ago:
just updated now looks much better thank you
DeniseK1958 wrote 45 months ago:
Sigh, Hope something will be coming soon for the new Blackberry. Very disappointed to join MFP & can't access it on my mobile.
GoLeo wrote 42 months ago:
Very nice app. There is one feature I would like to suggest. As well as being able to pin the remaining calories to the start tile would it be possible to pin my ticker to the start tile? Perhaps an idea for a future version. I think it would be very motivating. Thank you.
Anonymous wrote 39 months ago:
I can't get food log to load .... it gets stuck and I have to uninstall & install every 3-4 days. I use Lumia 822 with Windows 8 ... ERGGG!
Anonymous wrote 39 months ago:
Same problem as above, can get food log to load and it hangs. Gotta uninstall and reinstall every other time to get it working. Any fix for this ? When it works its an awesome app...
nim_rah wrote 24 months ago:
I am using Lumia 520 and i couldn't download my fitness pal from any where. I am from Pakistan ... Any guideline
KyleCarpani wrote 18 months ago:
Need to get this ap for windows desktop... would be great.
Anonymous wrote 18 months ago:
Please... this would be wonderful for windows 8!! Now that the bing health and fitness app has been discontinued I feel a bit lost in terms of keeping track of my calories. I would pay $5NZD or more... even $10NZD to get this app on my laptop.

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