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Tip: Easily convert your old meals into recipes

Before we launched our new recipe calculator, a lot of MFP members were previously using our "Remember Meal" functionality to save their recipes on the site.  If you are one of those people, here's a quick tip for you on how to convert those old "meals" into Recipes. Just go to our Recipe calculator at:

Then click "Add Ingredient", and search for the name of the meal you'd like to convert.  Click on the meal in the search results, and add it to your recipe.  Voila! You'll see that the ingredients of your meal have now been added as ingredients to your recipe.  You can then save your new recipe and add it to your diary.  Because those ingredients have now been saved as a recipe instead of a meal, when you add it to your diary, only one line item will be added. 

If you previously had relied on our Remember Meal functionality for recipes, this hopefully will give you a quick way to convert those meals into recipes.

Hope that helps! And hope you are all enjoying the site.

Mike & Al 

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leavinglasvegas wrote 90 months ago:
That is awesome! I'm loving the new recipe calculator! Thanks, Mike, for all that you do!
Anonymous wrote 90 months ago:
Thanks for making it all so easy. Live this site
arewethereyet wrote 90 months ago:
Thanks Mike!
shellgib wrote 90 months ago:
very cool! thanks for continuing to improve and add features!! you guys rock!!
rhondamcc wrote 90 months ago:
loving all the new updates...could one of those updates be the ability to add details to the recipes we add. (Like mix well for 2 min) We could then make our own My Fitness Pal recipe book with the directions for the recipes! Thanks for ALL you do!
Livi_Loves_Pink wrote 90 months ago:
Yay! I was just thinking about how I wish MFP had a recipe calculator. Now I'm even more in love with this site! =D
metroace wrote 90 months ago:
Just one niggle with the recipe calculator. Would it be possible for it to record the weight of the finished product rather than how many servings? A loaf of home made bread cannot be cut into equal weighted slices so one cannot say it serves 4 or 8 or 12 as each slice will be a different weight. If the result of a recipe was in weight, then a much more accurate calorie count can be achieved at the point of serving up.
yodacho wrote 90 months ago:
You rock the party that rocks the party.
anne28 wrote 86 months ago:
Is there anyway to add more than one ingredient at once? I tried to cut and paste a full recipe and it didn't work. Am I doing it wrong?
katejohn22 wrote 86 months ago:
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colejkeene wrote 48 months ago:
You just saved me HOURS! Thank you!

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