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What will your heart do today? Try the Heart Calculator

How powerful is your heart? Find out how much work your heart does in a day: amount of blood pumped, number of beats, the distance that blood travels, and more. 

Check out our fun new heart calculator: 

Hope you are enjoying the site! 

- Mike & Al

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tobebetter wrote over 5 years:
wow, this is amazing!
erodriquez wrote over 5 years:
I just found you yesterday and I love your site! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
dasiey wrote over 5 years:
very cool. I just found you today. I will be back.
tbrown1025 wrote over 5 years:
I cannot wait for the iphone app -- I use livestrong, but MFP offers so many more features that I use; I almost want a refund on my Livestrong app b/c I can just as easily track with pen & paper. (I love that MFP allows you to set your macronutrient percentages and tracks them too, isntead of just tracking only calories).
lizzyksm wrote over 5 years:
That's crazy, thanks for the link :)
Anonymous wrote about 5 years:
It says my blood travels over 10667 miles in one day. Are you sure? That would require my blood to be traveling at an average speed of 416 miles per hour. Perhaps you intended to say metres instead of miles?

If my blood was traveling at 416 miles per hour, and I cut myself shaving, the blood would fountain up about a mile into the sky. That's gruesome.
Anonymous wrote about 5 years:
Thats a Fun Tool

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