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Updates, updates, updates!

* UPDATE * - and yet a third update for today, the Blackberry app is now available!  Just search for "MyFitnessPal" in App World.  Enjoy!


We're pleased to announce that we've released two sets of updates today.

First, a new version of our Android app is now available!  Here's a quick rundown of the new features:

  • Recipes - you can now enter your own recipes into the app, calculate the nutritional contents, and then easily add them to your diary

  • Complete This Entry - when you are finished logging for the day, tap this button to get a projection of your weight loss in 5 weeks

  • Quick Tools - in your diary, next to each meal you'll now see a Wrench icon.  Tap on it, and you can access Quick Tools for easily copying entire meals to a different date - perfect for when you're eating the same meal as a previous day

  • Lots of bug fixes - we've made a bunch of bug fixes and stability improvements.  We've still got some work to do here, but hopefully this update will fix at least some of the issues people have been experiencing.
To update, just go to Android Market and update the MyFitnessPal app.
We've also released some new website features today.   Compared to our apps, there haven't been a lot of new website features lately, but we've actually been making a TON of improvements to the site behind the scenes. Specifically, we've been working hard to ensure our servers can handle all of the additional traffic we've been seeing.  We're not quite finished, but we decided to take a break and bang out some new features that we've been wanting to make for a while:

  • Improved Friends List - your friends list no longer shows your friends sex, age, and location.  Most people felt that information wasn't that helpful, so we've replaced that info with the date of their last login.  Now you can easily see which of your friends is on track and who might need a little encouragement.  We've also added sorting options, yeah!  Just change your sorting method in the bottom right of your friends list and you can sort your friends by username, last login date, and more.

  • Maximum Number of Friends is now 1,000 - we've finally found a way to increase the number of friends you can have from 250.  The new friend limit is 1000, and we hope to be able to increase it even further, so stay tuned!

  • Quick tools changes - we've changed the way Quick Tools works slightly.  To use Quick Tools, you now need to change the date of your diary to the meal you'd like to copy.  Then hit Quick Tools, and you can copy the meal you are viewing to a different date.  We felt this method was more effective because you could actually see the meal you were copying instead of having to remember which day it was on.  This change will also make it easier for us to make some further improvements to Quick Tools that we're planning - but you'll have to wait to learn more about what we have in store...

  • Profile Privacy Options - we've added some simple profile privacy options to the site. Specifically, you can now set your profile to be viewable by Everyone, MyFitnessPal Members Only, My Friends Only, and Myself Only.  By default, all profiles are viewable by MyFitnessPal Members Only, although your news feed is still viewable only by your friends.  We're planning on adding more fine-grained controls to your profile privacy options, but these new tools should help for now.

  • Blog Privacy Options - we've also added more privacy options to your blog.  You can now make your blog viewable only by your friends, or only by MyFitnessPal members.
We've got LOTS more changes planned, and we'll try to mix them in along with the backend server stuff we're still working on.
And just as a reminder, earlier this week we released an iPhone update with a variety of minor enhancements, and we've submitted our Blackberry app to App World!  We haven't heard back from RIM yet, but we hope to have the Blackberry app available shortly.  And we're already hard at work on some further enhancements for Android and iPhone, so stay tuned!
As always, if you have any questions, please just let us know.  Hope you are all enjoying the site (and apps)!
Mike & Al 

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Julka05 wrote 71 months ago:
I was wondering if you guys are going to update the iphone app to include bar scanning?
mike wrote 71 months ago:
Julka05 - absolutely, barcode scanner for iPhone is coming soon...
MeliciousMelis wrote 71 months ago:
THANK YOU so much for working hard to make an AWESOME site even better!! You guys rock!

Now, can I get a like button please ;) lol
anniebnannie wrote 71 months ago:
Mike... Julka05, how would that scanning work?
gussde wrote 71 months ago:
Complete this Entry!!!! Yes, great update!
WonderNoodle wrote 71 months ago:
DELTURNIP wrote 71 months ago:
If my fitness pal isn't the best app for helping me live longer and better I can't tell and do not have time to search for any others. I LOVE IT!
Katybun3 wrote 71 months ago:
I love MFP, it's the best tool. I have lost 13lb so far and made lots of friends that help me stay focused. Please please please give us notifications when friends post on our comments or send a message on our profile, instead of email. Apart from that it's a great site and I would encourage anyone to join!
helloiloveukitty wrote 71 months ago:
Thank you so much!!
taso42_DELETED wrote 71 months ago:
Good stuff, thanks!
garymccord wrote 71 months ago:
Well done - you really deserve a medal for all the hard work you put into the website and apps.

Are you any further forward with the searchable recipes? Can only imagine this would boost your membership even further.
Enchantica wrote 71 months ago:
Love the new improvements - excellent to be able to see which MFPs have fallen by the wayside at a glance.

(any news on when the Blackberry app will be available)
johnthefatman wrote 71 months ago:
Are you going to change the data input so people cannot enter decimals in the sodium figure - so many as you know are erroneously entered as a decimal fraction of a gram when you want an integer in milligrams. So simple - please do it.
fabulousfebe wrote 71 months ago:
Great Job! Looking forward to more new ideas/improvements. There's always room for growth. I love this site!! Thanks :)
Kirstie_C26 wrote 71 months ago:
looking forward to bein able to get the app on my BB :D

thanx Mike

best wishes
Kirstie xx
Honeybah wrote 71 months ago:
Could we have the 'Copy Yesterday' option back in Quick Tools? Surely people can remember what they had yesterday??? And it is a lot less button pressing and fiddling around than having to go back to the previous day etc
Honeybah wrote 71 months ago:
I should just add to that: Easier for the ppl who have the same thing for breakfast or lunch each day/most days. Thanks :)
richmondhillgal wrote 71 months ago:
so BB hasn't approved the app yet? I want it like yesterday :)
Rebecca__Lynn wrote 71 months ago:
Thanks for all your hard work!! I love the app!
tridragons wrote 71 months ago:
I agree with Honeybah. I like the 'copy yesterday' feature for meals. I use it almost every day for breakfast. Can we have it back?
00trayn wrote 71 months ago:
Thank you thank you thank you for upping the friends limit!!! I was having to delete inactive people to have room for new friends!
Alita2011 wrote 71 months ago:
Awesome....I love this site on my iPod and online...Great JOb!
benitocereno wrote 71 months ago:
Quick-Tools will take some getting used to, but I like the idea a lot. But just a thought- maybe it would be possible to combine the two methods? If you're on the current date have the legacy "copy yesterday, etc" and if you're on any other date show the new options? I think that would be the best approach, but glad to see new stuff, keep up the good work! :)
jaydavani wrote 71 months ago:
so fantastic---can't wait for the BB app!!! hurry hurry so i don't get fat. this site is amazing. thank you soooooooo much!
pretentiouskate wrote 71 months ago:
Thanks for all your hard work!
PJilly wrote 71 months ago:
Great improvements. Thanks so much! I do like the suggestion of incorporating into the changes the ability to copy yesterday's meals, but it won't be too hard to get used to this new way if you can't do that. MFP has been a huge help in the changes I've made in my life in the last two years, and I will be forever grateful. Just one more favor... Can you fix it so we change in ingredient amounts in our recipes? That would make an awesome tool even awesomer! :D
alison2429 wrote 71 months ago:
I also need the B.B app a.s.a.p. Will you announce when this is ready on the main site? Hurry hurry!!
ashley0616 wrote 71 months ago:
Thank you! These are all great upgrades!
miovlb6 wrote 71 months ago:
I think I'll like the new quick tool "copy to..." feature because you can see the meal you're copying instead of trying to remember the date you want to copy. But I have to say, I was trying to enter my breakfast this morning BEFORE I had my coffee and this unexpected change had me so confused! (I'm a little slow before my morning coffee.)
But seriously, thanks for all the hard work. Fantastic app; I couldn't imagine being without it any more.
Mindful_Trent wrote 71 months ago:
I love the changes to the friends list (filtering,display of last login), BUT there are a few more changes that would significantly improve the user-friendliness of that list: 1) When you are going through your list and you remove a friend, when the page re-loads it defaults back to the 1st page, and it also defaults back to sorting by newest friend. This is frustrating when you're trying to delete people who haven't logged on in awhile - after every person, you have to re-filter and then go to the last page (or whatever page you were on). 2) Right now we can show oldest or newest MFP friends first, but we can only sort by most recent (to least recent) login date - it would be nice to have the option of going least recent to most recent as well. Rather than add in each possible sorting option in the dropdown list, you could just give us the category we're sorting by and then the option of toggling ascending/descending order.
LordBorak wrote 71 months ago:
Oh yes, PJilly has as good point there too, being able to change amounts in recipes would be great!
Gerkenstein wrote 71 months ago:
Fantastic, Mike! LOVE the changes! Thank you so much!!!
therobinator wrote 71 months ago:
So glad to see all of this! Thank you.
therobinator wrote 71 months ago:
Although -- as far as profile privacy settings go, can you make it so that poeple NOT logged into the site can't see anything at all? Not even username or picture (which I can see even when I an not logged in, and I have my profile set to MyFitnessPal members only)? For some people, dieting is a really private thing, and for people not logged in to know that they even have an account here might be too much.
Mindful_Trent wrote 71 months ago:
One more thought - I clicked on one of the "popular" blog posts that was featured on the front page today - only to find that I didn't have permission to view it. Is there some filter that can be put in place so that only blogs that are open to all MFP members are featured on the front page? Seems silly to promote blog posts that most of us can't see, even if they're really popular among that user's friends...
Corinne_Bruce wrote 71 months ago:
Great updates but I do agree with therobinator, there are a lot of forums discussing this issue. I really don't want other people (not MFP members) being able to search my user name and find my post. I already changed my user name once, so I don't have an option to just change my user name again.
christiejf wrote 71 months ago:
Anxiously awaiting the BB app :-) Love this site!! Great job guys.
scorpiohoney wrote 71 months ago:
I just downloaded the BB app! THANKS!
JennLarkham wrote 71 months ago:
Thanks for looking into the android app! You guys are changing so many lives for the better, and that is def something to be proud of!
callipygianchronicle wrote 71 months ago:
Excellent updates. THANK you both for working so hard and for all you are doing to empower us to change our lives!
mcrafter wrote 71 months ago:
scorpiohoney: how did you download the BB app?
mcrafter wrote 71 months ago:
sorry i got it... lol.. thanks tho!
phinners wrote 71 months ago:
Great stuff. Though I did rather like seeing where my friends are from in the world,. It made things interesting.

All I have to do now if find my bloody phone, havent seen it all week.
Picky_nikki wrote 71 months ago:
WHOO HOO!! Just downloaded the BB app! Thanks!!
anovasjo wrote 71 months ago:
getting better and better all the time- thank you.
wildst4r wrote 71 months ago:
any chance for an OTA download for the blackberry app for those of us who use their blackberry with a prepaid card? we can't access app world because we don't have a blackberry email address and that fancy BIS/BES or whatever it's called, stuff?
wildst4r wrote 71 months ago:
nevermind. i got it to work :D
0mega60 wrote 71 months ago:
hi...mike...your sites is still by far the easiest and extesive food log available.....MFP is the .."FACEBOOK" of the fitness /social sites....thus the scan feature would be outstanding though i still do not get the lack of consideration of a simple upgrade to the stregth training calories count you would know....the fastest and safest way to weight loss and body sculpting is the weight training before cardio ...suggest just adding a calorie custome field.....there are sites that can give us accurate calories per weight training method.....and at some point down the road the site can consider adding weight traing calorie list....FYI,,,SNAP fitness already has this feature in there new site....thank you for a possible consideration....have a great week
sceck wrote 71 months ago:
Great site...any chance for Glycemic Index? Also, maybe be able to "sort" the message boards. They only show the latest response. Hard to maneuver to find one you may want.
findingfinally wrote 71 months ago:
You guys are awesome and I love all the new updates and changes except where the QUICK TOOLS is concerned. I liked the old QUICK TOOLS :/ This new one is just not working out for me. I loved that if I planned to have a certain meal for dinner today and I changed my mind it was easy to copy it over to the next night now that's impossible and it sucks. Also the "copy to date" thing seems brilliant at a glance but it doesn't work. At least for me it doesn't. I'm trying to copy a meal I had two days ago to today as a repeat/leftovers (something that was so simple to do before) and now it's not even possible. Change it back!!! Please!!
findingfinally wrote 71 months ago:
Oh, I just realized the only true thing I miss from the old QUICK TOOLS is for the copy yesterday feature to be available on a future date... rather than that date having to actually be today. I hope that makes sense? Before I could go to Sunday (today's Saturday) and click "copy yesterday" and it worked even though Sunday wasn't here yet. I could even go to Monday and do that same thing again but now it's impossible to do that without yesterday actually being yesterday. If it's possible to change it back so that feature were available again it would be great!! =)
cupcakelover103 wrote 71 months ago:
Hey guys,
is there an app for the Sony Ericsson Xperia????
addlice36 wrote 71 months ago:
Thank you guys so much for adding this app to bb. I have been waiting for this.. Thank you
Majunta wrote 71 months ago:
Thank you! Any word on Scanner for Android?
mytime60 wrote 71 months ago:
Love it, Love it, Love it!! Thanks so much for the updates. I use my phone so much more than my computer, but could never end the day with out digging out the computer.
gnutrifitness wrote 71 months ago:
Excellent...So happy now!
W0zzie wrote 71 months ago:
Excellent updates for the site - thanks so much. And your comments regards some of them being stop-gaps with better and more to come gives us a lot of confidence for the future. MFP is king of the hill - Cheers
roxiedo wrote 71 months ago:
You guys are awesome, thanks for all you do!
rockingwhatigot wrote 71 months ago:
You guys are awesome with a capital 'A'!
Aeriel wrote 71 months ago:
Great work guys! Thanks for all the improvements and all the hard work you put into building this fantastic site!
togden wrote 71 months ago:
AWESOME improvements ... the only thing I wish we had was a section in our friends list for a few top friends ... I love having 200 friends but there are 10 or 15 ppl who I always always talk to and there pages keep changing with each group of new friends I add
daffysbird wrote 71 months ago:
i can't get the app on my blackberry to work - it says i need a wifi or 3G connection. My phone is connected to wifi? I am so confused!
mellisasteven wrote 71 months ago:
awesome, LOVE IT!!
NicNac86 wrote 71 months ago:
Yay, BB app rocks, thank you so much! :D
gcarelli wrote 71 months ago:
I just tried to download the BB app, and app world says it isn't available. Not sure what that's about.
sceck wrote 71 months ago:
Question about recipes. When I write a recipe it only allows for # of servings. But, if you don't have the original yield it's hard to remember. Could you possibly add yield to that like in the foods chart. For example, 1 cup, 1 slice, 1 ounce, etc. Would be very helpful when going back to use for the diary.
Thanks for the consideration!
pines2palms wrote 71 months ago:
Downloaded the Blackberry App. Sooooo much easier to do the diary than with the mobile site! So far, so good for me! Thanks for getting it out to us!
anemoneflynn wrote 71 months ago:
I don't want to lose location on my friends list! Also, I'd like more sort options for looking for new friends - I can't narrow it down enough. Can you put in a sort by last log in date, and whether or not they have a profile picture? Indications like that on whether they're active would be really helpful. I'd like to find people in my area, but it's not easy to do so far.
sophiajackson99 wrote 71 months ago:
You're awesome and this site is awesome. Thanks for all you do!
sceck wrote 71 months ago:
Is there any way to access the entire database for exercise? Looking for yard, garden work, housework. Found lawn mowing but that was way too many calories burned for what I did. Lots of no results found in the exercise area.
rgrande78 wrote 71 months ago:
awesome, cant wait for the Blackberry app!
scorpiohoney wrote 71 months ago:
Can the "add calories" come in the next BB update? I think that's the only thing I'm missing
kellycasey5 wrote 71 months ago:
THANK YOU for the blackberry application. Thank you for this website. I am off to go running with a huge smile on my face. It may seem silly, but this totally made my week. Mike you are awesome!
sexipepsi wrote 71 months ago:
Don't have a bb....was wondering if there is any plans to release an app for nokia phones...symbian os...that would be great MFP has been an instrumental part of my weight loss and I would just love the opportunity to have it on my phone as well....
renzska wrote 71 months ago:
Are there any plans to add the ability to "star" (mark as a favorite) a food item? I usually get the same brand/type of food and the "Recent" and "Most Used" lists do not show enough items.

I'd like to be able to mark certain foods as a favorite, and have all my favorites show up on a tab on the add food page. This helps especially when there are hundreds of custom nutritional entries for the same type of food and I'm not quite sure which one I used last time (and I know it is right) and it doesn't show up in the Recent and Most Used lists.


jayjay121 wrote 71 months ago:
I have downloaded mfp for my bb and I cant use it, just keeps saying error occurred.
IJJoyce wrote 71 months ago:
I have a Windows 7 phone. When are you going to have an app for that phone. I would love to use it on my phone
v_addison wrote 71 months ago:
I have been trying for days to get this app downloaded onto my BB. Went I search the app the only version that comes up does not give me the option to download. I'm getting so frustrated because I know what a wonderful tool this could be for me!
samantharae121205 wrote 71 months ago:
snookemz wrote 71 months ago:
Windows 7 app would be amazing, I found MFP through my old android phone and then came to the site. I LOVED the scanner and how easy it was to enter everything. The internet explorer on Windows 7 phones can be a real pain in the butt - entering water for instance, can result in making your font smaller, then bigger, then smaller, then bigger and then finally adding a cup of water to your count.
DancingFox wrote 71 months ago:
A lot of us are still keeping our fingers crossed for a Windows Mobile app! :)
JJs25th wrote 71 months ago:
Thanks MIke!! I love the new BB APP!!! I have noticed though that sometimes it doesn't log me off cleanly.
ski3r4life wrote 71 months ago:
thanks for the privacy features! they are so awesome!!!! seriously, thank you so much!!!!!!!
rdgelb wrote 71 months ago:
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the BB app!!! My friend has the droid and he showed me the bar scanning. Will you be adding that to the bb app too?

Thanks for your hard work!!
jdarmstadt wrote 71 months ago:
Love the site, especially the Android app. Are you going to add the same social features the iPhone has to the Android?
One thing me and friends are looking for is a way to graph all of our weight loss (pounds lost) in one graph, for competition. Is that something that can be done now?
dennisballor wrote 71 months ago:
I love the BlackBerry App! I quit the other program because they only had iphone App! I am busy and need to be able to track on the go! Thanks!
LadyPersia wrote 71 months ago:
please add a distance slot.......please
craftydeb wrote 71 months ago:
I've downloaded the blackberry app and first I was having difficulty because it doesn't show the extra pages under "recent",and the next thing I know, it quit working altogether, and caused my blackberry to hang up...all I could do was hit the end button in order to get out of that screen. I went in to delete it so I could reinstall it and all I get was a message "restore myfitnesspal at a later time, it must be reinstalled". So I went into the app world to reinstall it and instead of that, it just gave me the option of RUN, but when I hit that, my blackberry just hangs up, just like it does when I tried to run it before. Any suggestions?
Deradorn wrote 71 months ago:
palm pre App would be awesome
HyattL wrote 71 months ago:
The bb app is a great idea! Just wished I could get it to work! When I am trying to enter the name of a food the only letter that will type is "A" the rest show up as numbers? Any suggestions? Thx
StaceyCS65 wrote 71 months ago:
Just wanted to know if you guys are working or will be working on a Nokia app any time in the near future(or now would be great lol)?
kathyteasley wrote 71 months ago:
Will there be a Windows 7 Phone App available soon? I would really love to use it on my phone.
the1realdave wrote 71 months ago:
There was a post earlier for the OTA install of the BB app (instead of using the app store).

Any chance of posting it here?
HeidiM78 wrote 70 months ago:
Is there going to be a Nokia Application coming out? I would love to be able to access this on my phone!
craftydeb wrote 70 months ago:
How come we aren't getting answers regarding this BB app that doesn't really work???
mkcalvert wrote 69 months ago:
I'm loving droid updates, just wondering if we could have the quick add calories added to app as well? Ya'll are doing a fablous job by the way :)
luke516 wrote 69 months ago:
Windows Phone 7!
We need a WP7 App!
txbabes1 wrote 69 months ago:
Can you add a feature to MFP that allows you to enter in a workout plan for the future?

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