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Website Update – gets a facelift

We're excited to announce that we’ve updated our website, This release offers a much cleaner user experience including:

  • The addition of "add food" and "add exercise" buttons to the home page to help you get logging even more quickly!
  • The addition of a smart calorie meter on the home page to see where you are against your goal, how much exercise you've earned, and where you've netted out with regards to calories.
  • Removal of the left-hand column on the home page to allow for more space to view content
  • Streamlined re-styling including a new navigation bar.
  • Improved reporting:
    • We're now using HTML5, not Flash, so you can even view your reports on your phone.
    • You can hover over the chart to see actual values.
    • Instead of having to go back-and-forth between pages to view different charts, you can now see them on a single page.
    • We've added your goals to the relevant charts, as a reference point!

Ultimately, we hope these changes will significantly improve your experience with the website. So take a look and let us know if you have feedback! And if you encounter any issues, please let us know and we’ll investigate ASAP.

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shadcollins wrote 44 months ago:
I don't know if the upgrade is done or what.
The food section seems broken and has duplicated items in it. I thinks I ate 20-30 of the same thing and the delete button is broken.

Hopefully the website is still being upgrade(but if it is, why can we access it?).

anaconda469 wrote 44 months ago:
You took off the most important thing to most people. The bar with calorie goal, food, exercise and net that was available. Now I have to hunt for what I want to see. Also now I can't see my weight loss badge. Please don't screw up the Android version where this bar is still available. Truly I am not happy with this new site. After almost a year, may have to move on to another site.
wendyholla wrote 44 months ago:
I experienced the same thing. Plus I had added my dinner on my iphone app and normally it would transfer to the PC version, but it would not do that tonight. I had to finally just add it again on the website. I'm hoping this will be fixed soon, I use the app to scan bar codes since it's a lot quicker.
tageekly wrote 44 months ago:
Can you bring the NET CALORIES calculation back to the home page? I know I used that as an indicator and it's often referred to on the forums and now that number isn't anywhere, unless you refer to the app.
VictoriaFitness2010 wrote 44 months ago:
Having difficulty deleting incorrect or duplicate entries on the food dairy section...please help!
ravengal44646 wrote 44 months ago:
I like it! Much cleaner looking.
mrdlink wrote 44 months ago:
I cant delete foods I've added to my diary in error?
mrdlink wrote 44 months ago:
I cant scrool to a different date in my diary? and cant see my counter?
Crochetluvr wrote 44 months ago:
I am really liking the changes. Much nicer. Having no real problems and unlike others, I dont mind playing around figuring out things...I think its fun. People are taking this all WAY to you went out of your way to make their lives miserable. Keep on, guys and gals...and thanks! :)
Hearts_2015 wrote 44 months ago:
Love it!! No problems here! Appreciate all the hard work in keeping MFP updated and user friendly. ♥
sophieannejune wrote 44 months ago:
Hi..i made revisions to my food for today and got not delete out things that should no longer be included. I ended up having to choose the item and change the quantity to 0. Will this be fixed?????
hippy2skippy wrote 44 months ago:
Nice upgrade, much more modern!
deadwax wrote 44 months ago:
Bottom line in regards to the changes:

Bring the weight loss badge back to the My Home.

Ultimately I would rather of seen changes that added content, like being able to see all the nutritional options in my food diary instead of only being allowed to select 6 to display and having to go digging daily for the others. That would of been a substantive change as opposed to a style change.
Denjo060 wrote 44 months ago:
I do not like this its enough we have to go through changes in the corporate world and deal with them why do it here why change what is working
TheBraveryLover wrote 44 months ago:
Not a fan but I'm sure I'll get used to it like I did the other upgrades. Only thing you need to add again is seeing the actual net calories on the home page like someone else mentioned above. Other than that, I can deal.
MrsBozz1 wrote 44 months ago:
The new "add food" & "add exercise" buttons do exactly the same thing as the food & exercise buttons on the menu on the home page, why did that get doubled?? I miss all the info that used to be on the home page... and the ticker that told me how much I've lost, that always made me smile. And I also can't delete food, not cool!!
taso42 wrote 44 months ago:
It's very 1999. Way more modern and usable than previous version.
heather4949 wrote 44 months ago:
I can't delete the exercises that in error came in twice...hope all the little problems get fixed...
sky15425 wrote 44 months ago:
Added dinner on PC and it's not showing up on android phone app. Also not syncing with FitBit after new layout.
porcelain_doll wrote 44 months ago:
Love the new look! Nice job!
nopeekiepeekie wrote 44 months ago:
For those that are worried about the weight loss badge being missing, your loss is right below your profile picture. It didn't go anywhere, they just changed the way it looked.

I like the update. Hope all the bugs that people are reporting get worked out quickly. Great job MFP Team!
goldiejoe wrote 44 months ago:
What a nice surprise! I really like the new functionality. Great way to grow with technology and stay relevant. Kudos!
kaytee232013 wrote 44 months ago:

Would it be possible to have the ability to change the quantities/measurements in a recipe? For example, If my ingredient uses oil or butter and I add 1 tablespoon more or less, I can't change it, so I have to delete the ingredient and then re-add. Also, sometimes I add an ingredient quantity incorrectly but once it's added, I can't do anything to change it apart from deleting and starting again.

I think a lot of people would appreciate this feature from what I've read on the forums.

Thank you for the site! :)
alissonnj wrote 44 months ago:
The updates look great - I do agree with many other users that the simple Net Calorie is a valuable metric that we use frequently. Please consider adding Net Calories back to the main page. Thank you.
fitzie63 wrote 44 months ago:
Sorry Mike and Al but~~~ this is definitely NOT a "winner". Back to the ol' "drawing board".
alphabetsoup2013 wrote 44 months ago:
I think you did a great job on the upgrades. Thanks for all your hard work and for offering such a great product to your users without charge. PS My FitBit is synching just fine.
STrooper wrote 44 months ago:
I like the clean look. So far everything I've done works just fine.
staroftheeast wrote 44 months ago:
Not a fan. Food entries don't seem to be working corectly, they either double themselves or don't show up at all. Also, my weight loss badge/ticker is now so small which makes me sad. Seems like much less info , ie net calories, smaller ticker, etc. on home page but a ton more ads. On my news feed there is either very little separation between posts or there are comment boxes under each post .... no consistency. also, I'm noticing the page seems to take a lot longer to load.
A_Warrior_Princess wrote 44 months ago:
Love the clean look, different font, can't wait to check out the reports. Love the weight/goals are right ont he front page in front of my face!!!
jadedone wrote 44 months ago:
Can you prioritize updating the forums to something modern with a semi-workable search, and the feature to view the last read post. How about updating the blog engine so that it actually works on a Mac?
Averain wrote 44 months ago:
I think it looks great, guys!
tvanhooser wrote 44 months ago:
Ads seem to be doubled over the right hand column where all the links to news and forums are. Since net calories is not my primary indicator of where I am at for the day, having that be the main/only thing that shows is of little value to me. It was better when it showed more info. But I can still see what I need to know on my food tab and the program as a whole works the same as what has worked for me for over a year so will be here for quite a while longer I predict! :o) Anything that does the math FOR me so I can lose weight and still have a life gets my vote everytime!! LOL!! :o)
jessnicwilk wrote 44 months ago:
hungryhobbit1 wrote 44 months ago:
Not sure what this means:

"Instead of having to go back-and-forth between pages to view different charts, you can now see them on a single page." -- I can't see more than one report on the same page.
Crochetluvr wrote 44 months ago:
@hungryhobbit1 it means that you can now see all the options for each report on the same page. For instance, for weight. You used to have to go back if you wanted to see a different chart for different time frames. Now all the times (7 days, 30 days) are all on the chart page.
DakotaKeogh wrote 44 months ago:
I'd like to echo the sentiment to bring back the net calories calculation. Though I really do like the smart bar showing where things are at in terms of goal and calories consumed. The grey zone to the right of calories from exercise isn't really talking to me. What I'm seeing is that I'm at 1430 out of 1480, which makes me want to put on the brakes. But then, above it I see 783 calories remaining, which just gives me a brain whiplash. It might just be as simple as giving the exercise part of the bar a different color.

Also, since you're trying to bring more diary info to the front page for quick access, it'd be great if the macros we track - protein, fat, carbs, whatever - could be displayed under the bar, as well. Then I could take a quick look and realize, "Whoa, gotta up the protein still!"
littlelady2b wrote 44 months ago:
My pages all seem to be to the Left and its driving me nuts. I know this site is free and I appreciate all your hard work but why fix something that wasn't broken?? I miss the old way it was great! I find the adds to be a lot bigger and so I've ended up viewing my pages to the left instead of centered. I also find the home page to be a bit boring before there was more color and I miss the colorful ticker on the left that showed my weight loss it was bigger and because it was colorful I could see it right away and be proud of what I've lost now there is this dull small weight loss below my picture not exciting at all and isn't that why we are here is to lose weight and be proud of what we have achieved?? I really don't like viewing everything from the left side instead of center. Sorry for complaining I know you all probably worked hard and obviously you can't please everyone. I hope some of this can be changed I'm just not happy sorry. Thank you for taking the time to read this and listen to those of us that are having difficulies accepting the change.
urfitnesspal2 wrote 44 months ago:
I like the look, but it would be REALLY helpful to be able to minimize or disable the "Forum Topics." Too many inappropriate titles for my weak little mind... Please?
ashleew1117 wrote 44 months ago:
Please tell me your going to make it look like this for iphone users? I would love the app to look like this!
& to make it possible to see the forum on the app as well because i rarely get on my computer to access this site only my phone.
Tiffjerrod2 wrote 44 months ago:
I would like to see a calculation of inches lost on the weigh in tab. Since there is not one, I have to add up the inches from my first measurements to my last measurements by hand. Also would like for these to be in 1/4 inch increments instead of rounding up by 10ths.
Hearts_2015 wrote 44 months ago:
I would LOVE to see this option!!! :) :) urfitnesspal2 wrote:
" would be REALLY helpful to be able to minimize or disable the "Forum Topics." Too many inappropriate titles"
FamilyMan44 wrote 44 months ago:
A dashboard like fitbit would be a nice option... I do like this though, not love yet but give it time ;)
FamilyMan44 wrote 44 months ago:
like I meant.
aditifoodie wrote 44 months ago:
I like the cleaner look, its a refreshing change and I don't seem to have any problems or errors.
DigitalDiana wrote 44 months ago:
Nice clean look to it. I like it!
If you are looking for addtiional feedback I would also be one that would like to see the calculation of inched added up in the weigh in tab. That would rock!
ambamaden wrote 44 months ago:
Am really liking the changes :) Good Work!
adangel2 wrote 44 months ago:
Maybe a place where we can put private progress pics.
RebekahR84 wrote 44 months ago:
I logged on pretty late in the day, so it appears all the bugs have been fixed. No problems encountered so far. Nice work.
hawkasaurus wrote 44 months ago:
Decent update from a UX perspective. From a UI perspective though, the design feels amateur and this "facelift" didn't bring a beautiful interface to MFP at all. The trend of flat design won't be a trend much longer, and when boiled down is usually just an easy way for inexperienced designer to quickly look like they know what they're doing. Attention to detail and creating an elegant UI for users to interact with should be a key part of a redesign. None of that is seen here though. Functionality improvements and layout placement are there... but please give the design itself more attention to detail! I've been a UI/UX designer for 12 years now, and if I was in charge of a designing a product used by millions of people, I would put all the effort I could into the creative process. Feeling very unimpressed here though.
RogW333 wrote 44 months ago:
I thought with all these changes, there would finally be a way to "favorite" foods for later recall. But no, you still have to hope what you're looking for shows up near the top under "recent" or "frequent".
WDEvy wrote 44 months ago:
I echo a lot of other people. the main page calculations for net needs to be back. And also the left alignment is making me insane! It feels like there's something wrong with the page.
GiGiBeans wrote 44 months ago:
What a pleasant surprise. So much cleaner looking. Love the new calories and exercise bar.
Tennessee2019 wrote 44 months ago:
This is off of the recent forum section of the website.

My vote is to find a way to remove the right hand column ads as well (& just have them at the top or bottom) because the forum section is covered up by the ads & you have to scroll over them to see them.
ginnylee75 wrote 44 months ago:
I agree with the above regarding the ads. It's not a bad update quite nice in fact, however would like to see net calories back. I liked that. Perhaps as the app shows it on Mikes instructions on his blog today.
lowdog5 wrote 44 months ago:
Looks a lot better, not to conjested, Was having a bit of a problem with logging in my foods but I believe its fixed,
GetSoda wrote 44 months ago:
Please hire a CSS guy to set minimum margins and scaling element width. Thank you.
cpiton wrote 44 months ago:
I like it! Looks cleaner. So far I'm not having any negative issues with it at all. Thanks! :)
bjohs wrote 44 months ago:
It's improving! Now if we could just tackle the list I posted in the forum... that would be great!
Manojamarnath wrote 44 months ago:
Very good improvement, fell in love at first site.
goron59 wrote 44 months ago:
"We're now using HTML5, not Flash, so you can even view your reports on your phone."
"You can hover over the chart to see actual values."

"Hover" and "phone" don't mix.
macfee60 wrote 44 months ago:
The new design looks good. So far everything works correctly for me. However, the correct sync of the meals to the jawbone up to the victims has fallen probably once again the new design yesterday then me worked like a miracle.
droozel wrote 44 months ago:
Nice and clean, looks promising, lets try to use it for some time now!
Krishna_Veni wrote 44 months ago:
Look is good but delete button is missing in food diary. Please fix.
Elegra2006 wrote 44 months ago:
Echo the request to please add net calories back to front page, was the most useful piece of information that I use.

Also, as a previous poster, mentioned in Recipes, please allow us to update ingredients without having to delete and re-enter - a total pain!

anaconda469 wrote 44 months ago:
Some of my custom exercises are missing and so are some of my meals too. In order to add them I have to go to my Android phone where the complete list of exercises and meals reside. Why did you have to do this without running in parallel until all the bugs were worked out. Now I have tons of data to put back in, may not be worth it. DO NOT SCREW UP THE ANDROID APP!
LanaeCarol wrote 44 months ago:
In general, I like the new look. On the home page before I could see at a glance how many calories I had netted. Now I can easily see how many I have eaten and how many I have exercised but I need a calculator to figure out my net. If you could somehow put the net on the indicator bar it would be great!
Casstevens133 wrote 44 months ago:
In general it looks good to me but the delete button doesn't work on food which is a major issue to me as I change a lot during the course of a day
divinenanny wrote 44 months ago:
I miss my net calls...
No1Stinger wrote 44 months ago:
Sorry guys, I don't like the new look at all. It seems as though you have made more space to accommodate more adverts.
changing4life wrote 44 months ago:
I really like the new look and appreciate all you do. This is an awesome site and thanks for all you do.

Regarding the new bar, instead of hovering over to see exercise calories and calorie goal, if you could put the numbers back so they are visual immediately and always that would be much more better.

Thanks again
changing4life wrote 44 months ago:
PS and net calories as well...
thegilly6 wrote 44 months ago:
My PC can delete food, my MAC cannot.
Runsteady1 wrote 44 months ago:
My delete button has disappeared so if I choose something else I have to put the previous choice to 0 amount. Looks messy!!
Also I can't look back at previous days which I sometimes like to do. The Home page doesn't appeal - looks boring!!
changing4life wrote 44 months ago:
My MAC can't delete food either. Have to do it from my iPhone.
Lynn_SD wrote 44 months ago:
NO MARGINS on left side, every page on site (except for blogs), makes for a difficult user experience. Really, we can't get MARGINS right??
HealthyVitamins wrote 44 months ago:
please please please add the splashy water thingy.

When I got to 9 cups I used to love it when the water splashed over the cups - made it feel like an achievement!
LTGPSA wrote 44 months ago:
I like the cleanup; especially the new font. I do miss the more visually appealing badge - as my lbs lost is an important number to me (the present view seems kind of small / insignificant). If you can give us the ability to be creative with our badge - that would be cool. If not, it's certainly not the end of my world. I appreciate that this site exists for my use at no charge; as it has indeed helped me achieve my weight loss goal. Thank you for all your work on this awesome tool! Lori.
healthybabs wrote 44 months ago:
Don't see the advantage of adding the add food and add exercise buttons, no lift there. One click there or on the bar brings you to the same wasted real estate with that enhancement. you did add extra room for more ads though. Gee Tks! How about some work on the forums or on the recipe builder so we could share and/or just edit our recipes. The addition of a like button would really be great. Maybe a little better QA before you release would be worth it. Seems like you had a lot of problems with this last night after release. Over all, I will get used to it.
davortomic wrote 44 months ago:
You guys did a great job, thank you! :)
kimcatus wrote 44 months ago:
I miss the net calories calculation...I can't do that math in my head. I REALLY wish you would bring that back. For now I will use my phone more I guess...until that changes as well.
CycleGuy9000 wrote 44 months ago:
I like the way it looks and loads faster but you need to bring back the net calories and stuff, put the news feed back in the center, looks weird all the way over to the right, it's in the center on Facebook for a reason, it just looks better that way.
Duck_Puddle wrote 44 months ago:
Another vote to please add the net calorie calculations back to the home page. I use a bodymedia armband, and it's really awesomely helpful to see the number of exercise calories it is adding for the day (seeing the actual number is how I can tell if there is a syncing problem as well). Now that it's just a bar, I have to take extra steps to get that info. That's a bummer.

Also another vote to add just the tiniest of margins to the left. It is disorienting that everything looks like it's cut off on the left.

I use my phone for everything mfp. Please don't change the app. And hovering doesn't do anything for me.

Otherwise, it's fine. The color scheme is a bit easier on the eyes.
Phrick wrote 44 months ago:
I too would like to see Net Calories make a reappearance, and I would love to be able to delete food items in my diary (using Safari it's still not corrected) otherwise, well... it's going to take some getting used to but it's no reason to jump ship, at least for me.
mmickk67 wrote 44 months ago:
Cannot believe they have removed the weight lost to date counter on the left hand side of the page it gives you so much encouragement please put it back!!!!! Now going to look for an alternative app I think do not like this at all.
tootoop224 wrote 44 months ago:
Updates are fine. Would prefer you focus efforts in the future on functionality, like allowing a user to control an individual food list. If I could find a food in the database, favorite it, then search only that list, THAT would be helpful. As it is know, for infrequently used foods that drop off the "recent" list, we have to search the entire database, somehow find the correct item (no easy task as there are many times dozens of incorrect ones) and add it to our diary. Then do that all over again the next time.

Agree with others, net calories on home page needs to be added back. Shouldn't be that difficult to add that functionality to the status bar. Also agree ticker should be on the home page.

While I am at it, it would be nice if a user could individualize their home page like you are able to do with "" for example.
Dyanicky61 wrote 44 months ago:
wish you never changed it
TheLoneMarmot wrote 44 months ago:
It's nicer look and the two add buttons help, thanks!
Susieq_1994 wrote 44 months ago:
Still didn't add "Oman" to the country list :(..
jellykellybean wrote 44 months ago:
Like the updates! As with anything, you have to work out the bugs (but the only one I've seen so far was not being able to delete food entries) and improvements can always be made. However, I think the site is headed in a good direction. I've been using it for almost two years, and I love it!
Rorius wrote 44 months ago:
Nice new look. I'm glad you folks are updating to HTML 5. Keep up the good work.

Just a thing I've noticed...There is Parmesan in my recent breakfast foods....I don't recall having that with my PB & Banana Sandwich ;)
njbuesing wrote 44 months ago:
I wish functionality would be worked on as well.

* Inconsistencies/Issues

>>The addition of "add food" and "add exercise" buttons to the home page to help you get logging even more quickly!

+ I can already click on the tabs at the top of the page to get to these sections; so I don't know how these buttons makes things quicker, must more confusing (IMHO). Also, the tab order is food/exercise, the button order is exercise/food. They should be consistent.

+ When I click on Food Tab / Settings Tab, then the Home Tab / Settings Tab is highlighted. But if I select Home Tab / Settings Tab, then I'm in a different settings menu. (same is true for selecting Exercise/Settings).

+ Click on My Home / Profile, then the tab selection jumps to Community and no sub tab selected. If I select any of the sub tabs under community, I don't get Profile option.

+ Very difficult to see subtab selected.

+ Hovering over tab shows it the same as a selected tab.

+ The small icons (i.e. delete icon from food entry) seem rough and unpolished. Same with facebook, twitter, and g+ icons.

+ I really wish time was spent cleaning up the food database. Really dislike that people put in an entry for 1/2 of a banana. Just put in a banana (and then pick 1/2 of serving size). Would be nice to filter on those that have more "confirmations", and/or some vote up/down scenario....

saxmaniac wrote 44 months ago:
While I like the overall design, the vertical margins are gigantic and there's so much blank space. This means I have to maximize the window to even see the very first line of my newsfeed.

I'll probably hack up some CSS code to override it, but look into some alternate CSS themes or things that scale a little bit better.
MassiveDelta wrote 44 months ago:
OOOOH So clean and modern to bad it doesnt meet it purpose any longer.
oawalden wrote 44 months ago:
I LIKE THE NEW DESIGN. No complaints. Think its cleaner and looks better. There is always suggestions because it seems nobody is ever happy with what they have. IT'S A FREE APP PEOPLE---DON'T EXPECT MIRACLES. My goodness. I know its hard to like "change" for some people, but all the unnecessary complaining is crazy. Play around on the site and you'll find all kinds of things that you like/dislike. Just enjoy it while its free. They've could've updated it and made you pay to keep it. I mean seriously. My kids don't complain this much. lol
LisaUlrey wrote 44 months ago:
The new design for the web site and the app is very frustrating and not very user friendly. You have to jump through extra hoops on the app to add things to your diary. The first time I used the new version, I was very confused.

The web page design is very blocky and not easy on the eyes. Everthing seems to be oriented to the left of the page whick means I am going to do a lot of scrolling to see the right of the page. Everything was perfect before. Why take a step back instead of a step forward???
nak1a wrote 44 months ago:
The new design doesn't bother me in the least. I think it looks good, sleeker. My only thing is that I wish NET CALORIES were back on the homepage. But KUDOS, i can't find much wrong with this design.
lunchlady61 wrote 44 months ago:
Creature of habit, not a fan of the new look.
SaharaZaraMorocco wrote 44 months ago:
Looks great!
harlanJEN wrote 44 months ago:
Great site that I've used for two years. The new look is cleaner and yep it's change, but it's all good. Change is always difficult at first, but I predict all will be well !
tucktucker wrote 44 months ago:
I do like your new format, however we've been waiting over a year to be able to exchange recipes between friends only. You told us back then you intended to make this exchanging of recipes available.
doug_pierce wrote 44 months ago:
I am disappointed with MFP. There were several great suggestions on the Website Suggestions/Feedback forum which seem to have a lot of support from the community (i.e notifications, ability to (easily) post pictures, ability to hyperlink, like button…etc.). Rather than addressing any of these, MFP focused its efforts changing the layout.
Restlessme wrote 44 months ago:
While I enjoy the new look immensely (it'll take some getting used to from other people, I'm sure) I'm still waiting for notifications! While this might make the website a bit closer to the facebook way of things, I think being able to reply to someone's distinct comment on a status of any kind would be amazing to implement.
meadow_sage wrote 44 months ago:
I love the new updates. Especially the reports update. Great work! Makes MFP a super WIN! It's already FREE and user friendly and it's even better.
pangy1958 wrote 44 months ago:

I do like the new design, but wish it all wasn't squashed over to the left of the page. I know its the adverts that keep the site going, but do they have to be so big.

Would just like to say thank you MFP people for all your hard work.
CaraRadz wrote 44 months ago:
I definitely agree with the other comments about the calorie breakdown being removed from the homepage. The green bar is cool, but it was super helpful to have calories consumed, calories burned, and net calories all there on the homepage.
CarmenSRT wrote 44 months ago:
It's too visually weighted to the left, but other than the persistent problem with custom meals being intermittently available it will do.
Chatnee wrote 44 months ago:
I agree.... really not feeling the new layout. Looks under construction. I actually refreshed the page twice just to see if it would load completely before I realized that it really was supposed to look like that. Glad you guys are interested in making changes but I don't think this one was all that great. Adding food and exercise information doesn't seem to be any clicks fewer (maybe one). And NET CALORIES was one of the main site attributes I utilized. Would LOVE to see that come back atleast.
KellySue67 wrote 44 months ago:
I like the look of it, but miss the bar that had my net calories listed. I don't have time to search all over to find the information that I need.
Tonnina wrote 44 months ago:
I like the new layout!
I like that I get notified of comments on my PHONE, I'd like that to happen on the website too.
elisabeisme wrote 44 months ago:
the removal of the left column has created some viewing difficulty. Although your screen shot above shows a bit of extra space to the left of the main screen window, that's not showing up when viewed in my browser (safari). Certain elements are butted up against the left side of my screen making them difficult to view. In particular, the text on profile pages and the pictures in the news feed are completely smashed against the left side. There's not even 1 pixel of space to the left of the avatars in the news feed so the pictures are very difficult to view. This is not a problem in "your daily summary" where a gap has been left to the left, but it's a problem in many other modules. You'll need to fix the spacing on these other modules......
elisabeisme wrote 44 months ago:
on the plus side, I do really like that the reports are no longer flash so I can finally view them!!
ReneeMcGettingsmaller wrote 44 months ago:
Please bring back my ticker! I realize that there is some boring blue font that says how much I've lost, but I liked my ticker the way it was. I created it, and it reflects ME. It feels to me like you took all the personality out it, which was one aspect that was helping to make my weight loss journey FUN! At least, a little bit. Now it's just numbers. Bleh. :(
asteriskrntt wrote 44 months ago:
I am guessing everyone is not getting the rollout at the same time. One suggestion I will make is with the reports. Think of the reports like financial statements. No one produces financial statements without giving a combine summary. For example, telling me calories and showing daily burns is somewhat helpful, but showing a cumulative number should also be there. Same with exercise. Etc. And being able to put a couple of charts together would also be nice.

aliceb39 wrote 44 months ago:
I miss my weight loss ticker, too, but I can live without it. But I really don't like the color scheme--seems very flat to me, kind of depressing. I really liked the old turquoise.

Haven't played around with much else, yet, but so far I haven't had any of the problems others are reporting.
cumulothinbus wrote 44 months ago:
Thanks for the update!

- Please add a function to delete an entire meal. Sometimes I'll accidentally add a saved meal to the wrong day or timeframe, and it is cumbersome to edit/delete individual items.

- I'm missing the weight loss badge. On my Home, my eye would *always* go first to my badge number on the left side. The plain font for lbs lost just doesn't have the same motivational effect and visual appeal.

- Please consider adding a function to Edit a Meal on the Your Personal Meals page. (Could be placed next to the Delete Selected Meal button.)
cumulothinbus wrote 44 months ago:
@ReneeMcGettingsmaller, the ticker seems to still be visible on the *Profile* page, so with an extra click you can get to it that way. I agree--definitely less motivational when you can't see it regularly!
Nancy_AZ60 wrote 44 months ago:
Being on an IT team I usually like upgrades. BUT NOT THIS ONE. I want to see my progress. I understand you wanted more room for adds but. I REALLY like the old format. This looks like a bad hack of the original page. I loved the weight loss ticker. I like to see my profile statement. Positive Affirmation is good for dieters. Sometimes NEWER is not better. PLEASE ROLL BACK !!
anaconda469 wrote 44 months ago:
At least yesterday the site worked. Today, the entire formatting blew up,I can't add a thing, and now the site is not readable at all. My newsfeed is all over the place so that is not readable either. I am now going to have to rely solely on my Android phone to use MFP. So MFP it is almost like a Kindergartner wrote this new site.
njbuesing wrote 44 months ago:
@oawalden, I disagree. MFP is asking for constructive feedback, that is why they have blogs, forums, and comments. I think they want constructive feedback from their users. Also, "IT'S A FREE APP PEOPLE---DON'T EXPECT MIRACLES" would offend me, if I worked at MFP. It isn't free, they are collecting user data and using that to help provide focused advertising (and that is how they make their revenue). They may also make revenue through their partnerships (i.e. Fitbit). I think users should provide feedback/opinion of the new web site, just keeping in mind to do so in a constructive/positive way. We should be able to provide criticism and improvements w/out it being perceived as being negative.
xaipete wrote 44 months ago:
I'm not really noticing major changes in what I use. But I really wish you could have added the page navigation (1,2,3,4) to the top of the page! I spend so much time scrolling down so I can get to the next page -- and then it turns out not to be the right page, so I do it again. Big waste of my time.
Casstevens133 wrote 44 months ago:
Well done you guys for putting right the bugs after last nights site change. You've done good and MFP is still great if not greater :) :)
Casstevens133 wrote 44 months ago:
Well done you guys for putting right the bugs after last nights site change. You've done good and MFP is still great if not greater :) :)
Steven wrote 44 months ago:
Hi Folks,

Thank you for all of this feedback. Please know we are reading all of it, and are at work on some fixes and updates. Rather than clutter the thread with multiple responses to various items, I'm including several points below that I hope address the major concerns raised here.

Thank you very much for letting us know how important it is for you to have easy access to the individual numeric values, particularly the "net" calories, in the Daily Summary area on the site . Most of these values are available if you hover the cursor over the various areas of the progress meter, but we are working with the design team to come up with a solution that can accommodate both the progress meter and the raw numbers. We expect to have a resolution for this soon.

Please accept our sincere apologies that some logging and editing features of the site did not work correctly for some users following our recent update. Some Fitbit users, as well as users of certain web browsers, were affected for up to several hours. This has since been resolved, although some Fitbit users may continue to have inaccurate data for yesterday. Please let us know if you continue to experience any issues logging, editing, or deleting items.

After releasing the website update, we discovered that there is no left margin visible on certain devices, particularly mobile tablets and small form-factor laptops. This fix is completed released.

Finally, your current weight loss is still visible on your home page, directly below your profile photo, but is more subtle than it used to be when we provided a weight loss page on this screen. We'll work on making this more apparent over time.

Thanks again for the feedback,
MyFitnessPal Staff

P.S. We'll be adding the "overflowing water cup" animation back in an upcoming release.
kaytee232013 wrote 44 months ago:
This is a good site but it's not great. I still feel that the functionality of the site needs a lot of improvement. Not being able to edit the quantities in recipes or to be able to search favorite foods, or make them alphabetical so they're easier to find is quite basic (as several mfp members have suggested on many occasions) but could make all the difference to the user experience. is a very good example of this being done very well.

Skyetropics wrote 44 months ago:
This is a great improvement! It looks good for sure and I know a lot of the less picky folks openly appreciate what you guys did versus the people that are downright tearing down a FREE service. Maybe they should go to caloriecountdotcom where they can PAY for a premium membership for simple services :) I agree that there still needs to be some tweaks here and there in terms of functionality but you guys are headed in the right direction!!
campbm56 wrote 44 months ago:
I'm having problems with my my android device synchronizing. I have done a phone restart and still nothing. I lost a big recipe I put in last night too and now I have to do it again :(

Some things I noticed/didn't like:
1. In the reports, mainly weight loss, it looks a little funny. Before, the days that we recorded something, the line would update with a slope and it looked like a steady line down. Now, it seems like it will only use the days that you enter in data and doesn't calculate the slope again and make the graph look better. I hope that made sense.

2. The water graphic doesn't seem to change at all when you add water..

Other than that, it looks good!
tartsul wrote 44 months ago:
i'd love to see an "add food" button straight from the food database. i hate having to look things up in the database, go back to my diary, and re-look it up again in order to add it. half the time i add the wrong thing and have to go back and do it all over.

it would also be GREAT to be able to see your macros (not just calories) at a glance on the homepage. i'd love the same for the app, but i know that's asking a lot...
Steven wrote 43 months ago:
Thank you very much for letting us know how important it is for you to have easy access to the individual numeric values, particularly the "net" calories, in the Daily Summary area on the site. A re-design that includes both the new progress meter and the previous version's "math" is now live on the site. Please continue to let us hear your feedback. We're listening!
LanaeCarol wrote 43 months ago:
Thank you for putting the net calories back on the home page. It is much more convenient. Thanks again.
MrsBozz1 wrote 43 months ago:
Thank you for making a few adjustments (the info back on the home page and I'm glad you're gonna add the water back! That always made me smile!) I would still love to see the bigger ticker back but at least the lbs lost is still there and the original is on my profile page so... :) Thank you so much for this wonderful site! It has really helped me change my life!! Keep up the great work! :-)
JennyLynn241 wrote 43 months ago:
I have food that I have never even added ever showing up in my "recent foods" no way to get rid of it!
ctrlmyself wrote 43 months ago:
I love that update. I hope iOS app will get similar look soon too.
tvanhooser wrote 43 months ago:
The design itself is fine...appearance is really irrelevant to whether it does what I need it to do, which it does admirably. The only real problem seems to be that the ads seem to double over all the community links on the right hand side. Fix that and everyone can just adapt to everything else. Nobody likes change but we CAN live with it! :o)
abbyolurin1 wrote 43 months ago:
The only thing that I don't like about the upgrade is that if I add food to a previous date, it is automatically placed in today's date. I have to then go back and re-ad it to the previous date and then delete it from today's date.
ReneeMcGettingsmaller wrote 43 months ago:
Please bring back our personal ticker on the home page!! It was so great to see our friendly reminder of our progress when we logged on, (which immediately takes you to the home page), rather than the boring, bland blue/gray tiny icon. I feel like a part of my personality has been stripped away! Thanks for listening!
aliceb39 wrote 43 months ago:
Great to hear you're adding the overflowing water back! I can barely seen the current pale blue color.
secreastlb wrote 43 months ago:
Would be nice to be able to sort the 'Recipes' either by date entered or by recipe name. Currently, it appears in alphabetical order if you choose 'add a food' then click 'recipes' while in the 'add a food' mode. If you click on 'recipes' from the top bar to see your recipe box, it's by date entered. Would be great to have a choice to see it both ways from both places. I also agree with a prior comment that when entering a recipe, you really need to be able to modify quantity and measurement of ingredients rather than having to delete mistakes, search again for it and re-add it.

I really love your site. It has helped me to lose over 60 pounds in the last year and is now helping me to maintain my weight. THANK YOU!!!
rickydeez wrote 43 months ago:
Need to be able to track multiple goes, ie: calorie cycling on workout days.

This has been suggested a lot for 2 years - why hasn't it been added?
mrschenoweth1 wrote 43 months ago:
It has always been my goal, that when I lose 100 pounds, I can share my weight loss badge on FB, but now it doesn't give me the option. I've lost my 100 pounds, and I wanted to share it with the badge! :(
cchristensen260 wrote 43 months ago:
how about a macros report in the form of a pie chart? I love this on the mobile version, my support group has even taken to posting the macro pie chart. Very helpful on mobile, wish i could have the same on the web. Currently i enter things on the computer then go to my phone for a quick confirmation of what my pie chart looks like.
1234terri wrote 43 months ago:
Cannot stand the bright red 'danger' bar showing if I went over cals a bit. I know when I go over and don't need your green and red graphics to remind me. This is sophmoric. Get rid of it, please.
puppy1002 wrote 43 months ago:
I miss the water glass overflowing after 8 cups of water. I thought that was so cool and cute!
mebramson wrote 43 months ago:
I totally agree with christensen260.... not having the pie chart on the website is an inconvenience. Please consider adding that function so we do not have to manually switch to from computer to phone. Thanks.
socrnutts wrote 43 months ago:
So, did the macronutrient planning override go away? I'm Low Carb/ High Protein and MFP wants me to have 165 grams of carbs oer day and 40g of Protein. I used to be able to change that as well as my calorie allowance and now it's not there (or I can't find it - that's possible). This was my favorite Food Diary app but without that I'll have to switch :(
PortuguesaBella wrote 38 months ago:
Hi, my homepage will not show my weight loss badge. it always says 0 lost
Simonden wrote 31 months ago:
The 7/28/2014 update won't install on my Android. I keep getting an "invalid package" error. In addition, every time I try to use the bar code scanner, it crashes the app. Help!
lphartsell wrote 31 months ago:
Slow, slow, slow. What is the problem? I want to enter my data and move on. This is so slow it is almost unusable.
Anonymous wrote 30 months ago:
Hi I like your log I got a link to it from a comment on my own blog at thanks for dropping by my site. I have downloaded your app and I hope things go well for you and your myfitnesspal website in the future.
fionnabhar wrote 27 months ago:
Love the bottom buttons, but I agree that the net calories part of the numbers bar at top was extremely useful and would like to see added back.
fionnabhar wrote 27 months ago:
I'd also like to see you make the ads a little bigger. They're only taking up about half my screen, and I'd like them take up at least three-quarters. *eyeroll*
Anonymous wrote 22 months ago:
How do I add to previous days?? Not enjoying the upgrade
Anonymous wrote 13 months ago:
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