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Weight Loss Tickers and Forum Signatures

I'm pleased to announce that I launched two new features to the site last night: weight loss tickers and forum signatures.  Here's the lowdown:


Weight loss tickers are a fun and easy way to show off your weight loss progress to the world.   If you've visited other diet websites or forums, you've probably seen some around: a little graphic that shows you how much weight someone has lost, and how far they have to go to reach their goal.  There are a lot of other websites that will let you create a ticker for free.

So why are MyFitnessPal's tickers different?  Frankly, I've always thought that the tickers other sites let you make are — how should I put this — butt ugly.  So when designing our tickers, I asked a friend of mine who's a fantastic designer to help out, and I think she's done a fantastic job.  The MyFitnessPal tickers, in my humble opinion, are gorgeous!  Here's some examples:


Even cooler, with MyFitnessPal, you can actually create a personalized ticker with your own photo on it.  So you can create a completely unique ticker that is all your own.  Add a photo of your family, your wedding, a paintiing you've done — the sky is the limit.

How cool is that?

To create a ticker, just go to 


I've also added the ability for MyFitnessPal members to create a forum signature.  Your forum signature will get added to the bottom of every post you make on the site.  You can put things in your signature like you're favorite quotes or motivational sayings, a poem, or of course, a weight loss ticker.

To create your signature, go to "My Home", then click on "Settings", then "Forum Signature"

If you have any questions about these new features, just leave me a message here or on the forums and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Hope you are all enjoying the site!

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cmriverside wrote 115 months ago:
Hi, Mike! How are they adding the pictures to their message body? cmriverside
food_junkie wrote 115 months ago:
Hey Mike! Just wanted to say I looooove the site, its awesome! You should make the blogging feature more prominent on the homepage or something because its awesome and not very many people know about it! Thanks again for the site!!! =]
shortstack wrote 114 months ago:
I am having problems posting my ticker, could you help me do it?

heal4444 wrote 108 months ago:
Hi Mike!

I love your ticker feature!!! It's the whole reason I'm here. I've had tickerfactory/TF ones. They're ok like you said. Then, one time, I went on Biggest Loser League and saw all these TF tickers and MFP tickers. I thought. Hmmm, what are all these MFP tickers, they're really interesting. So, I came over and lo and behold found your site.

I could not believe that the tickers are part of the signature, makes so much sense. I was a BLClub member for 3 mths and bugged me, that I had no easy quick way to find out someone's weight goals and progress quickly.

Now, all MFP members have their tickers up. So amazing.

What I love about your tickers are that

1. The lbs lost font is huge!!! Instant inspiration
2. It's colourful
3. It's not too many rulers to choose from. Too many could be too busy for the eye.
4. Customized is possible for those to upload photos.
A couple of members uploaded their ticker with a string of 5 pics depicting their progress. So inspiring to see.

Mike, if it wasn't for your tickers. I would not have found your website. And would not have loved it so much.

Thanks for putting in the effort to improve the ticker concept and got your friend to design it with custom made tickers.

Thanks and eager to see what future innovations.

lawson wrote 107 months ago:
Hi Mike, I cant get the ticker to show up on mine, what am I doing wrong? Its coming up with the jumbles... Help!
Anonymous wrote 100 months ago:
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TanRobins wrote 96 months ago:
I just joined last week and I LOVE this site and really appreciate the ticker feature, but I can't get it to work. I tried to follow your instructions above, but under my settings, there is no "forum signature" showing. Can you help?
Thank you!!
Anonymous wrote 91 months ago:
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cenandra wrote 31 months ago:
I don't see a forums setting anywhere.....
Anonymous wrote 31 months ago:

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