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Want to be in a national magazine?

UPDATE:  Thanks everyone, we've received enough volunteers.  If you missed out or aren't selected, please don't be disappointed. We hope there will be more opportunities like this in the future!


A national magazine recently contacted us looking for a MyFitnessPal user to do a very short blurb on in an upcoming article.  They are looking for someone who meets the following criteria:

  • Female
  • U.S. resident
  • Age 20-49
  • Lost between 20-40 pounds using MyFitnessPal

Your name would be included in the article along with a headshot. 

If you're interested in being included in the article, please send me a short message on MyFitnessPal with a bit of your story on how MyFitnessPal has helped you reach your goals.  You can send me a message by clicking on the link below: 

Thanks in advance everyone for volunteering!  Hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al


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rileamoyer wrote over 3 years:
Outstanding opportunity for your and MFP. Congratulations.

I am too old - sigh.
Robrowald wrote over 3 years:
Cool, if only I were a female, and had only lost 20-40 pounds... Hope someone steps up.
chauncyrenayCHANGED wrote over 3 years:
I sent in my story! I'd love to be a part of this. :)
katekrise wrote over 3 years:
I sent you my story too :) I'm 24 and have lost 23 lbs. I went from a tight size 11 to a size far...
Jena_72 wrote over 3 years:
hmmmm could be my shot at 15 mins of fame!! lol
rtmama wrote over 3 years:
I agree, it's a great opportunity for MFP. although the more popular we become the more crazies that join. oops, did I say that out loud?
Learning2LoveMe wrote over 3 years:
I lost 25 lbs using MFP a couple years ago... then I gained back 30... and now I'm back using MFP again and have lost 12 lbs. Does this qualify me? haha
Cytherea wrote over 3 years:
Just curious, why only between 20 and 40 lbs? I'd be interested, but I've lost 60! LOL =)
SarahWrittenThin wrote over 3 years:
Hey Mike, I'm 23 years old and while being here on MFP I have lost a total of 30 pounds by tracking my calories and keeping an eye on my sodium and carb levels. I've met a lot of friends on here that have helped support me through all the rough patches that we all know are bound to happen with weight loss and I know that by having these friends I will make it to my final goal! I would love to be included in your project and regardless of the results I applaud everyone for making a lifestyle change for the better!
SarahWrittenThin wrote over 3 years:
I forgot to mention that I do live in the US- I'm in Northeastern Ohio!
SheilaSisco wrote over 3 years:
I sent my story... this is an amazing opportunity for My Fitness Pal as well as for whoever you choose! Good luck to everyone! :D
OLP76 wrote over 3 years:
Why aren't Canadians allowed? or any other Countries...! Seems VERY unfair...!!!!!! But, I know it's the RULES...ugh!
mariapuhl wrote over 3 years:
OLP76 - it could be the magazine that is asking for that criteria, not MFP.
OLP76 wrote over 3 years:
That's what I said 'I know it's the RULES'... :) lol
aflane wrote over 3 years:
Guess I'm ineligible... 82 lbs so far
AggieCass09 wrote over 3 years:
I'm so in! Message will be sent once I get to a hotel w free internet!
mandy935 wrote over 3 years:
too bad it is only for U.S. Citizens.....oh well good luck to whoever!
jhoffman27 wrote over 3 years:
I think it should be for people that lost 50+ pounds. Those people are the ones that really had MFP change their lives.
princess4mimi wrote over 3 years:
YAY!!!! I am going to suggest this to a couple of my MFP pals for now, but maybe in 5-6months I could be in the next one...getting rev'ed up for the upcoming nuptials.....WOOOOp WOOOOOP!!!!
goldspaula wrote over 3 years:
My daughter meets the age requirement, but she's lost well over 100 pounds!!!! She introduced me to MFP and I will be forever grateful to her!!
stephanielynn76 wrote over 3 years:
I'm interested! Messaging you now :)
JodiS75 wrote over 3 years:
@jhoffman27... Just because some of us don't have over 50 pounds to lose doesn't mean it's been any less of a struggle or true lifestyle overhaul. Anyone who has stuck with something long enough to show results deserves credit ;-)
fatboypup wrote over 3 years:
ohhhhhh that sucks ive lost too much :(
michelletyler38 wrote over 3 years:
I sent my story in :D
ImNotThatBob wrote over 3 years:
Mike & Al,
Be sure to let everyone know who gets picked and please as for rights to post the article to your Blog.

Thanks again for an awesome website / fitness community.

I'm jealous. I wish I had thought of the idea first. Oh well, I'm just glad to be a part of it and losing weight. ;)

ImNotThatBob wrote over 3 years:
oops... I meant ask for rights... sorry.
Yocum1219 wrote over 3 years:
Wow, wish I'd seen this sooner as you have enough already! If it doesn't pan out & you need more volunteers I'm 32, lost 31 lbs & still going!! :o)
DreamLittleDarling wrote over 3 years:
Wow, guess I can't read lol. I sent in my story without noticing you had said there were neough volunteers! Oops! LOL
savvystephy wrote over 3 years:
Stinks that I missed this! :( I fit the bill perfectly!
flausa wrote over 3 years:
Well, if you ever need a US citizen living in the UK who meets all the other criteria, just let me know!
kennysrush wrote over 3 years:
Still waiting for that iPhone update with bar code scanning! :)
Gennawest wrote over 3 years:
i guess i cannot play. lost more than 40 lbs. boooyah. 68 lbs in 5 moths. yaaaaaa boy.
SheilaSisco wrote over 3 years:
Let us know who gets picked! :D
AprilVal wrote over 3 years:
i would like to, once i lose a little more weight.. ;)
jen31889 wrote over 3 years:
Why is there a limit on the weight loss?
kirstinkrueger wrote over 3 years:
20-40 on this site or overall? I have lost 40lbs on this site but 130 overall.....
JodyWoo wrote over 3 years:
That's too bad that people who haven't lost huge amounts aren't allowed, also. There's people here who have lost over 100lbs and are huge motivators for a lot of us!
JodyWoo wrote over 3 years:
*have lost*
Not to say smaller amounts aren't motivators too, I think lifestyle changing is fantastic at any size!
lizhipwell wrote over 3 years:
Bummer, I only just found out you were doing this. I guess I missed out. That's okay. I am getting what I want out of MFP. It is helping me on so many levels. I was diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol at the end of February and started MFP that same day. As of today, I am no longer diabetic, my cholesterol is in the normal range, and I have lost over 30, I want to thank MFP! It is literally helping save my life. The best of luck on your article....
maparapa22 wrote over 3 years:
Can you post what magazine and when it'll be out so we can support MFP :)
StaciVanD wrote over 3 years:
Who did you pic to be in the magazine?

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