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Windows Phone 7 app update now available

We are very happy to announce the new release of an update for our Windows Phone 7 app. Here's a quick list of the enhancements included in this update:

  • Multi- add: users will now be able to add multiple foods at once from the search feature or from their favorites list

  • Recipes: users can now create, edit and use recipes from within the app

  • Quick Tools: copy meals in your diary to different days, remember meals, and more

  • Complete Diary: users can now complete their diary from within the app

  • Barcode Scanner: many members will be happy to hear that we've added the  barcode scanner feature to our Windows Phone 7 app. PLEASE NOTE: this feature requires Mango (version 7.1), so you must be running the latest version of Windows Phone 7 in order to use the scanner.
As always, our app and the updates are completely FREE to download and use. You can update the app through the Marketplace on your phone. 

Thanks, and hope you're all enjoying MFP!
Mike, Al, and the MFP team 

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Mandyda148k wrote 70 months ago:
So glad... Now if I could read others updates! My Android did it and I do miss this feature!
mamasix wrote 70 months ago:
Is there anything like this for Blackberry's?
BrandyCarr wrote 70 months ago:
I have a Windows phone and am currently using the MFP app. Do I need to Reinstall this app to get it to work with all these features?
Roseangel57 wrote 70 months ago:
any new updates for the android phones?
kaetra wrote 70 months ago:
I'm loving it! Thanks!
michaelwegman wrote 70 months ago:
Thank you for adding these features.

I'm having problems with the barcode scanner. I have an HTC Surround. The barcode scanner portion will come up but the camera won't turn on. I just see a red line and everything else is black.
MzBug wrote 70 months ago:
Thank You!!! Love the new features. Works perfect on my Samsung Focus Flash with Mango 7.5.
TheKitsune6 wrote 70 months ago:
Hooray! Thanks!
NettyIOM wrote 70 months ago:
Excellent news!

I love my Windows phone <3
carram66 wrote 70 months ago:
AWESOME! Great updates
TymmayK wrote 69 months ago:
Huge update - love all the new features (Barcode scanner and being able to complete my diary are huge)
kingeternal wrote 69 months ago:
Being a person who recently changed from iphone to wp7, its good to see this app updated and hopefully in the not to distant future the apps will be on equal grounds in terms of features.
dsgerger wrote 69 months ago:
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FireHareJenny wrote 69 months ago:
Thank you the bar code feature is awesome! It works better on my WP7 then on my sister's android.

Now if we can see updates and messages that would be great. Keep up the good work.
jnonis wrote 69 months ago:
This is great! I love the update. Any chance to add a "dark" theme and a live tile with "remaining calories"? That would be awesome!
janelleb15 wrote 68 months ago:
Works perfect. Would be great to have the summary page so you can see what your friends have posted and we can comment. The android has that and really miss that feature. Otherwise it is awesome! Barcode scanner works perfect
kgrashad wrote 66 months ago:
Awesome updates. Finding WP7 app was one of the main reason I switched to MFP.

Any plans to add some caching capabilities to the app? It is kind of annoying to have to see the loading bar every other swipe.
garfield2099 wrote 66 months ago:
Also, would love to see that in time the ability to comment on friends would be a big bonus as well!

I love the overall app for WP7 but the minus is no friends list on it...
Thechiplover wrote 65 months ago:
Im with Garfield, would love to be able to see what my friends are up to
NycoleML wrote 65 months ago:
I'd also love the ability to see the "home" page and be able to connect with friends via the Windows phone. Otherwise, works great, thanks!
wizll wrote 65 months ago:
implement a live tile (or two, backside)
it could show the remaining calories
omstedall wrote 65 months ago:
This is great.

Now can you please add support for the Withings Wifi Scale to update a weight automatically in MFP.

Also please add Runkeeper integration to send our calorific intake to the Health Graph and pull our exercise activities into MFP!
jacobschwarz wrote 64 months ago:
I just moved from the android version to the WP7 version. One thing that I would like is to see my calories without it having to sync to the site. That is the one thing that it 'should' do. It can try to sync later when a conection is obtained.
JudyMartinAyers wrote 63 months ago:
Thank you so very much for the new version with copying meals and the scanner is a time saver and more accurate.
kathy3214 wrote 59 months ago:
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realkylepage wrote 47 months ago:
please make the calorie breakdown feature available for windows!

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